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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Alternative medications for anti depressants - my experience.

Hey Izzy. What did you take to make your depression better? I don't want to take an anti-depressant.

First off i think its important to remember that recovery from depression isnt just about medication, whether its antidepressants or alternative medication. Lifestyle changes need to be made as well, trying to change thoughts and habits. .However what the medication help with is to increase serotonin and happiness and to balance chemical substances and neurotransmittors in the brain. Medication is a way to help you and as depression is a mental illness and a chemical imbalance in the brain, medication can help balance those out and make you feel better. But once again, therapy and lifestyle changes will also be necessary in recovery.

As you might have noticed, i am rather anti depressants - not because i think they're bad or because they dont work, infact they do work and help so many people out there. But everyone has a choice, and i am rather anti birth control and antibiotics as well.... though i will still take them when necessary, once again thats a choice i make, but i believe that if there is another alternative i will look for that. And this is because i have grown up with my mum who has always taken alternative medication and given us herbal treatments and so thats just how ive been brought up.

I was debating whether to say what i actually used or not, because i am pretty sure its wrong to give out medical information or to advise others about medication, especially with such a severe illness like depression. However, remember that i am just stating what I have taken and i can personally say that i think the herbal medications have helped me. Whether its placebo or not, i cant tell you... but i also made a whole lot of lifestyle changes at the same time that i began with those herbs, however i do still take them today and notice that if i dont take them for longer periods of time i will start to think more negatively, get more stressed and anxious and sleep less. So i do think they help me.

Also remember, DO YOUR RESEARCH as well. Read about anti depressants and the alternative options, as well as about dosage... More is not always better. And just like with all medication, there can be side effects and too high dose isnt always safe. So with this said, do please seek help or go to someone who works with alternative medicine if you are interested in that and dont just buy something and start taking too much of it - as there can always be a risk.

What did i take/still take?

GABA (read here & here) it is a neurotransmittor which is naturally produced in the body, however people with depression can lack gaba receptors and can lead to increase anxiety and tension. So GABA can help with anxiety and nervous tension.

5-Htp  (read HERE ) which is also naturally a biproduct in the body and works on the brain and central nervous system and helps increase the production of serotonin.

St johns wort  (Read about HERE and HERE) this alternative has been proven to be effective for depression. however there are risks with this altneraitve as well, though pretty much the same risk as taking anti depressants. However if you do take st johns wort, dont overdose/exceed the limit, also make sure to tell your doctors as the medicine affects the absorption/uptake of other medication such as birth control, actual anti depressants , blood thinning medication etc. So when i began taking st johns wort i also stopped taking birth control, which basically was 2 positives because i am pretty sure my birth control was affecting my hormones and mood swings, more than it should have.

And then i also took another tincture/mix with stuff which would help me sleep, help with anxiety etc 

I also take a medication/pill called "stress care" which helps with cortison levels and supporting the adrenal glands function (which can get "overused" when you stress so much as it keeps pumping out cortison and stress hormones).

Remember that all medication takes time to show its effects so you dont notice a different right away.

And of course, nutrition and getting all my vitamins and minerals and essential amino acids and essential fatty acids are also important. As well as exercise, trying to get enough sleep, eating right, socializing, getting fresh air and finding a meaning with life.

This is just my experience and what i have done, but as always.... consult a proffessional whether it be a doctor or someone who works with herbal medication!! We all have different choices and i am not bashing medication, it has its place and benefits!

Also, on the subject of depression - how long do you keep taking medication for, whether its herbal or prescribed? how do you know when you are well enough to stop? Do you just come off of it for a while and see how you feel?
I ask because I have been on medication for years and my doctor shows no sign of suggesting to stop it. Thing is I feel fine now and don`t want to stay on medication for ever. What do I do? I am tempted to stop it but at the same time I`m scared of a relapse.
Do you still take medication izzy or have you come off it?

When it comes to anti depressants i am pretty sure you have to lower your dose progressively over time and see how you feel/the effects. I think just stopping with them can lead to some very negative effects. However i am not so knowledgable about anti depressants and have never taken them myself so my best advice is talk to a doctor. Tell your doctor how you feel and that you would like to stop using medication and they will advice you how to lower the dosage, and then over time you see how you feel and if you are feeling better :)

And with herbal medication, i still take mine. Of course i dont take as much as i did before and i can go 1-2 days without taking them and feel fine, but i do notice that if i go for londer periods of time without my medicine then i can begin to feel more low and less energy, more anxiety and feel more stressed. So i still take them, apart from st johns wort, that medicine shouldnt be taken too long and is like an anti biotic treatment, you take it for a short time and then stop. 

So talk to a doctor, thats my only recommendation - dont do any changes on your own! 

I hope this helps and do comment below your opions or if you have any advice or facts about anti depressants :) But of course, ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Most important, never just rely on what someone online says, do your background information and look at different sources. Even with doctors... doctors might prescribe one medication but there is another one you believe could be better for you!


  1. I really didn't realise that herbal medicines could be so powerful, the medication you describe and what I read from the links they mirror the role and function of the prescribed antidepressents I am currently taking. I think there is a lot to be said for alternative medication and thankfully some doctors are realising that too now. I am so pleased that the medication worked and helped you and you are absolutely right in saying that lifestyle changes have to made as well, its not just about tablets.
    I think this was a really good post and a subject which deserves discussion. thank you.

  2. Is one can of baked beans on one slice a toast too big for breakfast? I served my dad breakfast this morning because he was tired from a big bike ride and I thought he'd appreciate it, but he said it was 'way too big' and he was re-eating all the calories he just lost. I know I need more than them and I shouldn't force my big appetite on my parents, but "calorie-wise" I ate almost double for my brekky and I thought this was a normal-sized meal.

    1. No that's not a lot of calories. And remember to not compare your eating to others... just because he thinks it's "too much" doesn't mean it is, it might be alot for him but doesn't mean it's alot for you.... if you get it. Remember to eat according to your body and not let others comments get to you. Here in Sweden the recommendation and Abergavenny breakfast is usually around 400-600kcal and that's a good recommendation according to me. But it is also about how you eat the rest of the day/ what suits your lifestyle. But baked beans on toast isn't a huge breakfast.