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Friday, March 10, 2017

Ikea, family time and stockholm

Hello :)

Incase you might have missed this information i am currently back in Stockholm with my family this weekend :) Or well, i am actually a "dog sitter" as my dog recently had two operations and my parents are travelling away this weekend, so i am here to spend some time with my dog and make sure she is ok!! And im ok with that, im just happy to be with my dog again as well as getting to spend today, Friday, with my parents.

Yesterday, Thursday, was one of the longest days and felt never ending. Well... it all started on Wednesday where i was so exhausted mentally that i began to feel sick... that feeling when you feel so run down you begin to get "cold like symptoms" and you begin to feel dizzy and almost like you are drunk but its just a combination of anxiety, stress and mental tiredness.  And finishing school at 17.30, getting home after 18 and then packing my bag and just feeling exhausted is not the best. However i managed to pack my bag and fall asleep far too late which also resulted in my sleeping past my alarm on Thursday morning so i had to rush out of bed, drink coffee, grab my bag and then head to school to work on my group assignment. Which was followed by a seminarium and then travel to the train station, jump on a train, sit and work 4 hours (while 2 babies cried and screamed and there was alot of loud talking between passengers.). Luckily my parents picked me up when i arrived and drove me home and then it was just to begin preparing food and then finally get to lie down in bed after what felt like a lifetime!!

Then this morning i finally had time to relax.... to drink a double coffee while lying in bed and spent a total of 2 hours doing online work before i finally left the house to take my dog for a walk! And after that it was working on my gorup project before i headed to IKEA with my mum to buy some things i needed followed by food shopping!! And then this evening taco dinner with my family before we watch a film!

Its nice to be back with my family again, however i dont miss Stockholm. I like my life and routines and where i live back in Gothenburg, so this weekend is just a sort of "relax" weekend where i will do some studying, but most focus is on resting up and cuddling my dog and eating delicious food, haha!! Sometimes its nice to get a break from routines and habits and just a few days to rest up from reality!

This weekend i am just going to enjoy myself and make the best of my time in Stockholm. Try to visit a few of my favourite places here if i feel i want to leave the house... otherwise i am perfectly comfortable with just spending 48 hours in doors with the occasional "take the dog out to pee" walk!! :)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and make the best of it, where you are and whatever you may be doing :)

What are your plans for the weekend?

Today snack... yes this was infact a snack!!

Todays lunch.


  1. Hey Izzy:) first of all i am happy that you are having a great time in Stockholm:) I really need your help. I have recovered from anorexia, I was already eating without any guilt. But in last days I started overeating. I eat three or four chocolates per day and of course meals that I have to eat. And sometimes I eat a whole bag of nuts, crackers, sweets... To conclude, I eat about 4000-5000 kcal per day. I have a binge eating disorder. I just cannot stop until I feel sick. I enjoy food but when it is in my stomach there comes guilt and i feel like a pig(sorry for this sentence but thats my feeling) i just cant stop eating and i also have a problem with black and white thinking. I cannot concentrate in school because i constantly think about food. Please help me :(

    1. If it hasn't been happenign for long then it is too soon to talk about having the disorder, but you are right that these thoughts and feelings are disordered. I don't have a magic solution but only to say I have been there too, you are not alone. Yes, it is a horrible place to be. But it is also a place it is possible to get out of. I think that is not about willpower, but about healing. Maybe healing relationships, and healing whatever the broken things are underneath the eating disorder. Finding out what it was that you were feeling really, that you were instinctively trying to block by food. Finding people to trust and share life with, till food isn't such a big deal. Maybe a therapist?

  2. Have a lovely relaxing time in Stockholm with your doggy :) What was wrong with her that she had to have an operation? I do hope she is ok now and it wasn't serious? My kitten had to wear one of those collars after her op to sterilise her, drove her potty and she kept banging into things. I was glad when the vet said I could take it off!
    This weekend is rather quiet - just doing the usual Saturday things like food shopping and going to the library this morning and this afternoon as its so bright and sunny I`m aiming for a walk along the beach. I like this time of year when the promise of spring and better weather to come hangs in the air!
    This evening it is cooking veggie chilli for tea followed by a film to watch. So all in all a rather boring Saturday! Tomorrow, sunday, if the weather holds I really want to go to a car boot sale. I love going to them and go most weekends throughout the summer. That's where I sourced my dvd collection from, you can pick up some real bargains if you get there early enough!
    Anyway, hope you have a good weekend and enjoy your break from the usual routines:)

  3. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and relaxing time at home, dog sitting 😙😊

  4. The veggie chilli was lovely - making chilli pasta bake from the leftovers :)