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Friday, February 17, 2017

Life at the moment and recent eats

Hello :)

Its finally Friday and that means soon the weekend :) This week has passed by so quickly and just sort of blurred into one, i honestly cant really tell you what i did each day of this week because everything just seems jumbled into one day. At the moment i have rather short school days, but ive had alot of on my own studies with reading and note taking as well as a group project to do, so its been long days regardless.  Aside from school studies ive worked out, spent time with my friends, hung out with my house mates. And yesterday i went for an early dinner (i.e at 4pm... which felt so strange as i am used to eating dinner at 7 or 8am) at one of my favourite places! And then today i have a seminarium and then this afternoon its dentist time where i need to fix some teeth. Its nothing too painful, however i will get anesthetic but that will ware off within a few hours, so ill just have to make sure to eat properly before the procedure :) Im not scared of going to the dentist - luckily, but ive just never seen the point of going there. Its a bit the same with doctors, if i amnt in alot of pain i dont see the point of going.... and i havent had any problems or pain in my teeth the past 3 years so ive just never gone to the dentist. I dont have pain in my teeth now either, however there has been som damage done to them so it feels good to just get them fixed now and cross that off of my list :)

Aside from all of this? I am feel very happy and grateful at the moment. Feeling like life is settling down for me now, i feel very comfortable and happy with my living situation and the couple i live with are so kind and sweet and it does feel great living here.  School wise, theres not so much stress which is nice, ive had time for other things in my life and time to sleep properly which always makes a huge difference in mood and energy levels! Also been aplying for jobs and stepping out of my comfort zone more recently! Life is just flying by i guess :) Just living life and it feels great at the moment! I do have my ups and downs but at the moment its mostly ups and i enjoying it and enjoying life :)

 How are you doing? How has your week been?

I know i dont always get the chance to answer, and i am so sorry abou that, but i do love reading your comments and reading about your days :)

And then some of my recent eats - which have mostly been eaten from lunch boxes, haha!


  1. Hi Izzy - is it possible to put on weight if you start eating more protein foods and cut back on carbs? Since I upped my protein intake and cut down on carbs I have noticed a weight gain. Could it be that my body is repairing/building muscle?

    1. You can gain weight from any macronutrient... I. E protein turns into energy and gets stored in the body. More protein isn't always best... why are you cutting down on carbs? But also if you strength train you will most likely gain weight as it's muscle mass?

  2. Wow, your food always look soon delicious!! :D makes me want to eat vegan :) Do you have any tips when taking food pictures? Mine doesn't look very appetizing xD

  3. Good to hear that life is going well for you! You sound as though you are in a happier place now :)
    Things are trotting along nicely here for me too, and I`ve had a pretty good week catching up on things I have put off for too long and even got round to doing some baking - something I haven't done for a while.
    Spring is definitely in the air and that makes me feel more energetic, seeing the sunshine and the lighter mornings/evening and knowing that the cold weather is coming to an end. These last couple of days temps have been in double figures which is such a relief.
    The only downside to this week was that I had a fall whilst out and have skinned my knee and bruised myself rather badly, plus it was rather embarrassing as the car park was busy at the time. So more care to be taken in future :(
    Hope you are having a good Friday and looking forward to the weekend!

  4. PS - I think your food pictures look so good :) Do you use tinned chickpeas or dry ones? which is the most versatile?

    1. I buy dry chickpeas and then cook them myself and either roast them in the oven once they're cooked or make falafels out of them or just eat them as they are:)

  5. I agree, this week went by so fast!! That's probably because I've been so busy with school and midterms haha. I wrote 2 last week, and I write my last one tonight. Then I get an entire week off of school! I'm so happy :) And my mom is coming to visit me this weekend which is so nice because I'm in desperate need of a hug.
    Over the break, I'm looking forward to sleeping lots, watching netflix, trying some new recipes, going to the Farmer's Market, reading, and catching up on my chemistry.
    Happy Friday!

  6. Dear Izzy,

    everytime I see your food pictures I think next time when shopping I will be more adventurous in buying food for the next week. But I still happen to stick to the well-known foods. Although I have managed to be a bit more flexible (e.g. once in a while I can go out, eat with friends...) I don´t get more flexibility in my daily eating. You are so lucky to be that free!