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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Dealing with weight gain when already a healthy weight

would you maybe do a post on gaining weight when you are already in the healthy range? Maybe because of age, strength training, or just fluctuations? And how to mentally avoid relapsing because of them?

At the moment i dont really have time to write a full post about this - though i can if anyone wants me to later on. So i thought instead i would link to some old posts which might be helpful and answer your question :)

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It is also important to remember that weight fluctuates all the time. From morning to night you will weigh more and during stressful times or during that time of month for girls you often weigh more due to water retention. DONT focus so much on the scale, its better to focus on health and happiness rather than getting attached to a number. Because you cant stay a certain weight forever.

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