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Monday, February 6, 2017

Why let your stomach determine how you feel about yourself or how your day will be?

This morning when I woke up I had this "usch" feeling about myself and my body. I felt sluggish, heavy, bloated and I felt 3 times my normal size. I don't normally feel this way and I don't let bloating get me down either, it's not something that bothers me. And after 10 minutes of feeling sort of down and not so confident I realised just how silly I was thinking....

This is not a common feeling for me to let my body affect the way I feel, 99% of the time I don't care about how I look, instead it's about how I feel. But today it got me thinking..... am I really going to let my stomach bring me down? Am I going to let bloatedness ruin my day before its even started?

I have a functioning, happy and healthy body. A stomach that works mostly and compared to last year I have very little stomach and digestive issues. Why let something like a heavy feeling bring me down or make me feel less confident? Instead be happy and thankful for my body.

It's crazy to think how many people out there let their body or even just the size of their stomach completely control them. How about being thankful for your stomach? Thankful that you can digest food and absorb nutrients? And the stomach rolls you might hate so much, why not realise that they are normal and everyone has them and that fat is keeping you warm and your organs safe. You are so much more than your body and your stomach and I can tell you that nobody else cares or thinks about your body as much as you do yourself. Nobody notices if you are bloated and even if they do.... who cares, everyone bloats.

Don't let your body control your feelings or emotions.  Instead stop and think and be thankful for your body.  And say 5 nice things about your body!!!

I'll start, and then you can comment below with 3-5+ nice things about yourself or your body.

1) my legs are strong and allow me to walk and run and be active.
2)my body is healthy and allows me live the life I love and be active.
3) my stomach digests and absorbs the nutrients from food so that I have energy to live life.
4) my skin repairs itself after all the cuts and bruises I end up with from life and living, haha.
5) my hair is strong and full and not thin and falling out like before!

I know that my "usch and heavy feelings" are mostly due to hormones and eating food that doesn't digest so well for me. But I know those feelings will pass, the bloating will go away and most of all I will be happy and confident today and not let my stomach control or define how my day will be.

And I think you should do the same thing!!! Love yourself and your body!


  1. Brilliant post Izzy!
    my 5 things are -

    1) my legs are getting better and are stronger than they were a while back. I can now walk better and don`t feel so helpless
    2) The condition of my hair is improving - it has stopped thinning and is a lot stronger
    3) I am enjoying my study course so much - I haven't lost interest in the things I found interesting before Ed and I am still capable of reading and learning
    4)for the resilience my body has to fight illness - all my colds this winter have been fairly short lived
    5) For having abody that despite what I have put it through over time still functions and keeps me alive
    I love this sort of post - certainly gets you thinking :)

  2. Hey Izzy. What did you take to make your depression better? I don't want to take an anti-depressant

    1. Also, on the subject of depression - how long do you keep taking medication for, whether its herbal or prescribed? how do you know when you are well enough to stop? Do you just come off of it for a while and see how you feel?
      I ask because I have been on medication for years and my doctor shows no sign of suggesting to stop it. Thing is I feel fine now and don`t want to stay on medication for ever. What do I do? I am tempted to stop it but at the same time I`m scared of a relapse.
      Do you still take medication izzy or have you come off it?

    2. Hi Izzy. Please please please answer this.