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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Mental state causing physical pain and discomfort, dealing with stress

Hello :)

I thought i would write a little update after my previous "personal" post, but also thank you for your lovely and sweet messages i have recieved on my different social media accounts after i made that post. I havent been able to reply to you all as i am rather overwhelmed and stressed with school work at the moment, but i want to say thank you all for your kind words!

Has my anxiety passed? Mostly, but part of it is still there and lingering. However i know that the anxiety is due to stress... i feel very stressed and overwhelmed with how much school work i have at the moment and most of all i am longing for some free time and for a break. Ive only been back to university for a week and i am feeling the stress rising and effecting my negatively. Sleep problems, anxiety and a lot of stomach pain and discomfort (which i now realise is a direct result from the stress and anxiety i am feeling, i.e its not food i am eating, but due to the psychological way i am feeling.) Ii have also done a whole lot of overthinking and so many "what if" thoughts that lead to more anxiety in my life. And also been feeling this sort of panicked and claustrophobic feeling with my current living situation.... just feeling panicked over living from suit cases for the past few weeks, feeling panicked from being in such a small room and just most of all wanting my own place, wanting to feel settled somewhere. Just a whole bunch of feelings and thoughts at the moment which is why i havent been so active on here - i havent had the energy to write anything motivating or inspiring, or even have the time to answer comments, so i apologize profusely for that. But i am hoping that in a few weeks time life will feel more settled again and that the course work wont be as demanding or intense!!

For now my goals are just to get atleast 7 hours sleep a night. Less coffee/caffeine and more water!
Less overthinking and worrying.
Go for walks to help with anxiety and stress.
Stop thinking i dont have time...because i do have time and panicking wont help.
Get back into having regular phone conversations with my family again.
And hopefully with less stress and anxiety my stomach pains will go away which will make it easier to eat and not have so much stomach discomfort as well as lots of heart burn which sucks. (This might be something YOU want to think about as well... sometimes its not the food that gives you stomach pain, but its anxiety or stress. So many people just cut out lots of food and think its food causing the problem when infact it can be your mental state causing physical discomfort!)

Anyway, i thought i would just write a little update as to why there isnt much activity on here.trying t
Life has its ups and downs and right now i am just in a "down and stressed" period of my life, so hard to feel motivated or inspired, but i am doing my best to stay positive and keep myself happy and healthy!! :) And i hope you are all doing the same thing i.e trying your best to be happy and healthy and know that if you are in a "down" period, it can and will get better!


  1. Thank you for keeping on writing and sharing your own experiances through your tough times - I relate a lot and so do a lot of other people. Your writing skills are so amazing that sometimes when I can't explain what I'm feeling you are able to put it into words and I am relieved!!

    I hope you feel better soon and remember that emotions and feelings can't hurt you! You are in full control and you have so many people to support you!!

  2. Hi Izzy - I hope you are having a better day today. Its not nice having the weight of worry and stress on your shoulders and I can quite understand that it is making you feel bad. Try to "stay in the moment" as much as you can and not think too far ahead about things you have yet to do, one thing at a time - you will get there.
    I hope you have a good weekend and manage to get a break at some point. Take care xxx