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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentines and self love day

February 14th, once again and the hype about valentines day. Though in all honesty i had completely forgotten about it until I started scrolling through social media and saw people mention that it's today.

Sure valentines day has its positives and a day about showing love but at the same time I find it so strange that people need a certain day to show their love and affection. I personally find its more affectionate for a partner to randomly buy flowers or to compliment you or decide to spontaneously buy you a gift or write a cute poem or just show their affection everyday. Receiving flowers just because it's valentines day doesn't mean so much... though that's just my opinion.
.of course you can't forget to show love to friends and family as well. Send a message to your family or close friend and remind them that you care. I think it's easy for people to forget about how fragile relationships are and how you should appreciate them and appreciate the people around you  (if they deserve appreciation so to say, not everyone does.)

But also... self love. You can't forget to show yourself some love today. Do something kind for yourself. Maybe make your favourite meal or snack, listen to some good music, watch your favourite film, do something you love and something that makes you happy! And compliment yourself, be kind to yourself!

Also if you are single don't worry about not being in a  relationship.  Everything has its time and place. Don't hate valentines day, but instead show love to yourself and your family and friends! You don't need to be a in relationship and relationships should better you, make life better... not just be with a person so you can say you are in a relationship!!!

What are your plans for Valentine's day? Showing love for yourself and others?


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  2. I totally agree with you - we should be able to show our love and appreciation any day of the year, not just one specific day. And Valentines day is so commercialised now! I spent the evening having a nice long bath with my favourite special bubble bath - (its expensive so I don`t use it regularly) followed by watching my favourite film, Dirty Dancing. We don`t really bother with Valentines day, my partner is of the same opinion - you can buy a gift for each other any day of the year, why just on one day because of all the hype? I think the true sentiment has completely gone from the day just because it has become over commercialised. I feel loved and appreciated when my partner does little spontaneous things that he has thought of himself, not through expensive gifts from the shops or fancy meals out. Valentines has its place for some people, but no - not for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed my relaxing evening!