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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday - Nutrition test, pizza evening and thoughts

Hello and good evening everyone :)

8pm and the first time that im sitting down infront of the computer to blog and write an update. But thats the way life should be in all honesty - less time infront of the computer and more time spent living life :)

Yesterday was a day filled with study at home, and its funny how everything else seems like so much more fun when you need to study. For example i cleaned the house, changed the covers and sheets on my bed, took time to make a snack and take photos of it, drank too much coffee and reread the same notes over and over. Not the most productive day, but i got some last minute studying done nonetheless! And then i ended the evening with strawberries and cream with my housemate.

Yesterdays lunch - sweet potatoe baked in the oven with a green lentil and spinch mix, guacamole on top and garlic roasted brussel sprouts and vegetables.
Yesterdays post study snack. 1 banana with peanut butter, cashews, blueberries and oreos!

Today, Friday 24th and it was time for my test in nutrition. Its the first test that i havent felt worried or stressed about - mostly because its repetition and sort of "basic" for me, it was no new information i had to learn, just repeating small details and facts. So it was nice to go to the test and feel ok about it and to not stress so much prior to the test... and its always nice to finish within 90 minutes instead of the 3 hours alotted time!!

My lunch today: Tip... put potatoes in cold water for 30 minutes beforehand to wash away the starch, and then add oil (& garlic powder) and some potatoeflour or cornstarch ontop and then into the oven - they turn out perfect that way!

After my test i sat in the sun for a while and wandered around gothenburg before returning home, taking a short walk in the sun and then it was pizza making time with my housemates. 

Something i have been thinking about recently is how happy i am with my living arrangement and how things turned out so well for me. My housemates are so so sweet and kind and it feels like this is the first time since moving away from home (2016) that i feel like i am living somewhere i feel comfortable. I feel like i can be myself, i can talk with my housemates, eat dinner with them, just hang around in the living room. All the other places i have lived at i have just been in my room, and i still do that 80% of the time because thats what i want and how i feel best, but the other 20-25% of the time i am out in the kitchen or living room and dont feel like im in the way or feel uncomfortable. Its hard to explain, but if you have lived with others maybe you understand... sometimes you just click with people and feel like you can be yourself, that you dont have to hide away or feel like you can only be in your room. Of course im sure there will be "problems" sometime such as cleaning routines or something like that.... or maybe not. But it feels like right now we have good communication, or i feel like i do anyway - i do hope they mention or talk to me if there is anything i do that bothers them or can be fixed. Because that is key to living with others (or if you are in a relationship!), to have communication and not let things become problems... but to talk about them and fix them before something small becomes something big.

I guess most of all i just wanted to write that i am happy. After all the moving and house problems i have had its nice to feel at peace and feel happy. 2016 me would NOT have thought that within a year my life could change completely. So strange to think that the version of me in February 2016 was completly hopeless and ready to jump infront of a train - could barely get up in the mornings. And here i am, my life change and my mindset changed. Feeling happy and free and like i am living life to the best i can at this stage in my life. Its really wonderful and amazing. 365days might feel like forever when you are struggling, but now when i think about it, a year passed by so quickly and so much has changed, almost scary how different i think and feel now compared to just a year ago.

But that just shows... you may want to give up now, feel like there is no way out or things will never get better. .But tell yourself... 1 year. You can make it... one more year, and each day for the next 365days you do everything you can to make things better. You wake up each day and make a choice and a change, even if that means changing everything in your life maybe thats what you need. But if everyday for the next year you do your best to feel happy and healthy, then see how you feel and how you think this time next year. Never give up is all i say.

There are still down days, but life can always get better!

My housemates know that i take pictures of food so they just accept it, hahaha. It felt strange at first but now im just like "why hide it or feel ashamed?". They might have googled me and know about my blog, im not so sure but im not ashamed about that either!


  1. Oh this makes me so happy, Izzy! I'm so happy that you feel comfortable with your living arrangements. I'm living in university residence and one of my room mates irks me soooooo much. Everything I seem to do annoys her! She even told me not to put her dishes away anymore lol oh well! Just a couple more months ;)
    Just wanted to share that I went out for lunch with my gramma this afternoon and I ordered exactly what I wanted! A roasted veggie sandwich on vegan bread and then a carrot cupcake (with icing!!!) for dessert. I don't feel guilty at all :D so thank you for your love and support because it does truly make a difference in my life every day <3
    Have a great weekend!!

    1. Thank you!! And that is awesome, the food sounds delicious!!! I'm glad ive been able to help in some way:) and even if I don't get the chance to answer all comments, I do love to hear about your recovery success and progress or hearing about people's days so you can always comment here!!!

  2. This is lovely, Izzy. And I feel the same way in a different setting: so happy and so full of wonder at all that has changed. You and your blog have been a part of that for me. Feeling free from the traps of the past is the most amazing and wonderful feeling, which fills me with gratitude, joy, happiness and wonder.

    1. That is so wonderful to hear :) and yes it is so amazing to feel free and happy!!

  3. Hey Izzy! Did your parents teach you english AND swedish when you were little? I know that you have lived in Ireland and then in Sweden but how did you learn both languages? :)

  4. How full do you think a person should be when they go to bed? I know I have a problem with late-night snacking... But it is a question when to stop....

  5. Hi, when should we stop following a meal plan? Do you think than se can be happy following a meal plan forever? Because when we follow a meal plan we are not normal, is be sick, no?

  6. I am so pleased that you are at last feeling so happy and settled in your new living arrangement - after all the upheaval and moving around of the past few months it is great that you have found peace and security where you are now. Your fellow housemates sound lovely too, I`m glad you all get on so well too. Agood living arrangement certainly makes for a happier life so I hope that things continue to go well for you :)

  7. I think your pizzas looked great Izzy and its nice that you have a good relationship with your housemates - when you think back to where you used to live before here sounds a lot nicer!
    Good luck with the results of your test, what do you study next?
    It will soon be Easter - do you think this year is speeding by already? Are you going home to your parents for the Easter break?
    Hope you have a great week!