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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday - -a day of rest and getting ready for the new week & yesterdays house warming party

Hello and good afternoon everyone :)

After an unproductive day including 2 powernaps i am finally beginning to regain some energy once again!

Yesterday i hosted a housewarming party with my 2 roomates, and we had all invited friends over so i think in total there were 15-20 peoples who joined during the course of the evening. On Saturday we spent the day cleaning the house and preparing the food (we made small nacho chips with soyameat, "biscuits" with tapenade, and others filled with a mayonnaise/tofu mix as well as hummus, chips and a lemoncurd cheesecake which was super delicious. What i loved is that everything was vegan - of course - so under the course of the evening i knew i could eat everything that was there as well as the drinks we served were all vegan, so it was nice to not have to think or ingredient check. As the previous times i have been to house parties or gone out with friends i havent been able to eat anything as it hasnt been vegan and the drinks mixed and served havent been vegan either. So it was nice that for once i could just eat whatever was there!).

The party was alot of fun, even if i initially wasnt super excited and didnt have plans to follow with after the inital house party.  All i can say is that it was alot of fun and i had a great night and got to meet and talk with alot of new people, and it was fun to go out dancing later in the evening. However today i of course have the backlash from yesterdays alcohol consumption. As it was such a late night yesterday there were several people who crashed at our place and i must admit... it was a little uncomfortable this morning, all i really wanted to do was wake up and make coffee and just sort of sit in peace for a while. But nope, instead i went for a walk to get my own space before returning to the apartment and trying to be social and eat breakfast with those who were awake.  After that it was just to begin cleaning the apartment, which surprisingly went quickly and pain free and didnt take long until everything was back in order which was nice, though of course red wine stains on the carpet and cabinets wasnt so easy to remove, but i guess i cant complain because that was the worst damage to the apartment.

I had a very fun evening and it was fun to host the party, however i dont think ill be hosting any parties again soon. I'd much rather go to parties and not have to deal with the post party cleaning up, or having people sleep in my apartment... its much more fun to just wake up to a clean apartment and follow my own routines and not have to tip toe around!! But its been an experience to say the least :)

I am very much ready for a new week with full focus on studying before my exam on Friday. Next week it will mostly be home studying and not much else. However my Monday morning will start off with my second visit to the dentist with some more teeth work to do!! Not so much fun, especially not when half my face ends up numb from anesthesia and on Friday it took 6 hours for the anaesthesia to wear off and trying to eat when half your mouth is numb is not an easy thing to do. So hopfully the numbness wont last as long tomorrow!!'

Now its almost 7pm and im about to make dinner before i go back to bed and hopefully get 10 hours of sleep tonight so im ready for the new week :)

I really didnt take so many photos yesterday or none worth sharing anyway, so instead you see two of my meals today :)


  1. Your house warming sounded though it was fun and I`m pleased you had a lovely evening - even if the down side was clearing up the mess the next day, that's not so good :(
    With regard to the dentist - I have found when I`ve had treatment and are still numb that the only way I can drink anything is through a straw - so I would advise buying a packet and trying that. But eating - that is interesting to say the least when half your face is like cotton wool!
    Hope you have a good week and good luck for your coming test!

  2. Could you post the recipe for your lemon curd cheesecake? It looks so delicious!

  3. Hi Izzy, I wanted to ask if in your classes you worked with foods as part of your program, if you do, is there any animal products involved? How do you/would you react if your class was going to be working with that type of food?