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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Recent eats

As i mentioned in my previous post recently i have felt a little "tired of eating", might sound strange. But when im tired or just eat the same thing too often its like i get tired of eating - not to mention when i just eat on my own all the time. I invited friends over to eat pizza and drink wine this weekend however most of them are away this weekend as we have a 4 day weekend, so hopefully the following weekend works! But like mentioned, sometimes food gets boring and then my best advice for myself is to just mix it up.... buy a new type of vegetable, try a different type of potatoe, eat my food in a wrap or rice paper. Buy a new food/browse the store and find food i dont usually buy or have never eaten before.... or sometimes its just to resort to some expensive favourites which i i know i like and will make me feel hungry/want to eat. I know i am not alone with this feeling, i have friends who can sometimes lose appetite from stress or anxiety or just that they find it boring to eat on their own so they just eat oatmeal or bread for dinner.

I thought i would share some of my recent eats for those of you who need some inspiration or just need some plant based food inspo. And maybe YOU can comment below some of your favourite meals or things you have eaten recently?

I think i need to make some falafels or lasagna soon, or maybe try making potatoe waffles or home made pizza or makybe my own bean burgers! Or just a delicious salad filled with beetroots and kale and walnuts and brussel sprouts and sweet potatoe - yumm. Hahha, now im starting to feel hungry and might need to go to the store again tomorrow!

Homemade falafe which didnt turn out so great, vegan cheese, hummus, brussel sprouts and veggies

Oatmeal with chocolate tofu mousse, caramel popcorn, cashew nuts and sirap

Egg free omelette, pancakes, oumph (soy protein), veggies and crisp bread with vegan cheese

Pancake stack (oatmeal, flour, soy milk, baking powder - p.s use an actual recipe!), with tofu chocolate mousse and caramel popcorn and peanuts

Mix of veggies and topped with nutritional yeast and srircha

Potatoes and avocado - my first time trying purple potatoe and i can say its delicious!

Egg free omelette with potatoes, veggies, avocado and ketchup
My favourite type of salad and always an extra treat when i have long days of study!


  1. I suggest you make soup.. lentil soup, and also vegetable ones where you can put in beet root, loads of potato, celery, carrots, green beans and you can make a side of some macaroni to put in your bowl :)
    Also you can make couscous which tastes really nice.. and you can eat with it a tomato stew with loads of veggies like potatoes, carrots, zucchini and even add some hummus for the protein!
    Hmm, what else? You can also roast potatoes, zucchini, eggplants and carrots in some tomato sauce in the oven.. don't forget the onions and garlic :) eat with it some rice..
    Did you ever try Egyptian beans? You could look up the recipe on the internet.. it's amazing.. and so nourishing :))

  2. I'm not vegan but I'm trying to eat plant based food whenever possible, and I've recently made a delicious and simple meal, which is not a big deal but I'm very proud of it. Cook white beans and a mix of vegetables in tomato souce, add a lot of spices, pepper, cumin, onion and garlic and try it with rice! I love it^^

    1. This sounds really good - I`m going to try it myself!

  3. Ooh I made lasagna today but used cabbage leaves instead of noodles then dolluped some hummus on top of it before I ate it! It was pretty good, similar to annoymous above, it was a mix of lentils, a little shredded carrot, tomato sauce, mushrooms, onion, garlic and tons of spices. This is only the second time I've done it and I keep trying to bulk it up with more stuff. Meant to add tomato, or use pasta sauce for flavor/chunkiness etc., but forgot :/...I love potatoes so the purple potatoes look so good!! Wish I could try one, except my grocery store doesn't really sell much :(

  4. Have you ever tried tempeh? I recently made this recipe and it was sooo yummi!
    best salad ever <3 :)

  5. Have you ever tried mashing your veggies for a change? Mashed swede, parsnip, turnip, celearic - all are delicious and preparing them in this way gives a definite new life to them!
    My favourite at the moment is bubble and squeak - left over veg or cook some more like sprouts, cabbage, potato, carrot, peas etc mix into a mash and fry like you would a large omelette so it goes all nice and crispy round the edges. Delicious with ketchup and very filling - especially if you have it with beans on the side.
    Another favourite is baked bean lasagne - mix beans with chopped onion and tinned tomatoes, layer with lasagne sheets and top with cheese slices. Very quick, easy and cheap to make.