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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Importance of omega 3 and importance of sleep - depression advice

The more i learn about nutrition and the more articles i read and knowledge i gain the more i feel i want to share the information i learn and to make a difference in the world. Of course i also need to learn that i cant give away all my information for free, i mean i dont want to end up giving away all the information i learn and then after 3 years not being able to start a business or earn money because i just give advice and write meal plans and such for free, haha. But in the end, all of the knowledge i share is stuff you can Google anyway.

Today i was reading an article for university about how omega 3 can reduce risk for depression. I grew up always taking fish oil, never knowing why, but my mum always talked about how important it is. And the past few years ive also learnt about the importance of omega 3 and omega 6 (which are essential fatty acids which we can only get via food/supplements, and they are vital for our health!!), and also the balance of the two. I.e an imbalance can lead to inflammation in the body, but also the past few years i have stumbled across articles talking about how omega 3 can affect depression. To summarize the article, basically it is important as a child to get enough omega 3 (as most people in the western world get alot of omega 6 in their diet and that can lead to less omega 3 in the diet or less omega 3 being used/broken down by the enzyme in the body i.e alot more detailed in reality, but to keep it simple). And also it has been shown via studies that people who have depression often have lower levels of EPA and DHA fatty acids (omega 3). And lack of omega 3 fatty acids can make depression worse/occur as well as suicidal symptoms and such. And taking just 600mg of fish oil a day can help reduce depressive symptoms, and a combination of fish oil and anti depressive medicine worked better than just anti depressive medicine. It also mentioned that the vegan sources of omega 3 werent actually as good as actual fish oil tablets or fish, and that is something i already knew about... and did make me think. I do take a vegan source of omega 3 and i feel fine i.e no longer suffer from depression - but from my studies i guess i would recommend actual fish oil for people who need to increase their omega 3 intake.

This might be something to think about....  are you getting enough omega 3 in your diet? Not only is it anti inflammatory, but it also helps with hormon production and if you dont have enough fat in your diet or enough essential fatty acids it can mess up your hormones and might be a reason why your menstrual cycle isnt working properly, or other hormones in your body arent working as they should. I.e remember that hunger and fullness feelings are also regulated by hormones - and hormones are made out of fat!!
Image result for omega 3 in foods
Image result for omega 3 in foods
Flax seeds and walnuts are a great source of omega 3, however not really the same as actual fish oil.

Also... the importance of sleep!!

In the past i have priortized a workout before getting my 8 hours of sleep. Of course if it happens now and again that i wake up at 5 so that i can workout at 7am before school its not that big a deal, but in the past i could go several days in a row where i would get up at 5am to workout. And sure, working out is great and has its health benefits, but sleeping is so important as well and actually... if you arent getting enough sleep it can just negate the health benefits of a workout, so at times it is much healthier to keep sleeping and skip the workout.
People generally need 6-9 hours sleep a night, and if you workout alot or even in recovery or recovering from an injury or stressful time you might notice you need more sleep and thats just normal. Losing out on hours slept wont do you any good. Dont skip sleep to study, dont skip sleep to workout, and dont spend all night playing computer games or binge watching series. Also if you suffer from insomnia or really cant get to sleep, do try to get help and get medication or herbal remedies if possible. And try all those tips like turning off the lights, drinking herbal teas, no electronics before bed etc sometimes they work, sometimes they dont... but it can be good to try different things to see if they help you sleep.

Your body needs rest and sleep and without it you can experience a whole bunch of problems and consequences. So my best advice, dont skip it! You will be able to concentrate better, have more energy, be more productive if you get enough hours sleep. But also i can say from experience that if you are like me - at times workout despite sleeping few hours, then know that the workout most probably wont go great and you are more likely to injure yourself than if you had slept enough hours.
Image result for benefits of sleep infographic

Hopefully this post as gotten you to think about your nutritional intake as well as whether you are sleeping enough or not? Maybe you need to make some changes, or maybe you dont!

Do you like when i make these types of posts? Sharing the information i learn? Let me know, or if there is anything else you might be wondering or have a question about!


  1. I really like these posts because it helps me gain more information of what the human body needs to function at its best. Thank you so much izzy

  2. Yes yes yes, more posts like this, please :D <3

  3. I really enjoy these posts :) it's interesting to see what I could change about my lifestyle/diet to make myself healthier both physically and mentally

  4. Like the others, I really like this post too :p ...This is kind of a delayed comment on something you said earlier but kind of goes with this post but, do you think you're getting more acne because you're eating more processed foods?

  5. Yes, definitely write more posts like this - it was so interesting and very useful. If you have the time to share what you have been learning I`m sure many will find it very beneficial.
    What you posted about omega 3 - when my depression first started and before I was put on medication, I read about the benefits of omega 3 and how it could help with depression. I remember getting some to try but I think I was too far into a very bad depression for it to have worked for me as a stand alone therapy, I needed proper professional help. But now, some time later and currently stable on medication it reminded me of the benefits in omega 3 so I think I`ll start including it in my diet.
    Thanks for drawing attention to this - like I said, very useful!

  6. I've too taken omega-3 fish oil all my life, but recently I've been taking 4 capsules a day to help with my arthritis and it has helped so much! I also take extra when I'm studying because it's supposed to help with brain function too.