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Thursday, March 2, 2017

A day of vegan cooking and thoughts from my studies

Thursday evening and im just about to go to sleep as tomorrow is a long day with lots of school work.

Today was a day off of school and my day definitely didnt turn out as planned or thought out. My day started out by getting caught infront of the computer a little longer than planned - as per usual recently - and then feeling unmotivated to go to the gym, so instead went out for a walk. And that was exactly what i needed, fresh air and also to explore a new route and area where i live and not to mention good music. This is definitely one of my favourite ways to start the day and always makes me wonder why i dont do it more often... i have definitely neglected cardio for a year or so - sometimes i do it more often, but i dont go for so many walks and not so many runs and whenever i actually do, i always wonder why it isnt a part of my regular routine. I absaloutly love it... but at the same time i love the gym and strength training and i just cant seem to balance the two, sometimes it feels like either i just do 100% cardio or 100% strength. But i might sit down and try to write a training schedule to fit both of them into my life... i mean exercise isnt just about being strong, but about being capable and functional as well!!

After that i went  to the store to buy flour and argula so that i could make sweet potatoe gnocchi. It was made from only 3 ingredients so very simple to make, not to mention delicious!

After lunch i sat down and decided to finally get started on my studying and litterature reading... however i felt so mixed and emotional while reading about the slaughter of animals. How they are numbed before being killed and also how chickens only live several weeks before being killed and cows live 2 years and pigs and lambs even less time... and then they are cooped up and transported to the slaughterhouse and killed and packaged and sold to stores. I mean you cant deny that it is a little crazy... that animals are literally created/born to be killed and eaten? I dont want to sound like a preachy vegan, i am sorry about that and i dont often make these types of posts because i dont want to guilt or shame people. But i just find it hard to understand how people can read or see or hear about this and still just think "i dont care"? But then again... i was like that just a year ago... A year ago i didnt care about the chickens. I didnt care about the animals... i just wanted my quark, eggs and chicken. But something just clicked and like a light switch in my head went off. And i think it is up to the individual to make the connection... no amout of critisizing or preaching will make a difference, instead it will just turn people away from veganism.

And i still believe that encouraging and inspiring differences will do more so im going to stick to that method instead. But at the moment i am struggling to read my litterature, struggling to read about "what way is best to cook meat" .... but then im reminding myself that in the future when i work with nutrition, i need to be able to give unbiased advice and knowing what way to cook meat and fish for best nutritional value and safety is important. Not to mention that people will always eat meat, fish and dairy so its important to know what nutrients they have and best ways to cook them etc

As i found it rather discouraging and unmotivating to read my litterature, i decided to do some food cooking and ended up making an argula pesto (which tastes amazing) as well as chocolate chip banana bread!! Both taste so amazing, however i didnt follow a recipe for either (as usual) so dont have one to share. But can share the ingriedients if you want!!

Anyway, this post was alot longer than planned and i guess i needed to just write my thoughts out a little. However i hope i dont offend anyone in any way, and i dont like making these types of posts... but today i just needed to write it out.


  1. izzy I'm wondering if you know much about regularity of periods... since getting them back they were very irregular and now come around every 21 days (very short cycle). I don't know if this is normal for people with a history of eating disorders, or a sign of infertility... or if it's nothing to worry about?

    1. From what I understand it's normal. My period was irregular for a year after getting it back... at times I got it 2 times a month and other times I got it after 8 weeks... so very irregular for 1-2 years. However give it 6 months to normalize and make sure to eat enough and enough healthy fats as well as not over exercising and see if it becomes more regular, otherwise maybe see a gynecologist:)

  2. Hi Izzy,

    I have been reading your blog for quite a while now. I'm so in awe of how selfless you are, dedicating so much of your free time to helping people who are recovering from EDs. I think I speak for all of us when I say that you are an incredible inspiration and you are definitely making the World a better place.

    I just wanted to make one comment. Many people who are recovering from EDs are not allowed to have any food restrictions during recovery (other than for health reasons, for example I am allergic to nuts so obviously my dietician doesn't make me eat them!). While many of us would LOVE to experiment with things like veganism, we are not yet at a point where that is possible or even healthy. Reading about how terrible it is to eat meat and how awful the animals are treated makes it even harder for us to follow our meal plans and makes us feel even more guilty about eating meat (I know I am not the only reader who feels this way). I know that you are not a vegan for health reasons, but with society constantly telling us to eat more plants and less meat, I am starting to find that your blog is incredibly triggering and makes me feel so guilty every time I have to eat meat as all I can hear in my head is you saying how bad it is.

    You have been incredibly considerate in the past, adjusting your blog to try and stop triggering your readers (like how you don't post flex/abs photos anymore!). I was wondering whether this is something you might consider as well? I know being vegan is extremely important to you and I am absolutely not suggesting you should stop writing about it, but please consider that telling your readers to go vegan is not necessarily helpful when we are in recovery. It makes eating meat so much more difficult and unfortunately many of us are not in a position where we are allowed to cut out meat from our meal plans.

    Maybe you could write a post about how we can be more sustainable world citizens without being vegan for those of us who want to make a difference but cannot give up meat for health/recovery reasons? I am currently a stickler for not buying any products tested on animals and I'm hugely into recycling and composting, but I'm always open to new ideas for saving the planet!

    Please don't take this comment too negatively as it is not intended to be negative at all! As I said, I am so grateful for your blog and I really don't want to have to stop reading it! Just wanted to mention it as I know that you are 100% recovered and these thoughts don't plague you anymore!

    Thanks again,

    A very grateful reader :)

    1. I agree with you... for me personally ab photos are less triggering than diet related things. (like veganism.. even if it is a lifestyle).

  3. Hey izzy! Umm.. but don't you think that animals are a part of the food chain? Why don't we criticise lions for hunting gazelles or bulls? I think we were created omnivores and there's nothing wrong with eating meat.. however, the industry of meat production is the one we should all avoid because it's brutal. We should buy more organic and farm-bred animal products.. where animals are being brought up humanely.
    And by the way, you don't have to end up a nutritionist for all types of diets! There are so many vegan nutritionists.. especially through the internet! I mean, blogging and writing advice in websites like mindbodygreen could be a possible side career for you! And of course, you can also master vegan diets and if you really like sport nutrition, there are many athletes out there absolutely vegan! Don't do anything you don't love :')

  4. I didn't find this post triggering, and also do not when you write about food or post pictures. I am eating plant based for mainly health reasons because I am unable to tolerate a "normal diet" but I do not deny that in doing so has made me also think about how much meat/dairy we as a nation consume and how we come to get that meat/dairy on on our plates. The meat industry is very brutal and I think there should be more awareness about it - too many people just buy their neat little packages of meat from the supermarket without a thought of how it got there, and I think that's wrong. Eating plant based has made me change my mind about meat and even if my food/diet/digestion problems were to be resolved I doubt that I would go back to it.
    You becoming a vegan has introduced me to a different style of eating and for that I am grateful. Never do I think that you "preach" your views and your desire just to influence others about that way of eating seems a good route to follow. At the end of the day we are all individuals and in control of what we allow ourselves to be influenced by. If people want to eat meat meat/dairy then that is their choice, the same as it is for those who choose not to.

  5. PS I meant to say "inspire others" not influence! sorry about the typo

  6. Banana bread with chocolate chips is delicious - I make mine with walnuts in it as well. That is a good combination if you ever wish to try it. If you can`t get walnuts then chopped hazelnuts work well instead.
    Hope you enjoyed your free day from uni - certainly sounds as though you made the most of it, the best days are often those that just happen rather than be planned out:)
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Hey Izzy, I am anorexic and a vegetarian and I'd would like to go vegan for ethical reasons. I know that it's not a good idea to go vegan while recovering, but I wanted to ask you if you have any ideas what else I could do to save the planet and what I could do for the animals. I don't buy stuff that is tested on animals, I mostly buy fairtrade, local and biological food. I avoid buying things wrapped with plastik and ride mostly by bus or go by foot. I just don't feel like that's enough:/
    And another question: My friend told me today that she fears that she is getting an eating disorder and by the things she told me I think she maybe really is endangered...Do you know how I could help her? She has panic attacks as well and doesn't want to talk to her mother:/
    Thank you and have great day:)
    PS: Thank you so much for your blog without it I would have most probably died. You motivated me and before I was reading your blog I never wanted to get healthy, but now I read your blog every day and it keeps me going and I finally chose that I would try to recover. You are inspiring to me and I am so glad that you keep blogging and helping us. Thanks for that:)))