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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Feeling extra hungry?

Extreme hunger? Feeling extra hungry? Mindless eating?

I have alot of posts about those topics HERE which you can check out. And also  THIS and THIS post about extreme hunger might be helpful.

The past few days i have been alot more hungry and felt like there is always room for more and needing to eat more than usual to fill me up. I do know what the reason for this is though - doing more cardio again. This is mostly for my CF health but also that it is so much fun and so therapeutic, but my body is also showing that by doing more exercise i also need to eat more. 

It is so important to eat enough when you workout. Dont workout to eat, but eat to live life (and if that includes exercising then you need to fuel up for that as well!). 

Hunger isnt something you should be ashamed about or try to get rid of. Drinking water or diet soda or chewing gum to try to get rid of the hunger wont work. If its real hunger then you need to eat. Of course it can be very hard to know whether its real hunger, just cravings, boredom, mindless eating etc but when its real hunger then it doesnt just "go away" when you begin doing something else, the hunger stays there and reminds you to eat.

Sometimes you need more food and then you need to eat more. If you are stressed or anxious or arent sleeping properly or just have alot of work or doing more in life then your body can respond with more hunger signals because your body is using more energy so you need to eat more to make up for that! 

I dont really know why im writing this post... mostly i guess because i began thinking about how im alot more hungry now with the extra exercise and i just wanted to remind you all that you need to fuel yourself properly and its ok to eat more. Even if you dont workout, you can still have days where you are extra hungry. For example yesterday was a day where my stomach was like a bottomless pit... i felt hungry all the time and ate alot. But my body needed that extra energy!!

Listen to your body and eat the amount your body needs. Treat your body like a friend and treat it right!!! Somedays your stomach is like a bottomless pit and then its just to eat more and not worry about it. The body is amazing and can handle extra calories - but there is usually a reason for extra hunger, so knowing that reason can help as well!

Anyway, HERE you can find posts about intuitive eating and feeling extra hungry which might help! :)


  1. Something new has been happening to me just recently - just before meals my stomach has begun to really gurgle and groan. This has never happened to me before - I never used to feel hungry for meals but now I do! Is it my hunger cues coming back? Does this mean I will develop an appetite rather than eating according to the clock/meal plan?

  2. Hi Izzy - are you ok? You haven't posted on here for a while and its rather quiet!
    Hope you`re alright and maybe just busy enjoying the sunshine :)
    Take care and have a lovely weekend

  3. Hope you are doing ok?