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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Fullness feelings and eating because it is delicious

Do you ever feel guilty for eating too much? Or do you ever eat even though you are not hungry... just because you want more because it tastes good. I do and it feels like I should not people always say to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full, but what happens if you want more just because I it tastes good but you're not hungry? What do you do?

Yes i definitely do that - eat something just because it is delicious even if my body isnt telling me i am hungry, or it is telling me that i am full. I think most people do that. For example at special occasions, or at a buffet or when there is extra delicious food being made/served. I think most people push their hunger and fullness feelings aside a little just to enjoy more food, because food is delicious.
  So if it happens once in a while i.e maybe not everyday then it is nothing to worry about. Food is yummy and delicious and as human beings, we want food and enjoy eating food. I mean  if i go to a buffet and there is loads of food which i dont normally make for myself, then ill definitely be eating a little more than what my body tells me it needs.

But the important thing is to follow your hunger and fullness feelings - if they are reliable and working properly - as often as you can and then once in a while if you eat more it doesnt matter, your hunger and fullness feelings wont suddenly be messed up. But if you continuously eat less than what your body tells you i.e if you are always going around hungry, or you always eat more than your hunger and fullness feelings tell you and you are always full, then eventually your hunger will increase or decrease. Hunger adapts to how the person eats that is why if someone doesnt eat alot during days and it continues like that for a while, eventually they wont feel hungry as the body has adapted. But that is of course NOT to recommend.

I have two posts about overeating because it is delicious:

My biggest challenge is the fullness feeling. There was a long time ago I binged and I would not say that I have that problem anymore but I often do feel like i'm overeating. Always when I try to listen to my body I in the end get too full since that is the only fullness clue I've got and I feel like i have overeaten. If I don't get to that stage where I have that veryvery-full feeling, I keep thinking about food, longing for next meal and i'm not sure if its mentally or physically. But it's like I have some instinct in me that says too keep eating til I feel almost stuffed and then I don't wanna eat more and I don't think more about food but I know it's not normal and get a lot of anxious. For a week ago I decided to try eating like that anyway since I'm now not normalweight and see if that makes me gain weight or if it maybe actually is my true fullnessnfeeling that I missjudge as unnormal. But the thing is that after I started eating like that I've counted that my "apetite" takes me to between 2400-2800 each day! Which I defiently know is too much for me and that I'm probably overeating now. I'm very afraid to keep overeating since I don't wanna gain to much weight. I just want balance. I'm very confused.

I work out around 6 times a week, 3 times strengthtraining and 3 times running (not that long around 3-6 km). But it can vary, sometimes more, sometimes less. I love working out but are also afraid not doing it you know for the weight... I so damn bad just balance.

Do you have any advice? 

First off i would say that eating 2400-2800kcal aday while working out 6 times a week AND needing to gain weight isnt alot... its what you SHOULD be eating. Eating less doesnt mean better and if you workout it is even more important to fuel yourself properly. However, if you are using exercise just to try to compensate for what you eat or to slow down your weight gain... that is not a good idea. Exercise should be because you enjoy it and part of your life and not just something to control your weight.... so do think about it, and also challenge yourself to rest. To take time off from working out and realise that your body wont change and your weight wont skyrocket, it is an important thing in recovery to find balance with exercise! Rest is important :):)

And onto the food. I think that eating around 2500-2800kcal sounds right and isnt too much. And you should feel full after a meal, if you finish a meal and still feel hungry then you most likely didnt eat enough... however you shouldnt be so full that you feel that you need to lie down for a while/have a "food coma" (THOUGH that is how it can feel when you need to eat enough to gain weight, as then you do need to eat alot.) I dont know if you have a meal plan or not? But i think following a meal plan is a great idea so that you eat enough each day and you have regular meal times so that your hunger and fullness can begin to follow those regular meal times. If you have binged or restricted then the hormones regulating hunger and fullness can be a little askew and not work properly, so then eating intuitively can be a lot harder, also the fact that you have disordered thoughts making it even harder to implement rational judgement.

Its hard to give advice but i would eat the same amount, either spread it out in different meals throughout the day or learn to be ok with that fullness feeling.... that it is most likely just a normal fullness but you judge it as being "too full". And also if you constantly think about food, then distract yourself.... if you always think about food then you can feel psychologically hungry. However it might also be that you think you are eating too much, but actually you arent.... if you need to gain weight you need to make sure to be eating enough.

I know this isnt the best advice, it was actually much harder to give advice about this than i thought it would be, but maybe someone else has advice... otherwise, below are some posts about hunger and fullness.

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