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Friday, March 17, 2017

How people talk about food

Sometimes i find it a little saddening to hear how people talk about food or even how they write about food. Ive written many posts in the past about my dislike of using the word "skinny or guiltfree" food when describing a food. Skinny/fat and guilt/guiltfree should have no correlation with the food. One food does not make you fat nor does it make you skinny, just like food shouldnt lead to guilt no matter what it is.

Of course i preach about balance and health but if someone feels guilty just because they ate a few slices of cheese pizza or some chocolate then i dont think its a healthy food relationship. But of course for optimal health a person shouldnt be eating cheese pizza and large amounts of chocolate everyday... its all about the right balance for the individual.

When i listen to some people talk about food, i think the unconsciously talk very negatively about it.... i dont know whether they realise what they say or how they are saying it, but for me personally it comes across as not a healthy relationship or thoughts regarding food.

Such as "i've been craving this food for months but i havent eaten it, but today i am and its ok because i have craved it for so long"...... You dont need to crave a food for months to finally eat it? 

When they do eat the food "it wasnt that great. It wasnt worth the macros or calories. I regret eating it."

"Its ok that im going to eat this food now because i worked out today and i am going to workout really hard tomorrow. Its ok to eat this if you workout often."  Its all about balance. You dont need to workout really hard just to compensate for a meal or because you ate more one day. And you definitely dont need to workout everyday to feel "ok" with eating certain foods.

"I really want a donut" - so goes and buys a donut. Takes 2 bites of it and says "Its all about balance, its ok to eat unhealthy sometime" and throws the rest of the donut away.  If you want a donut... eat the whole donut?

There are many other times i have reacted when people have said different things regarding food and intake. I dont think they personally are aware of how it comes across... im sure i might have said similar things before. But in the present i try to never speak about food as something i need to earn or compensate or work away. Or something i only deserve if i have been "good" or i have had a tough workout etc

I've written about this topic before in THIS post and how people write about food and deserving food for different reasons.

Its important to think about how you talk about food and not talk about it in a negative way. But also to listen to how your family or friends or strangers talk about food.... do they ever say things such as the above? And what is your opinion on it.....?

I think most of it is unconscious and just what people have been taught in some form or another whether its from media, society or friends and family. We are taught that certain foods are good and certain foods are bad and certain foods you can only eat when you have deserved it in some form or another. But the more aware you become of these types of thoughts or other people talking about it, the more aware you are to change it!!


  1. Hi Izzy, Are you feeling better now? I hope you have got over your food poisoning episode ok and are feeling well again.
    Have a lovely weekend :)

    1. Hello, yes im finally feeling better now and its amazing to feel like myself and have energy and an appetite again!

  2. I think it is something most of "learn" from an early age, that some food is "good" and some is "bad", whether its from the media and society as a whole or directly from our own families. How many times had I heard my mother saying she was "treating" herself because she had been "good" all week or that the sunday dinner had to be followed by a good long walk to walk it all off? Even now those influences have stayed with me and I find it hard to to, say - eat chocolate without feeling guilty or have a takeaway without making up for it for the next few days. I know this isn't right but its a hard train of thought to get out of. I would love to be able to think of all food freely and know that everything in moderation is fine, but I`m not quite there yet. How do you change these thoughts? Does it become easier as recovery progresses?

  3. Ugh yes I love this post! I've noticed similar things in my family members, especially the adult women in my family. For example, if we go out to eat to get fro yo, or if they have something like pizza or pasta or soda, they'll say "I haven't eaten this food in X months, I never eat like this." I really want to reply and say "congratulations, what an accomplishment" (sarcasm). But instead I usually just ignore it and don't say anything, because I don't want to validate that kind of talk in any way. Also, when I had a good relationship with food and exercise (it has since been messed up because of my ED, but I'm working on repairing it!), I would have people make similar comments directed to me. This one girl in my freshman dorm saw me get a candy bar out of the vending machine one evening and commented "I see how much time you spend in the gym, you deserve that candy bar." And I just kind of looked at her confused, wondering why she thought I had to do anything to deserve a candy bar, it was just food. Then there was this other guy who saw me eating some ice cream and said "oh, now I see why you run so much so you can eat like that." And this time I did say something back. I told him that I run because it is good for my body and mind, and I eat ice cream because it was good for my body and soul. He just laughed. There are so many more of these instances I can think of that occurred before my ED, that really contributed to it. That's why when people say such comments toward me now I call them out on it. Anyways, great post Izzy as always!!

    1. Its great that you call people out on that.. sometimes people dont even realise what they say or how it sounds.
      I also dislike when people say things like "Oh i havent eaten all day or in 8 hours etc"... its like, should i be proud or do you want a congratulations or something (sarcastic of course!), haha. But the best we can do is to call people out when thye say things like that or not react upon them and just focus on what we say or how we think to help positively influence others :)

  4. What I hate is some people always talk about the calorie content, and come to the conclusion that if a food contains 'too much'calories, it has to be unhealthy, and it makes one fat, hence they concluded tgat banana is unhealthy and it makes people fat. In another case I talked to water polo girl, who always ate chicken and salad because she eas on a strict sportsmen diet(?), and said that she only waits her swimming practice and the games themlves, becausr before that she can eat chocolate to have energy. It is said, and even when I was deep in my ED I sometimes felt like I still had more healthy thoughts about food, than some of my classmates:(

    1. Yes, its definitely a little sad when you hear "normal" people talk like this and shows how food is seen as something negative and many dont have the best relationship with food. I know many people are scared of avocado and nuts because they have a high calorie content, but they are also some of the healthiest foods... so low calories doesnt mean better.