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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Recent eats, exploring my new living area and a sustainable diet - positives of the week.

Hello everyone :)

This post is just a mix of random things i want to share from my past 24 hours!

First off, the school work load is at a minimum right now which i love. I feel no stress at all, and feel like i have time to both study and do the reading necessary, go to lectures (mostly for the sake of meeting friends and being social) and do other things as well. Its a nice feeling to feel like i actually have time for once!! Recently its been far too early mornings or long days of work and reading and writing and its definitely tiring. Today i could finally sleep in until 8am and wake up feeling refreshed!

Yesterday was a rather "long day" in school with lectures and workshops from 10 until 3pm, which  really isnt a long day in all honesty, haha. But compared to the other days this week and the upcoming week thats a long day.
I also got my result from the test i did 3 weeks ago, and i passed which i am so glad over. I was worried that i wouldnt as the questions werent the "right" questions for what i had studied, so i felt a little irritated over that but now i am glad that i have passed and i still remember 98% of what i did learn during my weeks of study.
Another thing which happened yesterday was that on my way to the bus after school i saw a guy sort of wink and try to get my attention. I thought he was a tourist asking for directions so i stopped and pulled out my earphones to see what he had to say. He was very nervous and started off by "You are very beautiful and i was wondering if you would like to get a coffee with me someday." I was completely taken off guard and sort of confused so i am sure i stood there for a full 5 seconds just trying to comprehend what he was saying before i smiled and said he was very sweet, but no thank you. I thought it was very cute and brave and think more people should dare to do that. A part of me felt a little bad that i had said no, i should have given him a chance. ... but then i reminded myself that 1) first reaction was that he wasnt my type 2) he was just a random stranger on the street who thought i looked good and 3) i really dont know what his intentions were. It was brave of him, but i think i made the right decision to say no, haha. Best to not give my number out or just go on random dates from people who ask on the street.

In the evening i didnt do much apart from make some falafels and then go for an evening walk and talk to my mum.

Yesterdays lunch but from a mealbox in school, haha.

The daily picture of Daisy that my mum sends.

Then today i got to  sleep in before deciding to go and explore the area i live in. Ive gone for short walks in the evenings but i havent fully explored the area and i would like to find some sort of nature/forest area close by that doesnt take 40 minutes to walk to, haha. I didnt manage to find any forest, instead walked along the pier and got a better idea of where i live and put together different locations. I.e once again realising how close different areas of Gothenburg are!!
I still have plenty more exploring to do of this area but i have plenty of time as well i guess!!

Then when i got home i started to make chocolate buns which i had seen a recipe for. I had some left over aquafaba which i wanted to use up, so just whipped together something and well.... they turned out the way they did. Nothing special in taste or appearance, more like a sweet bread with some chocolate inside, haha. Im going to give some to my flatmates and see what they say!

^^ Todays lunch.

Today i dont start my lecture until 14.45 so now at 2pm i am going to get myself ready (after spending the morning baking and studying) and then head off to school. Always feels strange with afternoon lectures - i much prefer the 10am ones, but ive atleast had a productive and lovely morning so i cant complain!!

And one last note... my next course that begins in March we are going to study more about nutrition and different food groups as well as alot of practical work. Part of the course and litterature reading is about sustainable diets and giving advice about nutrition and also taking into consideration the climate and environmental impacts of the food. So we are going to be reading some articles about vegan diets and even about the new "eating insects" thing which might be the future. I am skeptical to eating insects and do personally think its a little ethically wrong, but i havent done so much research about it either and it could be a great thing - but once again, i dont exactly ethically promote it.
But i love how universities are now teaching about the environmental impacts taking sustainability into consideration when it comes to nutrition. For far too long diet recommendations havent really thought about that (from what i understand.), but also i think its great that we will read about vegan and plant based diets as well!!

Anyway, a long post with different things which i wanted to share. Basically a positives of the past 24 hours, hahaha.

What are YOUR positives of the week so far? Or have you reached any goals you want to share? :)


  1. Would you eat insects? Or the insect powder? What about the new fake meat that bleeds?

  2. Do you still run or just go for walks? How often do you do cardio? How often do you recommend someone to do cardio?

  3. Please write a list of goals for february

  4. Hey just wondering, is blonde your natural hair colour? :)

  5. Hey Izzy, do you mind if I tap into your knowledge? For a couple days now, I have felt extremely not-hungry. Eating lunch is a major chore, because I feel full from breakfast (even though it's been at least 4 hours since) and I'm still not hungry when dinner comes around. I feel so uncomfortable when I eat, which I have to force myself to do just to meet a normal caloric intake, and afterwards is even worse. I'm wondering if it's normal to have days of extreme not-hunger in recovery just like it's normal to have days of extreme hunger? And what can I do to make it easier? Because I can't just eat less like a normal person would, I've got a body to fix!

    1. Ooh, and I should add some positives from my week while I'm at it. I signed up to a new short-course, and ordered a new book which I'm really excited to start reading! :D

  6. Had some spare time to fill this morning so treated myself to a trip to my local favourite charity shop where they stock a very good selection of books - and managed to find two really good books I had wanted - so very pleased with that! And also it goes to very good cause - so double positive there :)

    My stomach pains of yesterday are subsiding and I almost feel human again, which makes me so glad

    We didn't get the forecast storm yesterday and today the weather is sunny - perfect for going out for a walk later

    All in all I have had a good week - have managed to get ahead with my home study course and are really enjoying the work so far. I look forward to getting my books out!

    Going to do some baking on sunday and try out a couple of new recipes. My partner has begun eating plant based food occasionally so its nice to prepare and eat something together

    Hope you`re` having a good weekend Izzy! What are your plans?

  7. Hey can you help me with something? Last year I was in hospital where I had to gain weight. When my weight was ok, I could decrease my calories intake and I lost some weight. After some months when my weight stayed the same, I finished with hospital appointments. But quickly I decreased calories more and now I am eating only half of what I was eating in hospital. My body has adapted and I am not losing weight although I eat very little. I know I should eat more, but it's so difficult! I am afraid if I increase calories I will gain weight... I also workout almost every day. Do you think that if I eat a little bit more, I will gain weight? I am on a healthy weight. You will probably know more about this because you study nutrition.. Thank you for your help! :) and sorry for my english;)

  8. I'm not Izzy and not a nutritionist, but since you work out every day, did you consider that it might be muscle weight? Muscles weigh more than fat and can make the scale go up if you're doing a lot of strength training, but I don't know what kind of exercise you're doing, it was just a thought. Anyway, you shouldn't stress out too much about that, your body was in restriction mode during your ED and needs time to settle with the new situation. Something that happened to a lot of people who recovered from a restrictive ED is that they can't lose weight that "easily" anymore, both physically and mentally. Your metabolism was severely surpressed and disrupted and needs time to adapt to your "new" healthy weight and eating habits, but it will get better. The worst thing is actually decreasing calories now bc it won't help your metabolism wokring properly. Hormones and age also play a huge role in terms of metabolism and weight gain and this is something EVERY person experiences once in a while! Maybe you should consider giving your body a break from exercising almost every day - too much stress causes high cortisol levels and will make the body hold on to water and "extra" energy even more and rest days are very important for your muscles to recover. Try to eat a healthy and balanced diet but also try not to decrease your calorie intake, drink enough water, get enough sleep and give yourself some rest days from the gym. Going for long casual walks is relaxing and a mildly way of exercising. You'll be fine, don't stress too much, your body will go back to normal in no time :)