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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Losing hair, lanugo hair, bloating

If you are losing your hair, bloating, have lanugo hair or brittle nails, dry skin or dry hair or weak bones, they can all get better by eating enough and eating right!

Of course things such as dry skin and dry hair can be due to other factors than nutrition, but often what you eat affects those things and maybe you just need to change WHAT you eat, or how much you eat and those things can get better.

Signs such as losing hair or very thin hair or brittle nails or constant bloating are signs that your body isnt in balance and something needs to change. And often nutrition plays a huge roll!! If you are eating the right food for YOU and enough food for your body, those symptoms can often go away. If you arent eating enough then the food that you do eat will just go to keeping you alive and the organs that need the energy the most. The energy wont go to keeping your hair thick and strong, the protein wont go to keeping your nails strong, and your digestive system can slow down and you can feel very bloated as the food isnt digested as quickly or easily, and of course hair grows on your body to keep you warm as your body isnt getting the right energy to keep you warm in that way.

Focus on trying to find balance with your body and eat right and balanced, and yes... that means carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats and making sure to get all your vitamins and minerals (also fiber is important!). Healthy fats are so important for yoyr hormones and getting your period back but even for concentration and for your skin and nails. And lanugo hair grows to keep you warm as you don't have enough body fat so by both eating right, eating enough energy and healthy fats you won't have so much lanugo hair (however it doesn't just disappear, you have to shave or wax it away m). Omega 3 and 6 and all the vitamins having important functions in your body. And skin and nails and hair are made out of protein (as well as with the help of vitamins and minerals), and if you aren't eating enough calories the protein will go towards energy and keeping your vital organs working and not towards building new cells or helping build muscle or help with skin, hair, nails etc so take note, if you want to build muscle then eating enough is number 1 because otherwise the protein just goes towards energy and not proteinsynthesis. And of course, glucose (carbs) are important the bodies main source of energy and the brain needs about 100g per day, so you can't skip those either!!

  If you are eating enough and eating the right food for your body but still suffer from constant bloating or constant tiredness or weak nails or thin hair, then check up on your vitamin and mineral levels, you might not be getting the right amount. Sometimes we think we are eating right or enough energy, but that might not be the case and with a blood test you can check if you are getting the right vitamins and minerals.

Take care of your body. Treat it right and know that starving your body or abusing your body with purging, constant exercise or binging wont help your body find balance or function properly. When you treat your body right and try to find a balance then all the other functions in your body should begin to balance and function properly as well.

With the right nutrition your body will thank you and function alot better! And of course, a healthy lifestyle and mindset are important as well!! I.e just eating right but stressing like a maniac or smoking or drinking or not sleeping enough, all of those will sort of cancel out the benefits of healthy eating and you will still suffer different symptoms of an unhealthy/unbalanced life.


  1. I enjoyed this post. I love the way you always speak of the body as an amazing and beautiful gift, and with such respect. <3

    1. The body is so so amazing and how it works so amazingly, always trying to keep us alive and adapt. Thats why i love studying nutrition and the body so much as it amazes me and so fascinating to learn about it :) I just wish that everyone would treat their body with respect and love and not just focus on appearance and trying to look a certain way.

  2. This was a great post. It is hard to find that "balance" though - just when I think I`m doing something right I realise that I`m not - that I`m not having enough of something. How long did it take you to find that balance that was right for you? Does it come from knowledge about nutrition and the body, or "instinct"? ie knowing your body and understanding it?

  3. Thanks for this post! It's a real help, and the message is so important.