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Monday, January 9, 2017

Lunch date and study free day

New week, and most people are back to school and work today I am guessing? I'm looking forward to getting back to routines and travelling back to my university city on Wednesday! It's a kick with feeling to feel this way.... to not miss Stockholm or home but look forward to being independent again! I also got the comment from my mum saying that she is so happy to see me being so happy again, and she also asked me how I was doing and feeling now as she notices how im like a complete different person compared to in spring and summer. It actually made me so happy to hear that but also happy for her same as well so she doesn't have to worry, haha!

Today has turned into a study free day, my first one since the start of 2017 and it was much needed. I had a headache and just felt like "no.... I can't take in anymore information ". So instead I went for lunch with my mum at my favourite place in Stockholm!! Finally I got a chance to eat here again and the food was amazing as usual and of course all vegan !! (Though I don't know if it's 100% vegan all the time.). It was an amazing lunch and we sat there for 2,5 hours and I had time for 3 rounds at the buffet,haha.  And lots of interesting conversations!!! Both my mum and I love nutrition and so we can spend hours talking about  it and discussing different opinions and views and studies. She has a more holistic approach and I have my vegan and university approach to nutrition so at times we aren't in agreement about what is "best" or right, but we can agree to disagree on some points!!!

After lunch, when in a food coma I decided to head home instead of to the library like I had planned. I needed a study free day and well the only productive thing I've done today is to update my CV and personal letter so that I can begin applying for jobs once I'm back in gothenburg! And apart from that, well it's going to be series watching and lying in bed because I've had alot of sleeping problems lately and been up late and up early, so I haven't been sleeping enough hours and the tiredness hit me hard today. Most people are about getting back into routines and being super productive on Mondays, but for it was the opposite today!!! Just a much needed day of rest and spend time with my mum!! I hope you all have a great week and a great Monday whatever you may be doing!! Remember to listen to your body and take care of your health!


  1. It makes me so incredible happy to see you happy and loving life!!
    I have 4 classes today at university and I absolutely LOVE this term. Biochemistry, organic chemistry, biology, math, psychology...all my favourite things :) it makes school and homework so much more enjoyable when classes match your interests :)
    This past weekend, my best friend came to visit which was a wonderful surprise! We live quite far away from each other, but we are really good at staying in contact. We had such a lovely weekend...lots of shopping, museum visits, a new vegan restaurant, and funny conversations. I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time and I just feel so refreshed and ready for the week.
    Happy Monday!

  2. how lovely to share those kinds of conversations with your mum :)
    so glad you are both enjoying things

  3. Its so nice to learn that you are so happy, enjoying your last few days in Stockholm and looking forward to getting back to your life at uni!
    The pictures of the buffet looked great - and theres nothing more special than spending quality time with your mum, you are so lucky having such a good relationship with her.
    The snow certainly looks pretty, but I bet it doesn't feel it! We do get some snow some years - its forecast this weekend infact - but no where near what you have there. But I`ve got my wellies at the ready just incase :)
    Hope you had a good evening relaxing!

  4. BTW - Are you going to do progress of the week this week?

  5. Izzy when you go to the buffet, do you fast (not eat for a while) beforehand? I always do this and then eat so much that I don't eat for another 24 hours. I know it's not healthy but I can't stand to not take advantage of the buffet