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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Life update!

Hello :)

Sorry for the few hours where my blog was private... you might or might not have noticed, haha. Basically i just had a few moments where i panicked because yesterday i went to 6 different stores and left in my CV and personal letter (and had planned to do 2 more today but felt too sick). And well for a few moments i began thinking, "if they google my name, which isnt so strange my blog will come up" and i just felt like... i didnt want a potential boss to see my blog, but also my previous post i thought might be too personal. Or i felt like i would have less chance of getting a job with my blog public... and i just had a few hours where i felt panicked, but also thinking "why am i blogging, where is this going, does anyone even care anymore, i dont have the time to put as much energy into my blog anymore and just undecisive about my blog" so it just lead me to put my blog on private for a few hours. hahah.

But after an evening walk and doing some thinking i realised that 1) I am not ashamed of my blog or my past, and it shouldnt hinder me from getting a job - it didnt last time. 2) I never write something i cant stand for on here and dont ever write negativly about others, but also that there is very much a filter when i write about whats going on in my life, mainly because i cant be as open on here anymore. So now its alot of advice mostly. Also i panicked because of potential dating partners, i am always so worried to give out my name and in all honesty i just want to give another name the first few weeks until i feel like i am ok with a person knowing my history, because from my past.... well people will google my name and then my blog comes up and i just need to be ready for that when it comes to dating again. And well, i wasnt/amnt sure if i am ready for that. But once again, after some time of thinking... i am not ashamed or embarrassed and i will keep blogging as i enjoy it!!  And i dont want my blog on private, i have nothing to hide or be ashamed about!!

Having some time alone to juse think is usually the best thing so that i dont just end up doing spontaneous and reckless choices like deleting my blog from a moment of panic, hahaha.

Anyway.... how is life otherwise? School, studying, too little sleep, stomach pain, job searching, going for walks, eating delicious food (post coming up with some recent eats!).... and thats about life, hahah.

Anyway this evening im planning to make some type of creative/random food as i've felt a little bored of food/eating, sometimes eating feels like a chore, so then i try to mix up what im eating and try something new and creative to make it fun again, haha.
  So tonights dinner will be: Red lentils mixed with spinach and soy meat and sweet corn, and will put that mix into rice paper and then some potatoes and veggies on the side :) Might sound strange but in my head it sounds delicious, so now im just waiting for the kitchen to be free!! :)

Also picked up a package with some things i bought! Time to start drinking spirulina again to give my body the best!

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  1. No, you shouldn't feel embarrassed or ashamed of your past Izzy and IF anyone googled your name they would see for themselves just what a lovely, courageous person you are. You have done nothing in your blog that needs hiding - you have always been open and honest and respectful towards other people. Any employer that takes you on or anyone you may date should count themselves lucky that they have met a person like you.