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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Finally Friday!

Hello and good morning :)

It is finaly Friday which feels amazing but even better is that i now have a 4 day weekend!! My plans for these 4 days have changed quite a bit. Originally i was going to go to an "escape house" with my friends, i.e where you are locked in a room/House and need to solve puzzles to get out. But then it turned out that some couldnt join or were away or sick so we decided to do the escape room some other time. And i had also invited my friends over for pizza and wine on Saturday, but as we have the 4 day weekend many are travelling back home and arent in Gothenburg and the others are working/have plans so we decided we'll do that another day instead. (However 2 of them werent so super interested because they are going on diets. I did suggest that they could eat something else and dont have to drink wine if that was the problem, i.e they can still join and shouldnt feel like they miss out just because they are on a diet, even if i personally think that eating one or two slice of pizza shouldnt be a big deal... they could share one. But of course everyone has their choice!)

So anyway, my plans for these 4 days are mostly to rest and study and maybe get around to some baking if i feel like it!

Todays plans are to go to the dentist. Ive been meaning to book a time and go to a dentist for the past 3 years.... but i just havent wanted to, i havent thought its important or necessary. However it definitely is. So hopefully it will go ok, i dont expect the best results and there might be a tooth or two that needs to be fixed or something. Who knows, but i just hope it goes ok and that all they tell me to do is to floss and use a better brush technique, haha.

The rest of the day is studying and not much else planned. Though considering that i had a long school day with no breaks i.e had a group project i worked on during my lunch so had to sit and discuss while eating, from 10-5pm, it is kind of nice with a day of nothing planned!

On wednesday evening i made a pizza (the base is just a mix of flour, oats, seeds, oil, baking powder, water and itw as sort of "bread like" and not really so much pizza base.) and topped it with vegan cheese, pickles, cashews, sweet corn, vegetables and nutritional yeast. And i then ate pizza for both breakfast and lunch yesterday, haha!!

It was actually a coincidence because yesterday was national pizza day and i had no idea about that until i saw the hashtags and thought it was a weird coincidence!!!


  1. Hi Izzy - hope you have a nice long weekend despite all your plans going awry - it happens like that sometimes and then you get to do something spontaneous and it all works out fine. The "locked room" sounded fun though!
    I like your version of pizza - have you tried making yogurt based pizza "dough" for a quick and simple variation? just mix flour into (vegan) plain yogurt until it becomes of a dough consistency, shape it into a pizza shape and then you can either bake in the oven then add your toppings or just bake the whole thing in one go - depends how crunchy you like your base. We don't get national pizza day here - although I think we should, but who needs an excuse to eat pizza :) Its pancake day next week - so I`ll be making pancakes that's for sure - do you have pancake day?
    Good luck at the dentist - personally I hate going and always put it off until I really have to go and they sting you for an xray and deep clean!
    Have a great weekend and I hope you enjoy your days off, whatever you end up doing!

  2. Holy shit you've lost like 20 lbs. You looked so much healthier before.

    1. I totally agree with Izzy saying that commenting on her body does not make her any good.
      BUT...BUT.. I agree with you 100%. And sorry Izzy, but this blog is about how you recovered from an eating disorder... Im NOT saying that you are STILL sick.. but i think you need to do something with this weight loss. You are becoming a health coach, try something else... sorry,Izzy..but your legs in this photo does look too thin. Sorry again.

    2. I haven't lost weight. I've posted another picture which is better and shows I haven't lost weight. Comments about my body aren't necessary... hence why I rarely post photos of myself anymore. I don't need to prove anything and I haven't lost weight, the last time I checked I had gained 2kg

    3. Oh not this again :( I am totally fed up with the unhelpful comments you are getting like this regarding your body size. You are clearly happy and healthy and these remarks are rude and totally unnecessary. Don`t take any notice - I think you look beautiful in your photos . If some people can`t/won`t see this for themselves, then that is their problem - and definitely not yours. Can we have an end to this now, please.

    4. To the anonymous dickheads who think they have the right to comment on other people's bodies: seriously, what the actual fuck? Have you even been reading this blog at all or are you just trolling because you have nothing better to do? Izzy's been dedicating so much of her time promoting self-love, living a balanced lifestyle, coping as best as you can with every piece of shit that life throws in your way. Please just focus on that. Her body's the outcome of 1) genetics, 2) the fact that she takes good care of it. If you can't appreciate that then just don't even comment? It's unnecessary and honestly very, very distracting.

      To Izzy: This blog is amazing and I really appreciate how real you kept it. That's really rare these days. Stay strong and keep going! :)

    5. I`ll second that! Izzy`s blog is indeed something she should be rightly proud of - and of herself for achieving all that she has in her life xxx

  3. You work out and eat healthy. Of course you'll look better than the average person. I think it's awesome. Sorry about all the comments you are getting.

  4. You're a bright spot in the world! I wish idiots wouldn't bother with comments. You look lovely, healthy and your blog and photos are really wonderful and inspiring!