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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New years goals you can focus on

So instead of getting caught up in new years diets or weightloss hysteria or setting physical goals, why not set some other goals.... such as the ones listed below?

- Book doctors and dentist appointments if necessary and dont avoid going to them. A yearly check up at the least!
- Bring your own bags with you when you go food shopping and avoid taking any extra plastic bags.
- Recycle!
- Take your medicines and vitamins
- If addicted to coffee or consume alot of coffee, try decaffinated or herbal teas.
- Get into a regular sleeping schedule and make sure to get between 7-9 hours sleep each night.
- Try to get your school work done as soon as possible, dont leave it until the last second.
- Take contact with new people, or be the first person to send a message or say Hi.
- Take contact/message old friends. And try to meet up if possible.
- Dare to do something new on your own, or just do Something on your own.
- Weekly grocery shopping and meal prep saves time and energy, so if possible this can be a great goal.
- Decide to try a new recipe every week.
- Do MeatlessMonday.
- Get your blood checked every 6-12 months just to check and make sure.
- Get into the habit of washing your hands more regularly.
- Put your phone away when you are in the company of others - appreciate the time you have with the people you are wth.
- Get into the habit of telling those you love and appreciate that you do actually love and appreciate them.
- Focus on the positives each day. Maybe each evening you sit and try to find atleast one positive thing about the day.
- Drink enough water throughout the day - but dont overdose on water either. 6-8 cups is enough!
- Drink acidic drinks or coffee through a straw... it will prevent staining on your teeth.
-  Get into the habit of washing your dishes/doing the dishwasher once you have eaten so that it doesnt pile up.
- Have a weekly cleaning schedule, unless you decide to do a little cleaning each time/clean right after there is a mess.
- Get into the habit of flossing.
- Stop biting your nails.
- Start buying cruelty free and vegan products.
- Travel less by car and plane and more with either public transport, carpooling or walkng/biking/running (i.e maybe a few days a week you can use public transport if possible)
- If you eat alot of your meals on your own, maybe see if you can start eating with others such as a friend or family member!
- Making sure to take your make up off before going to bed - no matter how tired you may be.
- Do something kind for yourself each day!
- If you ever get negative thoughts about yourself combat them with a positive one instead.
- Write 3 positive things about yourself each day!
- Do a social media cleanse... whether thats taking a break from social media completely or just deleting certain accounts you follow that no longer give you inspiration.
- Do something for your health each day - whether its mental, physical, spiritual health
- Learn to go for walks withour tracking steps, calories, distance.... and learn to just go for walks without listening to music or anything.
-  Do more adventuring and exploring. Go to new places.
- Learn to say yes to more things in life, dont let fear hold you back.
- Learn to say no when things dont feel right, or when you need to take a step back and take care of yourself. Its ok to say no.
- Learn to practise more self care.
- Learn to rest when your body needs it, and also allow mental rest from studying or work.
- Express your feelings more, whether it be through words, writing, art or anything else.
- If you self harm, learn to use better coping mechanisms. Such as talking, writing, or just using lipstick to draw on your body where you want to self harm.
- Learn to try new vegetables or fruits.
- Step  outside of your comfort zone every now and then!
- Try to save a little money every month and maybe have some goal you are saving up for.
- Stop smoking and/or limit consumption of alcohol
- Send money to a charity if possible.

There are so many things you could focus on or change or have as goals this year... so many things that can make you happier or healthier and that DONT involve diets or body changes or hating on your appearance. Losing 5kg or losing fat wont make you happy, neither will thigh gaps or visible abs. All i can say from experience is that when i was at my lowest as well as at my leanest, i dont think ive ever been so depressed and hated myself, so NO low weight or low fat percent wont bring you happiness. Instead focusing on inner health and bettering yourself as a person and loving yourself will bring you happiness and all these other small goals can be a great way to make things better for yourself or help in other ways!


  1. These are great incentives! At the moment I am having fun trying out new vegetables to eat. I was given a spiralizer for Christmas which basically turns the vegetable into long spaghetti type pieces rather than you just dicing it into chunks or slices. It gives vegetables a new lease of life and also encourages me to try different ones! Butternut squash makes lovely "spaggeti"

    1. I've tried eating zoodles before but theyre definitely not my favourite. I prefer warm cookEd food and beam pasta is so much tastier!!! I'm sure the spiralizer is great but don't forget about actual pasta and such as well!!

  2. I love this list!!! I will definitely try and adopt some of these habits this year :)

  3. Thank you for this Izzy X