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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Nutrition answers - questions from comment section - Protein/carobhydrate amount, vegan omega 3, bloating on a vegan diet

Is there a rough guide of how much protein and how much carbohydrates you should be eating? Whats the best way to incorporate carbohydrates into a plant based diet?
I`m not too keen on pasta.
How much carbs and protein you need is based on the individual and their lifestyle and goals, but also personal preferance. For example some people feel better with a higher fat intake and lower carb intake and others vice versa. But i can say that the body needs atleast 130g carbs a day for the brain (which uses about 100g perday) and then the red bloodcells which also need glucose. In Sweden the recommendation for carbohydrates is roughly 45-60 % of your calorie intake should come from carbohydrates. So for example if you eat 2500kcal and you aim to eat 55% carbs  that would be 1375kcal roughly 343g carbohydrates. So aiming for 300-450g carbs is usually right :)
And roughly 10-20% from protein (roughly 0,8-1g protein per kg/body weight. I.e if you weigh 60kg you need about 60g protein, but most people eating 1,5-2g/kg protein. But as long as you are getting enough calories then roughly 1g protein per kg body weight is enough.). 

Carbohydrates are found in almost all foods and especially in plant based foods so it shouldnt be too hard? Lentils, beans, bread, oatmeal, rice, quinoa, potatoes, fruit etc etc
If you look at my "what i eat" posts or other vegan recipe idea posts you will see great ways to incorporate carbohydrates :)

And just to add - that avocado was huge! When you mash an avocado, do you mash it with anything or just on its own? want to try avocado but don`t really know how/what to do with them them.Thankyou!

I usually just mash it and add salt and garlic powder. Sometimes i add some oatcream to sort of make it less concentrated, haha.

What aren't the best ways for you to get omega-3s on a vegan diet? I know chia/flax seed are good sources, but I've read that they're "incomplete" or not the right type or what not.
Omega 3 from plant based food isnt really the same thing as omega 3 from animal products and its also harder to get enough of. But also the balance between omega 6 and omega 3 is very important but in a vegan diet you often get alot more omega 6 and that can lead to inflammation in the body from the imbalance. I personally recommend taking a supplement to get enough omega 3, i use THIS one, but i am sure you can find a similar one in your country.
Ground up flax seeds and chia seeds as well as walnuts contain omega 3, but they also contain inhibiting factors and the fiber from the seeds/nuts can inhibit the full absorption so you would need to eat alot of these foods. Otherwise spirulina is a good alternative. Taking a supplement of DHA can be recommended, or limiting the consumption of too much foods with omega 6 or adding more foods with ALA to your diet: example walnuts, flaxseeds, flaxseed oil (i know many vegans add flazseed oils in smoothies.).

Did you feel and look very bloated when you first changed to a vegan diet Izzy? I ask because that is what has happened to me. I have recently increased the quantity and varieties of vegetables that I eat and this has left me feeling incredibly bloated. Is this normal and will it settle down anytime soon? I am enjoying eating these foods and don`t want to change it but I must admit feeling so uncomfortable is beginning to get me down. Is there anything I can do to help myself?
If your body isnt used to eating so much food with fiber then yes you will most likely bloat more. It takes time for your body to adapt, so i would make the changes slowly but also just take note over how some foods affect you. Example some people might be sensetive to oats or soya or even too much fruit (myself for example) or certain foods. So if you make changes over time you can note if its a certain type of fiber or food you eat which causes alot of bloating, or if its just that your body needs more time to adapt :)


  1. Is it true that cow milk enhance the potential of getting an osteoporosis? Do you think nonvegan food is really so unhealthy? I really like following the accounts of vegan people but right now I cannot be a vegan because of my health issues and most of the time there are vegans (I don't mean you!!) who write that meat, eggs, milk etc. are the worst food for us humans. Your opinion?

    1. No i dont think non vegan foods are unhealthy - its all about balance and quantity. But i think its ethically wrong. Plant based diet does have its positives however eating meat or dairy isnt necessarily unhealthy either. I think those who say its so bad and say that you will die or get sick from eating it are more "Health" vegans. Because people can be perfectly healthy eating meat and dairy if its eaten in the right amounts, but people overconsume animal products which can lead to illness but you can also overconsume vegan foods which isnt necessarily good either. And drinking milk in excess can lead to problems i.e the more milk you drink doesnt necessarily mean better calcium levels.

  2. Hi, I'm almost done recovering from anorexia and have started strength training. I've noticed I've been eating more(2nd week into strength training) I was wondering if you began to eat more as you gained muscle because it takes more calories to maintain and build more muscle? Thanks 😊

    1. It's normal to feel more hungry when you workout and yes,strength training and building muscle requires a surplus of calories. So keep eating and honour that hunger, it's just natural and normal. And yes, muscle also requires more calories daily to maintain.

  3. Hey Izzy! I've been challenging my fear of nuts and nut butters lately (yay!) but I've noticed that eating a large amount (about 1/4 cup at a time) makes my stomach gets kind of rumbly, bloated, and gassy. Any idea why? Is it because my body isn't used to such a high fat content at one time? Thanks!

  4. please only answer this if you feel like it, it is not important but -- about when and how often one eats. I know that the body feels better if one eats a healthy amount and keeps it suitably fuelled throughout the day; I understand that if one undereats then it has an effect on how one feels; I was wondering from a biological point of view -- why is it that if one is very hungry from not eating enough and then one ends up binging, why is it that the body feels SO awful? given that one probably did actually need much of that food -- why is it that if one eats it all at once, instead of at regular intervals, that one feels physically rubbish, whereas one feels ok physically if one eats less more often? I'm curious :-) I wonder where one crosses the line on this too.

  5. I didn't realise that carb intake had to be that high - thanks for this information. I definitely need to up my intake of carbs then as I`m not having anywhere near that amount.
    Thank you so much for this :)