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Sunday, January 1, 2017

My goals for 2017

Happy New year everyone!!!

I had planned to post this yesterday evening, but i thought why not start the year fresh by focusing on my goals for the year. I am not super strict with my goals and not every choice i make is based on my goals, but i think it can be nice to have some things to work towards and some sort of guideline for the year. For example maybe i shouldnt just travel around the world if my goal is to save money and to study, haha. I think having short term goals and long term goals is great to have, for example my short term goals might be that each week i try to do atleast 2 cardio sessions and only drink 1-2 energy drinks a week. Whereas long term goals are to manage to do 10 pull ups/chin ups by the end of the year and to have - hopefully - my own student apartment by the end of the year! And then of course my very long term goals such as in 5 years time have a job i love, stable economy and travelled to 5 new countries!! But in this post i just want to focus on my - middleterm goals - which are my goals for the year!!

1) All the moving i will do this year will go great and that hopefully by the end of the year, and when my contract will be up in August, eitther i get to continue living in the shared apartment or i will have found my own apartment somewhere in Gothenburg.

2) The shared living (will be living with a couple who are also vegan!!!), will be great and i will feel comfortable and happy living there!

3) I get an awesome summer job which i love. I personally want to work in a food store again during summer, but my family keep reminding me that now that i am in university i should apply for jobs that are more beneficial and more in line with what i am studying... so not so sure which jobs i will apply for. But hopefully i will get a great job in Gothenburg.

4) I want to travel somewhere atleast one time this year... maybe Amsterdam, or Berlin or maybe just a weekend in London, who knows!!

5) I want to be able to do 10 chin ups by the end of the year

6) Get stronger... this is a yearly goal and i guess each year i get stronger. And i dont mean just physically stronger but also mentally stronger in different areas!

7) Keep being social and saying yes to new opportunities and daring to meet new people!! Nnot isolate myself.

8) Keep stepping outside of my comfort zone - but also knowing when i need to take a step back and just listen to my body. I am good at just moving forward, but sometimes i cant say yes to everything and need to relax and just listen to my body.

9) Keep a  balanced study-social-workout life. At the moment my life is very balanced and i want to keep it that way!!

10) Stay happy and only do things that will make me happy, whether it is short term or long term happiness... for example cleaning my room isnt always fun, but it will bring happpiness and a sense of peace once the cleaning is done!

11) Actually book an appointment for the dentist.... its been 3 years since i have gone and i keep saying i will book an appointment, yet i dont... and my teeth arent happy about that, hahaha. (no, but its actually not a laughing matter.)

12) Keep inspiring others with my vegan message and ed recovery message! Make a difference in the world, inspire and help others.

13) Keep baking and making delcious vegan cakes and treats.

14) Each post needs to have an actual intention... whether that intention is "just because i want to" or because there is an actual message i want to share or just because i want to make someone (or myself) smile!

15) Getting back into the world of dating - already started - and find someone i enjoy spending time wth, and either they are vegan or they atleast understand my choice of veganism!

Those are just the goals i can think of for now, and it would be so great to read about some of YOUR goals for the year? :)


  1. On my way to recover my main goal is to find a balanced anf happy life again. I also REALLY want to start exercising again for fun now that I've beaten my over exercising tendencies. Could you write a post about equipments for running and strenght training you recommend when starting doing some after recovery ? That would be awesome !
    Thank you for everything and Happy new year Izzie !

  2. I have a few goals for the year - stop calorie counting, say yes to social events, etc. I also want to start addressing my depression, and I was hoping you could do a post on that? You've said before that you beat your depression last year, and I'm trying but I'm not really sure where to start. There's so much general information, like 'love yourself', but I really need physical things that I can do to try to get better. Could you do a post on things that worked for you, like homeopathic medicines or writing or stuff like that? I'd really appreciate it!
    You've really inspired me to start getting better in all areas of my mental health, so I already have heaps to thank you for! I hope you have a great year :)

  3. Sounds like some great goals Izzy!

    Personally my main goals are:

    1. Be almost finished my PhD!

    2. Find someone I really care about and want to be in a relationship with.

    3. Be a more proactive blogger. I don't think I could ever manage to post as much or as well as you do but I can try!

    4. Learn to speak French fluently (I'm about halfway there)

    5. Squat 100kg in the gym

    All difficult but we can only try our best! Good luck to you with your goals :-)

    Dan x

  4. I really like your goals Izzy! Btw if youwere to visit the Netherlands i personally would recommend coming to Groningen in stead of Amsterdam hahah ;) Well no but seriously i live here in Groningen and it's a lot like Amsterdam considering how it looks (with the beautiful canals and stuff like that) but it's lovelier! Also it's surrounded by nature as opposed to Amsterdam which is in the so called Randstad (basically a metropole of cities like Amsterdam, Leiden, Utrecht, Den-Haag and Rotterdam). A very busy and crowded big city. Groningen is smaller, friendlier, lots of vegan options also btw.
    I personally have some major goals for 2017. I've had these goals anyway but they're pretty realistic to set now i think and just as a coincidence it's also the new year now. So it might be like 'why have you waited with these goals till now' but that isn't the case at all. It's just how it turnes out tobe in the matter of the timing.
    So 1. I want to expand my blogging, Youtubing and maybe other social media kind of things. I have so man ideas but i keep telling myself it's not the right time because of my current situation (the rehabilation and surgery's is what i mean).
    2.Continue to tutor in maths and maybe other subjects as well. Recently started doing it and i love it so much! It's very rewarding to do (mentally is what i mean! ;p)
    3.Continue to go to a therapist to get help for my depression and maybe even medication to shut down my pain signals for a while to help get my mind out of the spiral it's been stuck in.
    4.Keep prioritizing my own health and getting stronger physically and mentally.
    5.Bake more vegan goodies! I do this way too little. Also: Buy a foodprocessor!

    Probably got way more goals but these are most important. As they all lead to my MAJOR and absolutely most important goal: GETTING PAIN FREE this year!!
    Have an awesome 2017 Izzy! <3

    I've been thinking a lot about my goals for 2017....

    1. Fully transition to a vegan diet. I've eliminated all meat, cheese, and egg. I don't drink milk, but a lot of my products have milk derived ingredients. So once I've used those up, I won't buy anymore!!

    2.Try and be more social. I haven't made any friends in university yet, so I'm quite lonely at times. But at the same time, I love being on my own. So I'll need to find balance of some sort.

    3. Stop bitting my nails. For real this time haha

    4. Expressing who I truly am. I have a habit of just doing whatever the other person wants to do or changing my opinion so I don't upset others. But I deserve to have my own opinion, regardless of what others will think of me.

    5. Keep challenging myself to try new foods, fear foods, and restaurant meals. I've made so much progress these last couple of months with my treatment team and it feels really good :)

    6. Find a part time job this term doing something I love. There is a gluten free/vegan bakery near my residence, so I think I'll send in my resume!

    7. Organize an exchange trip for either September of January of 2018! I loooooove travelling, and I can't wait to explore and experience new cultures

    8. Stop comparing myself to people I see on IG or on any social media and instead appreciate my body for what it can do! I am beautiful in my own way :)

    9. Improving my dance technique and becoming stronger. I used to be AMAZING, but then I lost weight and muscle and it's really tough trying to get back to where I used to be. But I'm getting stronger everyday.

    10. Be able to do 5 chin ups and tricep dips without help by April.

  6. Happy New Year Izzy! I hope 2017 is a happy and successful year for you and you achieve your goals :)

    My goals for this year :
    1) To be well enough to go on holiday this summer/autumn. Previous holidays have had to be cancelled because of me not being well so it would be nice to actually manage to get away this year!

    2)To continue on my path of recovery and become stronger and healthier

    3) To complete the first year of my Sociology home study course

    4) To spend a weekend in London sightseeing. My partner has never seen the places like Buckingham Palace, Tower Of London etc that I myself have been to so I would love to show him around.

    5) To take up swimming again! A new gym with a super swimming pool has just opened in my village so when I am weight restored I would love to go

    6)To read the many books I have accumulated. I buy books quicker than I can read them!

    7) To try to build bridges with my sister and put the past behind us

    8) To not press my self destruct button anymore and to realise that yes, my body does have its limits and I deserve to be happy and healthy

    9) To eat out at an Indian restaurant

    10) To try some proper, authentic carribean food

    11) To make a raw vegan cake!

    12) To build a rockery in the garden and fill it with alpine plants