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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Why you should eat varied & balance over the week

Ive recently gotten asked why you should eat varied and also about food balance, so i thought i would make a quick post and answer this :)

The reason why it is important to eat varied is that all foods have different amounts of vitamins and minerals. And if you just eat certain types of food you might not get all the vitamins and minerals you need. Also as a vegan it is important to eat varied so that you can get a hiygh enough protein quality throughout the day through food combination. I.e eating pasta and beans is better than just eating beans on their own or just pasta on its own. The food combining doesnt have to be done for each meal, but throughout the day atleast. But you can read more about food combining as a vegan HERE. If you just eat the same foods over and over you might end up lacking nutrients or vitamins, not to mention that it is rather boring and might take the fun and creativity away from food.

I dont personally agree with raw food diets or fruitarian diets or diets that focus on very few ingredients/food as there is much chance that you end up with deficienies as you dont get all the nutrients and vitamins you need. I mean fruit is great, but you cant survive off of just fruit, no matter what people online say. Fruit doesnt have enough protein, and yes... protein is important, even if you dont need to eat 200g protein, you still need an adequate amount. So no 30 banana a day diets please, or no banana island or watermelon island or only rice diets... your body wont thank you!

Also a tip, if you are like me, i.e a student who doesnt have a huge budget for money, then i think about variation each week. I.e i meal plan so i make a certain food and then eat it 1-2 times a day for 3-4 days and then make more meal boxes and slightly mix up the ingredients, but generally for a week i eat the same food in different amounts. But every week i try to vary which vegetables i buy, which protein source i buy and which carb source i buy as well as which nuts or seeds i buy. For example one week i buy brocolli, red lentils, white potatoe,cashew nuts and soya protein and the following week i buy brussel sprouts, sweet potatoe, chickpeas, peanuts and another type of soya protein and have those as my base food. So that there is some form of variation, even if there isnt a lot of variation within a week.... if this makes sense, haha.

But also dont forget that if you buy a lot of whole foods such as lentils, potatoes, vegetables etc there is alot you can do with those foods so that its not the same thing everyday. But of course, variation of the actual foods is the best :)

Also about balance. Just like with variation, i think of balance over a week. Somedays i eat more, somedays i eat less, somedays i eat a bunch of junk food, other days i eat mostly vegetables... but its a balance over a week i try to aim for. Im not unhealthy just because i eat alot one day or just because i eat alot of junk food, and im not "too strict" just because one day i eat 90% vegetables.

Try to think of your food balance over a week, you dont need to eat "perfectly" each day, but if atleast within a week you have some form of balance and variation. Its kind of hard to explain but i guess what im saying is that you shouldnt panic just because you eat more one day, but think of the balance over a week, you dont need to restrict the following day, naturally your body will deal with the extra energy!

I hope this makes sense anyway, but if you have any other queries just comment below :)


  1. I was just thinking this yesterday!! I'm starting to get sick of the foods that I eat :/ So instead of having a salad today (with tons and tons of toppings!!!), I treated myself to sushi!! The store has a wednesday special! This is kind of a random question since it was a little bit ago but, on snapchat one day you said that your class was analyzing a foods nutrition label and then calculating it out yourself. I know that you shouldn't focus on labels, but I'm just honestly curious, did your group find them to be accurate?? Or at least close? Since I know depending on the country there's less regulations and there's rounding etc.

    1. That is awesome :) sushi is delicious! Yes there was a difference in the amount stated and the amount in the food, for example the iron level was alot less than stated... it's very interesting to find out. Also calorie wise there was a difference but not too huge a difference. But this is one of the reasons you shouldn't get caught up in numbers because it does vary... it might state 130kcal per bar but it might actually be 145kcal instead... just an example. But it really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. Nutritonal information varies a little but should be close to what is stated but you can never actually know unless you do all the tests and labs (which tale such a long time!)like we are doing now :)

  2. Great post.
    Ihave a meal plan on my university campus, with unlimited food around me 24/7, and I also work in a bakery. I always find myself eating even though I'm not hungry. Despite experiencing anorexia years ago, I feel I have become obsessed with food and want to eat all the time. Izzy, do you think it's normal to eat out of boredom or for taste and do you ever do it? My habits just bother me sometimes and i wish I could stop, but I'd just like to know if it's normal.

    1. My most recent post talks about this, but eating out of boredom and just because food is delicious is very normal and most people do it. I do it on days when i am just at home and bored, then i can boredom snack throughout the day instead of actually having proper meals, and other times i eat more than usual/past the fullness feeling just because food is delicious.

      My best tip is to just have some form of structure, when food is available all the time its so easy to take and eat just because its there, thats what most people do. But it can be good to have some sort of structure and eat 4-6 meals per day so that it doesnt just become snack every hour type of thing.