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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday - Full day of eating

Today was a day where i actually remember everything i have eaten and have taken a picture of it all (for other social media), so i thought why not share on here as i often get asked to write more food diaries or what i eat in a day posts.

I dont really understand why people are so interested in knowing how a person eats from morning to evening - because in the end, everyone needs different amounts. Not to mention that people eat different from day to day.

So just because i ate like this today doesnt mean i eat like this everyday. How i ate was based on 1) The food i have at home & 2) what i was craving based on what i had at home and 3) I have felt sick and had stomach pain all day so havent eaten as much as i would other days.

But i feel like i repeat this each time i make food diaries and i hoping you are all smart enough to 1) not compare your eating to me, 2) realise people need different energy amounts, 3) it doesnt matter how much/little someone else may eat in a day because people eat differently. I mean if i had all the time and money in the world and had access to lots of different food i would eat differently, and if i hadnt had stomach pain today i would have eaten differently today as well!


Breakfast: 1 whole mashed sweet potatoe with blueberries, cashew nuts & 1 cheesecake bite & 1 vanilla protein shake which i mixed and poured into the bowl and mixed everything together.

Lunch:  10 spring rolls filled with "oumph", salad and vegetables. Dip sauce made out of 3 tbs peanut butter, soya yoghurt, sweet chilli sauce and some water.

Snack 1: Left over box of vegetables.

Snack 2: 2 cheesecake bites & handful of peanuts.

Dinner: c.a 2dl total of red and green lentils mixed together. Fried vegetables. total of 5 panfried bread. Handful of peanuts.

Night snack: c.a 450g soya yoghurt (i.e i ate the whole yoghurt pot today with the sauce as well)

There you see one full day of eating for me. Alot of nuts - as per usual. But usually there is alot more potatoes and a bigger night snack, but thats how today was :)


  1. You used to eat lots of fruit- but recently I've noticed that you don't eat a lot of it anymore- is it because of the stomach pain or you just don't like it anymore? I know that you don't post everything you eat though :)

    1. I do still eat alot of fruit, usually have some type of fruit at home, but today i didnt have any at home. But somedays i buy a 1kg bag of apples whcih takes me 1-2 days to eat, haha. But no i dont eat as much fruit as i once did, i find that its hard for my stomach to digest so instead eat berries and vegetables. And sometimes im ok with bananas, other times im not - very strange!

  2. Have you posted a recipe for the cheesecake bites anywhere? They look so good and I would love to try to make them :)

    1. Lemon curd: Juice and grated rind of 1 lemon - 3 tbsps
      1 1/2 tsp cornflour
      3 oz / 85g white caster sugar
      2 1/2 oz / 70g vegan margarine

      Dissolve cornflour in a little juice.
      Put rest of ingredients into a saucepan and heat until sugar has dissolved. Gradually add this mixture to the cornflour mix, stirring well.
      Return all to the pan and boil until mixture coats the back of a spoon - not more than 1 minute. Put into a warmed jar and cover with greaseproof paper until cold.
      Replace greaseproof with lid and store in fridge.
      And the cheesecake recipe was just a normal recipe where I changed to vegan products instead :) 250g digestive biscuits
      125g butter in room temperature
      600g cream cheese (@oatlysab)
      60g caster sugar
      200ml cream

      So digestives and margarine in the base. Then cream cheese,whipped cream, sugar and mix the lemon curd into the mix and then top the base and into the freezer to set! And then you can top the cake with more lemon curd if you want :)

    2. Thank you so much!

  3. I eat a lot of nuts too. I just don't feel satisfied without them. XD

    1. I`ve discovered cashew nuts - after years of thinking I didn't like them! So now I have those over peanuts any day:) And they even do cashew nut butter - heaven in a jar!

    2. Have you ever tried chocolate brazil nuts? love these!

  4. The pan-fried bread looks delish! Do you have a recipe??

  5. How did you make that bread!! :O