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Sunday, January 15, 2017

My first weekend back in Gothenburg

When i realise that i have been back in Gothenburg for only 5 days it feels crazy, it feels like i have already been back for 2 weeks or so. Not that i have done much, but it just feels like time has passed by so quickly!! Ths weekend sure has passed by quickly anyway!

Saturday i spent most of my day at the library - after skipping my workout - i headed there to sit and read and start writing on one of my assignments which is due in a weeks time (as well as having an essay to write within 3 days starting next week as well as a group project consisting of written work and a presentation. So a whole lot to do.) But i atleast got the first part of my litterature read, and could scan the necessary parts of my other litterature which i could read at home. (Because all the libraries are closed on the weekend, apart from one which is open for 4 hours on the weekend. This still baffles me... arent weekends the time when people want to sit in the library and study? Or is that just me who does that.) The rest of Saturday i felt this weird mixture of either being mentally tired but physically energetic or being mentally energetic but physically tired which lead to me wanting to do something and be productive but not really having the motivation to actually do anything. Sometimes i feel like i need to find something to do in the evenings but at the same time i am often too tired to actually do anything in the evenings apart from random times like yesterday!

Anyway, moving on.... Sunday today, and  i started my day with a walk in a nature park. I have long wanted to visit that nature park but never had a reason to go there, but today was the day. I knew they had a zoo there and i didnt know how i would feel about it. However once i was there and saw the animals in their "cages" or their pens it made me so incredibly sad. To see a penguin stand and just stare into a wall and to see an elk look incredibly miserable.... the poor animals. Ive never been much for zoos or seeing animals locked up, but it is something that makes me sad now a days and i find it wrong. I wont ever pay to go to a zoo and i dont plan on taking kids or family to a zoo either... of course its one thing if an animal race needs to be protected because they are gong extinct, its another thing to raise animals which should be wild, but are raised in a zoo and locked up and just seen as objects. This is my opinion and no, i dont agree with zoos or aquariums.

Moving on..... the rest of the day has been spent reading litteratur, eating soup and cheese sandwiches, watching series, meal prepping... and now i have an incredibly awful stomach pain which i havent felt for a long time. So my plans are just to lie in bed, watch a series and try to get some food into me again before i go to sleep!

Tomorrow my new course begins and hoping that i wont sleep past my alarm which i have done 90% of the time the past 6 weeks XD hahah, would hate to miss my introduction lecture hahaha.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and make next week great as well :)

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  1. I agree with your views about the zoos. Many of the zoos here are infact breeding programmes for endangered animals so I guess that gives them a creditable "purpose" but at the same time I can`t stand seeing animals in a cage - there are safari parks where the animals have their own nature inclosure and you drive through to see them in your veicle, that is so much better for the animal than a cage. But unnecessary caging of animals just for peoples "pleasure" should be banned in my opinion!
    Sounds like you are going to be very busy with uni work - strange about the library, here they are open all day on a Saturday. I hope you manage to get through your assignments and not get too stressed by them :)
    Hope you had a good evening and the tummy pain went away. Theres not a lot you can do when it hits, just try to get through it as best as you can - annoying as it is. Do you think its the stress of your new workload that caused it or something you ate?
    Take care and have a lovely week ahead!