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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Learning about the body has helped me to better understand and love my body

At the moment in university I am studying fysiologi, which basically means learning everything about the body and learning at cellular level. Learning about the nerves, brain, organs, respiratory system, circulatory system, hormones, the blood etc and I absolutely love it and find it so fascinating.  Some people find the body creepy and would prefer to not know how things work but I love it... I just want to dig deeper and know even more. But also what I love of how things start making sense... such as different pains, different symptoms, how the heart beats, how signals are sent around the body, but also how important different electrolytes are. For example calcium, potassium and salt are. I know many people avoid salt because it's said to be so bad but salt is SO important, of course overdosing salt isn't good either. But if you eat mostly home cooked and while foods then you might not be getting enough salt which can have its consequences.

But also to be able to understand and explain things on a cellular level, for example why we need carbohydrates, why fat is so important for the cell membrane as well as for hormone production and why too much protein isn't good and won't lead to you building more muscle. But also to understand my own body and my CF better.... understanding why the fat isn't absorbed as well, understanding the pancreas and bile production, understanding the respiratory system and breathing. But also understanding what my medication does and why I need it and why too high dose isn't good and why too little won't help either. But also learning to understand supplements better and understanding the differencd in vitamins such as vit D2 och vit D3 as well as the two different b12 you can see on different supplements.

By learning about the body I feel like I get more respect for my body and want to treat it better. Understanding how my heart, lungs, liver, kidneys work... understanding the effects of hormones  and what happens during prolonged stress. It's so amazing really but also makes me more passionate to teach others about it. Because most people don't think about their organs... they drink, smoke, undereat or over eat or avoid important nutrients and macronutrients.  Or they don't listen to their body and are constantly stressed, tired, over caffeinated and all of those things have consequences.  And I want to teach people about them.

But also to teach people to love their body for how amazing it really is... always trying to keep you alive and adapting. Stop focusing so much on appearance and instead take care of your body from the inside out. Treat your insides and organs properly AS WELL as keeping your thoughts positive!!!! I think when you hace a better understanding of how the body works, better understanding of nutrition and why we need a certain amount of energy and breakdown of nutrients and micronutrients it's easier to love and care for your body. That's how it is for me anyway.... less focus on appearance and more focus on inner health and mental health!!!

The body is so amazing and all the different functions, how each time you move a muscle, each time you think or blink or breathe or each heart beat there is so much happening in your body. But also how the body can recover from sooo much! It is always trying to keep you alive, and isn't that something to be amazed and thankful over?!!! Start the new year by thanking your body.... and hopefully you haven't woken up with a hangover because that puts enormous pressure on your liver to clear the toxins (alcohol) and that's no way to start the new year,hahah!


  1. I love this post!!!!
    I've always been interested in anatomy (especially bones!!) and all the different interactions and reactions happening every single second. It's so fascinating, and there is soooooo much to learn! I'm especially interested in genetics and someday I would like to be a doctor of some sort!
    It's also really interesting to learn about the vitamins, minerals, and macros and how they are so vital for proper body function.
    But I always wonder whether my interest in nutrition is genuine or simply a byproduct of my eating disorder....I question whether pursuing a career in nutrition is something that will make me happy rather than my eating disorder happy....any thoughts?

  2. What would a vegan eat if craving dairy products? What does it likely mean the body needs? calcium? fats?

  3. Izzy, how do you know you are completely recovered? The doctors don't know it, right? You have to know it on your own. But how? Does it come a day when you know you are recovered or do you just look back to your past and see the progress? When can you say that you are recovered? Does it end at the spot or is it just gradually improving? Is there a day when you say that yesterday you had ED thoughts and the next day you are free from those thoughts? Sorry for asking so many questions. <3

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  5. How do you get sufficient protein from a vegan diet? :)
    And (this is off-topic) but could you maybe give advice on how to get out of rigid routines that come with anorexia. For example I am so precise about the times I eat and how much time I leave between meals and wake up at a certain time so I can fit in my meals within these times. I panic if i sleep in or dinner is made earlier etc.
    I am also stuck eating the same things every day and always need to have each nutrient on my plate (protein carb & veg/fruit) and panic if they're not separate or there's one missing/too much of one.
    Thanks x

  6. i really love this post! :-)
    happy 2017, Izzy, and thank you for all you do here.

  7. If you come across any good books in English for a general knowledge of these sorts of things, do recommend them here! Or, do write posts sometimes from your studies -- it does indeed sound interesting, even for those of us who do not want to specialise in this area.
    So glad you have found what you love. X

  8. I`m glad you are enjoying your studies so much at the moment and love what you are reading about! Studying isn't a chore when you find something you have a natural interest in - you feel as though you can go on and on :)
    I would love to read a post about some of the things you have studied