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Monday, March 20, 2017

Being questioned about my choice to be vegan

I am lucky that in the almost 1 year that i have been vegan i have never really had so many questions or arguments against my choices. Or well, there have been a whole lot of debates with my mother as we have different opinions (however with more research my mum is more starting to believe in veganism and a vegan diet for both ethical and climate reason). And of course during work last summer i got questions from my co workers but i have never felt attacked or like someone has argued against me, if anything people have just been interested in why and then just said "i like meat, i could never go vegan"  or they finish with "i should eat less meat... but i know who i will turn to when i need nutritional and health advice" and then we just end the conversation there.

And then with university and my class i have never been questioned about my choices either as there are other vegans in the class as well as many vegetarians. As well as my friends being open and understanding about my food choices so i am always invited to events and such and if there will be only animal products served i just bring my own food and there is no problem with that.

So basically it has been problem free for me... even my doctors and my dietician at the CF clinic as well as when i met with my case manager from Mando during my 4 year follow up - all of them have been ok with me being a vegan as long as i am healthy physically and mentally.

Today however was one of the first days i have felt weird vibes towards me from a few in the class. Today it was a cooking lesson with focus on meat and when we were going to be divided into groups i just said openly that i would prefer to not touch or cook with meat and would like to be in the group that does the vegan dish (considering that the vegan dish was being made for my sake and the other vegetarian in the group - everyone else would be eating meat.) And for some reason that gave some weird responses and reactions... its not a secret that i am a vegan. I dont talk about it and never bring it up, but now with the cooking classes it has come up alot and i have had alot of questions directed towards me as to what i think about the meat industry, what i think about dairy and eggs, why i am vegan, if its healthy to be vegan, how i eat, what i eat, if im healthy etc And its gotten a little tiring to be the one pointed out in the lesson as "the vegan" and the one who has to say why the meat and dairy industry is "so bad" or why i think "meat and dairy are so bad" . When in all honestly i dont think meat or dairy are "bad" but the mass consumtion and the ethics behind meat and dairy is wrong... however i am aware of the health aspects and that not everyone will or can go vegan - i am aware of that. I am not under the illusion that everyone can or will go vegan, that would put alot of strain on the climate and food production as well.

Today however when i just said right out that i didnt want to cook with the meat i got some weird vibes and glances and "an inconvenience". And ive never gotten those types of vibes or reactions before.... i personally dont find it strange that i dont want to cook or touch meat. (I mean i am not going a cooking program - i am being forced to cook not because i am there because i want to be.) As well as the vegan dish being the only one i can eat - so not so strange that i would prefer to make it myself.

It just felt like a very strange day where I think everyone was low on energy and there were lots of vibes and tiredness and just heightened reactions. But it felt so strange to have to defend myself in someway and to feel so pointed out... not to mention that i am more than "just a vegan". I dont even want that label on me... of course saying im a vegan helps when it comes saying what i eat or dont eat, but i dont want that label either... i am more than that label and dont want to be defined as it.

This post is long and sort of rambling, but i guess i am just trying to formulate my words. Today has just been a strange day and i am sure it was nothing personal towards me - just tiredness. But all i can say is that i am lucky and thankful that this isnt an everyday feeling, as i do know that for some people its an everyday thing to defend their choices towards friends and family and everyone once they go vegan. Or they become isolated from friends or dont get asked to join social events or always feel "Pointed out" just because of their ethical beliefs, so i guess i am just thankful that 99% of people in my life are accepting of my lifestyle choices and dont question me so much. It would definitely be tiring to have to defend myself and my choices everyday instead of just living like everyone else without adding to animal cruelty.

Anyway - just my thoughts and feelings this evening. Maybe some of my other vegan followers have been in the same situation or felt the same way before?


  1. I'm not vegan, but I simpatise with veganism very much. Whenever veganism comes up as a topic at lunch with my family, my mother comes with: in that case we could live on light, or I get the very annoying:'but protein...', or that I'm not a rabbit, and that humans should eat meat!? It's crazy how people can't accept a choicr that's different from their norms... Anyways, I know I can't be vegan yet, due to being underweight, but I know I-m on the right path, and I also know that I wouldn't become vegan for restricting, because I have no problem with eating meat, only when I see the flesh, I feel it wrong to eat it. Sorry for the long comment. Keep your head up:)

    1. I am lucky that i havent had so many people question or argue with me which i am thankful for - some have it on a daily basis. And i am glad that you know what is best for you. <3 Far too many go vegan just because of an eating disorder or to restrict food and that isnt healthy either, so im glad that you know that begin a vegan when underweight might not be the best idea or maybe never a good idea and instead just small changes which make a difference nonetheless!!

      Hopefully in time more people will understand that you dont need meat to survive and instead can eat plant based meals regularly even if you arent 100% vegetarian or vegan!

  2. I get comments like "I don`t know how you can eat that" or "when are you going to have some chicken/sausage/meat" I find it very annoying, after all I don`t question my partners choice to eat spicey foods two days running - just accept that is what he likes and wants, so that's it. I think some people have a hard time accepting veganism - or even any different dietry choice - because that's what they have been brought up with, so anything different seems very strange to them. That's not to say that they have to be discriminatory though!
    I will admit I do feel pressured sometimes when my partner constantly keeps on about having some chicken/meat even though I thought I had already explained the reasons why I am no longer eating it. The trouble is he was brought up on a diet of traditional "meat and two veg" so sees what I am doing as far from normal.
    I wish others were more accepting of different dietry choices and it does get annoying when you feel you have to explain and defend yourself often.

    1. I guess anyone who eats differently usually has to defend themselves. Of course it isnt always a bad thing to question someones eating habits or even question someone as to why they are vegan - especially if disordered eating is suspected. But from just "acquantencies" it can be annoying over time. It can be hard to change habits and if your partner has grown up believing that you need meat and veg and potatoes then it can be hard to change that. But im sure you can compromise and then just explain each time he asks why you prefer to not eat meat/animal products. Hopefully he will understand over time.