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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Accepting and loving your body

I've written many posts about this topic, but i guess it doesnt hurt to repeat myself.

One of the best things when it comes to loving and accepting your body is to spend less time looking at your body or analyzing your body. The more time you spend creating and living life the less time you have to think or worry about your body, but also you realise that what is important is your health. Not whether you have stomach rolls or stretch marks or cellulite. But what really matters is that you have a functioning and capable body.

Also using your body in different ways can help you to accept and love your body. If you go wall climbing and hiking, and running and boxing and even just through physical work you begin to appreciate your body for what it can do. Appreciate it for being capable and strong and functional. You realise that collarbones and hip bones and visible abs really dont matter and arent important, but what is important is being functional and capable of living.

When you delete triggering accounts you may follow, refuse to compare yourself to others whether in your real life or online, refuse to get triggered by other peoples bodies and instead just focus on loving yourself. Focus on what is best for your body, forget about how others look and just aim to be a healthy and happy version of yourself.

The more you beginning living life and creating a life you love, the less time you focus on your body. Going to the gym and getting stronger did help me to love myself and love my body, but the gym is also a very egoistical place... you stand and stare at yourself in the mirror for 60 minutes and its easy to end up being critical and judgemental. But if you can learn to take away that critizal thinking and not just stare in the mirror and see flaws, but go there and work on getting stronger it can definitely help with self love.

Self love and feeling ok in your body takes time and doesnt happen over night. Its about changing thoughts and habits and also making yourself FEEL good. Somedays just straightening my hair and wearing an oufit that *makes me feel* good can make such a difference in how i am feeling that day. Changing thoughts is important and focusing on what makes you feel good... some clothes might make you feel worse than others, somedays you might need extra make up to feel more confident and other days you can rock a messy look and hair in a bun and feel super confident. Self love and self acceptance is also a sort of feeling that you need to create... you need to wake up and say "i love myself", no matter if you are bloated, no matter if you overate the night before, no matter if you havent worked out in 2 weeks, no matter how you feel or think you need to change those thoughts to positive ones and be kind to yourself. Look in the mirror and do your best to love how you look, but also create a good feeling in your body. I.e if you dont nourish yourself properly, its easy to feel like *crap*, haha.

Self love takes time, its a progress but give it time. Its not your body that needs to change, but your thoughts. Just because you dont feel super confident doesnt mean you need to lose weight, maybe your habits need to change or just your mindset about yourself and your body!!

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  1. I`m beginning to learn to be kinder to myself and like myself for what I am, not dislike myself for what I`m not. And your blog has helped me to do this. I am also learning to think more positively and to question why I do certain things. Your blog has taught me a whole new self awareness and I am so grateful for your help and inspiration, and the timely encouraging posts!

    1. I am so glad I have been able to help and inspire!!! Keep thinking positive and working on self love:)