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Sunday, February 12, 2017

You don't need to mikromanage to be healthy

When it comes to being healthy it feels like people focus far too much on the small details rather than health as a whole thing.  The same goes with exercise... really whether you do 10 or 15 reps really doesn't matter unless you have a serious goal with training or whether you do bicep curls before triceps push downs or vice versa. The small details really don't matter when it comes to working out, it's more that you do it and have fun. Not to mention that health isn't about whether you do 25 minutes of walking  or 28 minutes of walking. Whether you manage to do 8 burpees or 10 burpees, exercise is exercise and you should enjoy it.... and doing it regularly in some form is better than thinking you had a bad workout because you just managed to run 20 minutes and not 25 etc .

Health is a broad thing and not so much about the small details. Micromanaging and counting every gram of food or every macro or micronutrient isn't necessary. Health isn't about whether you eat 250g of carbs or 260g.  Getting stuck in the small details isn't necessary and if anything can  make you more sick.

See health as a whole. About happiness, feeling energetic, capable of living life and doing what you want to do.  Free from pain. Mental health and social health. Taking care of yourself and nourishing yourself properly, but also regular activity if that is what makes you healthy at that stage in life.  (For example if someone has a virus then exercise might just make them more unhealthy and so not actually benefit them, just like if you are underweight then doing a bunch of cardio would not be healthy even if cardio might be healthy for someone else.)

Focus on what is healthy for you and don't focus on small details. Instead ask yourself what makes you happy and healthy? Health is more than food or exercise or weight or appearance, health is a whole body and feeling!


  1. Dear Izzy,
    do you have any tips on vegan baking?
    i find "normal" recipes so variable -- some work well some don't -- and the leap from that to vegan is a step further into potential recipe failures! I need to bake a cake and am wondering whether to risk trying out a vegan recipe!
    But... I am not sick, so if you want to prioritise posts for those who are, by all means I support that 100%

    1. I try to answer all comments as best i can, and find it more fun to get comments and questions which arent ones about illness, haha!
      And i definitely think you shoudl try baking a vegan cake :) They can taste amazing, if you arent used to baking vegan cakes then i would suggest finding a simple recipe to follow. I personally dont follow recipes, just use them as inspiration, but ive done alot of baking throughout my years and know how different ingredients work together and i dont always measure either as i sort of know what will work and what wont - but i wouldnt suggest this method if you are going to make a cake for others, haha.

      But if you check out my vegan food tag then there is some tips about vegan baking, or check out my vegan recipe tag for recipes.

      But for egg substitute you can use aquafaba, chiaegg, flax egg, applesauce or even banana. And for milk its just to substitute with a vegan milk option, and the same with butter/margarin :) Its not so difficult in all honesty! And when it comes to cheesecakes and such you can either make raw ones using nuts and dried fruit and oil and such, or if you can buy vegan cream cheese then you can just substitute those :)

      Let me know how it goes if you do make a vegan cake!!

    2. If it helps I find that the recipes from Minimalist Baker and Chocolate Covered Katie are pretty good. If you prefer watching YouTube, maybe you can try The Happy Pear (it's mostly food recipes but there are quite a few on desserts and stuff, including an epic chocolate cake). Like Izzy said, it's not very difficult once you get the hang of substituting :) hope that helps!

    3. Where can I find the tags for recipes and baking tips?
      And I love seeing your ideas for vegan food and your own dishes as they are such wonderful combinations!
      Do you have a favourite vegan dish/food?

    4. Have you got any reccomendations for vegan recipes using rice? Can`t have potatoes in it as the diet my partner is on drastically limits potato and pasta (???) but rice is ok.
      Something a bit different than rice and peas as I`m stuck for inspiration.
      Thank you xxx

    5. If you want potatoes or pasta then i think you should eat it and your partner can eat rice... just a little note, haha.

      But tips for dishes with rice... paella, home made sushi, curry and rice, vegetable soup and rice, rice pudding, sticky rice balls (?), make burgers using rice and other ingredients (im sure you can google and find a recipe), fried tofu with rice.
      Add different spices to the rice or different sauces like coconut milk or tomatoe sauce etc :)

    6. Thanks for the suggestions Izzy - having so much rice and always as a side dish was getting a bit monotonous!
      I already tend to cook different things than what he`s having on his diet plan - its far too restrictive for me. Its just that he`s shown an interest in some of the plant based meals I`ve been having and said he would like to try some himself - never thought that would happen, he tends to be "if it hasn't got meat in it its not a proper meal" person - so a breakthrough there!
      Hope you`re having agood long weekend!

  2. YES !!! So so so true :) People tend to think it's all or nothing when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle especially. Everybody seems to think you either have to do a shit ton of exercise and eat super healthy all day everyday OR sit on the couch constantly and eat crisps and chocolate day in day out. Now this might sounds like exaggeration but really balance isn't something you can plan either. Listening to your own body and needs is what is really important and what brings true health :)

  3. Hi Izzy - just what is a "burpee"? You have mentioned it when you post about your exercises before but my mind boggles as to what it is exactly? Why is I t called that?

    1. Its kind of hard to explain, best to google it and look at a youtube video, haha! <3

    2. have done so - looks tough! Do you really do these?

  4. Hey Izzy, I really need your help! I am already on my healthy weight and I started running and riding a stationary bike and I do some intervals. I still don't eat enough, I eat about a half of the amount I should. Today I had to stop cycling after 10min, because I almost fainted. Do you think that it is because I eat too little? I really want to become stronger and being able to run and ride a bike but I always have so much pain when I work out. And whenever I eat a little more my weight goes up. I don't want to gain more weight, I just want to retain my weight as it already is. I know you will say that I have to eat more, but I always gain weight when I eat sth more. Maybe my metabolism has slowed down? I will be really grateful for your answer :) and congratulations for 20k followers on IG :)

    1. If you arent eating enough for your exercise levels then you shouldnt be working out, but also if you feel faint while working out that is a sign that you need to stop and rethink what you are doing.
      Ask yourself why you dont want to gain more weight? What would be so wrong if you do gain weight? Trying to control your weight or keep it at a level that might not actually be healthy is not going to help you in life.

      My best suggestion, eat more - feel energized and fuelled up, dont weigh yourself, and get back to exercise when you have energy again. You wrote that you know you arent eating enough, so then ask yourself why you arent going to change that? I know this might come across as harsh or rude, and i apologize for that... but i think you need to ask yourself some questions and be honest to yourself. Why are you working out and why arent you eating enough?

      You wont get stronger or feel energized if you arent fuelling your body... sooner or later you will face the consequnences. Or think of your body like a car... it cant run on empty, you need to fuel it if you want it to work.

      Do eat more and focus on health, not on trying to lose weight or trying to change appearance. You might be a healthy weight, but maybe its not actually your set point and the more you try to control your food and exercise the more control you lose and the mor stressed your body becomes. Try to work on your fear of weight gain and realise that ggaining weight isnt the end of the world. I personally gained roughly 3-5kg when i began to strength train and workout... so just a little FYI. Skip the scale!

  5. I really agree with this post!
    People often focus on to many details. Even i do this, I get caught up in small details on everything, from food to planning to go on a date haha
    Great post!!

  6. Hey Izzy, I made some veggie pockets today which I thought were delicious and I wanted to share the recipe with you. :D

    You need spring roll paper, olive oil, Quorn, cauliflower, mixed veg, frozen spinach and canned (diced and juicy) tomato. You just microwave the quorn, cauliflower and spinach together till they're half done, then stir in the tomato and finish microwaving. Mash up your mixture, then mix in the mixed veg (I used canned so it was already ready to eat). Place a spoon of it on the rice paper and fold it up into a pocket. Fill a pan a third of the way with olive oil then fry the pockets until they're golden, crispy and oily. It's yummy.