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Friday, January 27, 2017

Negative self talk

Negative self talk is something i think must people find themselves doing now and again, some people more than others. But one thing i have learnt in life is that negative self talk doesnt lead to anything positive. It just tears you down and makes you think you arent good enough, it keeps you from reaching your goals and makes you think that you arent worth anything or good at anything.

Its easy to complain in life, but since focusing on positive thoughts and having a positive mindset i really dont complain so often. Instead i try to change my thoughts so that i dont complain or see the positives of different situations.

Its also important to have gratitude and be thankful in life, be appreciative of the things you have.

Instead of thinking, "i dont want to eat again/i dont want to eat", think "I am grateful that i have food infront of me and the ability to eat".

Instead of complaining about school think "I am grateful that i get to go to school and get the opportunity to learn."

Instead of being jealous over others or what others have or other peoples lifestyles think, "i am happy with what i have now while also working towards what i want or want to change. I am thankful for what i have in life now"

Just small changes in mindset or how you think can make a huge difference in how you feel and experience life. The more you change your thoughts the easier it is and soon you will realise that the negative thoughts are the rare thoughts and not vice versa!

Below are some images which might help you if you find yourself often stuck in negative thoughts and thinking.

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  1. This is a bit like the "Pollyanna" approach (don`t know if you ever read that book when you were little but she saw reasons to be glad and thankful in everything). Having a positive outlook is such a healthy thing to have. Theres a thing on facebook at the moment whereby you post what you are glad for today. Gets you thinking and really does make a difference to mood because you really learn to appreciate even the smallest thing.