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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Winter wonderland, sushi and trying to study

Hello and good afternoon everyone!!

Time is flying by so fast at the moment, it feels like ive only just woken up but its almost 3.30pm and i cant say that i have done so much. 
My day started with my regular huge cup of coffee (in all honesty, i long for my coffee each night before i go to bed and thats what gets me up in the morning... first coffee, then breakfast, haha.) (also my breakfast coffee is the only coffee i consume during the day so feeling slightly proud over that, haha). After that it was breakfast time and trying to mentally prepare myself to leave and step out into the winterwonderland where it was minus degrees and lots of snow. Part of me dislikes the cold and snow, but the other more rational part reminds me that i live in Sweden and its good that it snows and is minus degrees during winter... thats how it is supposed to be. I cant complain about the cold when i live in a naturally cold country during winter, and the fact that it has been 8-10 + degrees has been a little terrifying (i.e global warming).

My favourite way to start the day apart from breakfast and coffee is of course a workout, so that was the first thing i did, and it was an awesome workout as well!! I am so thankful that i can go to the gym while in Stockholm as well, its definitely a priority of mine so i dont mind paying double. Its what makes me happy and makes me feel so strong which is the best feeling in the world!! Then post workout i came to a realization, one of the only things that can make me very irritated is when you are running to catch the public transport and you are just about to press on the door for it to open and then the tram/bus/train drives away....  moments like that drive me crazy and irritate me alot, especially when the next tram is in 10 minutes and you have to stand in minus degrees and wait as well as just being hangry and having low blood sugar (??), hahah. Little else irritates me in life, but this is one thing which definitely does. But it was just to put on a podcast and walk the next 2 stations so that i didnt have to just stand and freeze.

Luckily, lunch was already prepared for me when i came home... yesterday i had made 5 sushi rolls consisting of rice, avocado, tofu and some salad leaves. So all i had to do was to cut it up, pour some soya and then eat and enjoy (yes... all 5 rolls!!). Just a few years ago all that rice would have terrified me, not to mention that it was 2 full avocados and 150g tofu in the rolls. But now i just enjoyed it and even enjoyed some chocolate afterwards to balance out all the salt/sodium, and after that i was satisfied and all fuelled up and ready to study!

How is studying going? Slowly, but surely forward. Im not stressing about my test, instead just doing a few hours of study everyday and really trying to learn, understand and remember and focus less on small details such as what every little nerve and cell are called (which i usually spend too much time trying to learn) and instead understand the bigger picture, which is basically what i should know. I mean when i am going to help people with their health i dont think i need to explain what every nerve cell is called or what happens in the different parts of the stomac or what the name of the prehormone/catalyst hormone from the hypothalamus is.... hahaha. (can you tell that i focus a little too much on small details anyway!)

Anyway, time is ticking by and i want to get a little more studying done before its almost too dark to see anything, haha.

I know i havent been replying to comments so much recently, and that is mostly due to not having the time (spending time with my family and friends as well as trying to study, and doing a whole bunch of food cooking and baking. So my blogging and comment replying is left to the "left over" time. ) but i hope that you all have understanding for this :) And i will of course try my best to reply to you and answer questions, so dont worry about commenting or asking questions - and just recomment if i have missed your question!

I hope you all have a lovely day and a great rest of the week :)


  1. I still find it incredible how you manage to find time to blog so much and so well!
    Sounds like quite an exhausting day, but that sushi looks incredible!

    Hope 2017 is going well for you Izzy! x

    1. Thank you!!! I hope you have a lovely 2017 as well!!!

  2. Your sushi looks lovely and I bet it was delicious too:)
    It hasn't snowed here, yet, but it has been extremely cold - many layers of clothing when I go out and the central heating turned up indoors. I dislike the cold so am longing for the summer!
    Hope you are enjoying your time at home and having a lovely break from routine. When do you move into your new apartment?

    1. I am longing for summer as well, it was -20 degrees.... and a 30 degree change from Christmas when it was around +10 degrees ^-^ so cold hahah. But I'm making the best of it :) I don't move into the new apartment until February!