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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Following a meal plan, how much to eat at night, posting body photos

Hi, when should we stop following a meal plan? Do you think than se can be happy following a meal plan forever? Because when we follow a meal plan we are not normal, is be sick, no?

Everyone is different but i think that the goal should be to eat more intuitievely eventually. Having a meal plan is safety and comfort however it doesnt give much variety or freedom, and then you never really test intuitive eating. Also following a meal plan can be hard if you are on holiday or out with friends or just if their are changes in your life or you dont have access to all the food that is on your meal plan. In recovery and when you are learning to eat normally again and to get your hunger and fullness feelings back, then its good to follow a meal plan. But you should eventually try to eat without a meal plan. However you can still have the structure of a meal plan, for example that you still eat 5-6times a day and still have roughly the same portion sizes, but maybe that you change food and you dont measure or weigh any food. And that you also feel ok to eat more the days you are more hungry or if you are sick and lose an appetite, instead you try to eat alot more high calorie foods and you might eat differently for a day or few days until your appetite is back.

Everyone feels best eating in different ways, some people always need structure, others can be healthy and have less structure with their meals. But always eating the same thing and at the same time and the same amount each day isnt something you should do forever - in the end you should listen to your body if the signals are working as they should :)

How full do you think a person should be when they go to bed? I know I have a problem with late-night snacking... But it is a question when to stop....

Its hard to explain but i would say comfortably full. Not so that you feel sick or like you feel a clump is sitting in your stomach, but so that you are satisfied... so that your stomach isnt rumbling or you arent thinking about food. Of course how full you should feel is also relative to what you have eaten the rest of the day. I mean if you only eat half of your daily energy intake before 8pm and you need to eat the other half within the 2 hours before you go to bed (macrohoarding as some people call it - i would not say its a healthy habit/mindset), then you will feel alot more full compared to if you just have a snack.

I have a post about hunger and fullness which might help as well: HERE

Hey Izzy! Did your parents teach you english AND swedish when you were little? I know that you have lived in Ireland and then in Sweden but how did you learn both languages? :)'
I was born in Ireland but Swedish was my first language as we moved to Sweden when i was 6 months. And then when we moved back to Ireland when i was 4,5 years old i started school and couldnt write or read or speak english so well - so i would whisper swedish to my sister and she would translate as she knew both languages :) And then of course i learnt english in school and then when we moved back to Sweden and i started school - eventually, i couldnt write in Swedish so well, but i could read somewhat (some words and phrases were hard to read and sometimes i didnt understand what people said or old swedish phrases.)  In the past i was very embarrased about writing in Swedish as i knew i made so many spelling and grammatical mistakes, and i still do to some extent but its not a problem anymore luckily!

You used to post alot of body photos before and ab pictures what do you think about people who do that? Do they do it for attention? Do you think it's unhealthy to post flex and ab photos everyday? :s

I wasnt so sure if i wanted to answer this question or not - mostly because i dont want to judge anyone. In the past i did post more body photos and all i can say is that that was what i wanted to do. I didnt think so much about it, but now i dont see the point in posting body photos... unless its a random "im at the gym flexing snapchat" which will disappear in 24 hours so i dont mind. But i personally find it a  little strange with all the ab-photos and body photos floating around online. Of course i am not being judgemental or critical, i did it in the past. And i do think people do it for attention, to some extent.... but if it makes them happy, then go for it i guess.

However i find that with quite a high following and many who are struggling with body image and an eating disorder, it doesnt help for me to post a bunch of body photos. Not to mention that i get nothing out of it... and i just find it a little strange. Of course in summer there are usually more "summer" pictures from beaches and such and i guess that could be called attention seeking as well, but thats more like "this is what i did today" type of photo. Though whether i post those types of photos anymore or not i dont know - i do need to think about that my blog isnt anonymous and there have been many times where people have stolen my pictures so i do need to start double thinking before i post something online.

Is posting a bunch of ab and flexing photos everyday healthy or not.... i think its very individual. If someone just does it because they find it fun or are measuring progress or something then its not necessarily bad. .But if someone is doing it to get alot of attention or they feed off of likes and attention and put their self worth in the amount of likes they get - or they *know* that their body isnt healthy or they have an extreme body but feed off of people complimenting them, then i dont think its healthy. But i guess it all depends on the mindset of the person and intention of the image. But i dont want to judge because its none of my business and in the end - i didnt want to be judged or critiqued for it in the past, just like i dont personally feel like being judged or critiqued for posting food photos, but that could be seen as sick and unhealthy as well.

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  1. Personally, I find it really helpful when you post body photos because I'm always terrified that I'll be fat and ugly if I get to a healthy weight, and seeing you and other recovered bloggers who are not like that at all allows me to shut down the ed thoughts and realize they're lies. Anyway, everything in your blog is incredibly helpful!! Thank you <3