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Monday, January 30, 2017

How i eat - analyzing my food intake after a 4 day food registration

As a part of my university course i have had to do a 4 day food registration and now i have calculated how much ive eaten. I said i would write out the 4 days on here as i needed to write down everything i eat anyway, however on Saturday i didnt do much blogging and wrote what i ate in a post anyway (though not everything i ate), and my intake yesterday was far from a normal day of eating because of moving, so i didnt feel like sharing how i ate - even if i had to log/write down anyway - and then today is my last day to register however i have ended up with so much stomach pain (most likely from the raw carrots i just ate) so i dont know how much more food i will manage to eat the rest of the day (most likely just stick to cashew nuts (i bought 1kg cashews today, haha!) and sweet potatoe.)

I have begun to analyze the data of my food resigtration and first off i can say that there is ALOT of wrongs with the data. 1) I didnt weigh everything i ate, but i used eye measurements or measurement cups... but then translating the measurement cups to gram was much harder and meant alot of googling and i am sure it was wrong in some cases. But also having to make sure that the nutrition i tracked into the program was either the weight before cooked or after cooked as there is of course a difference in nutritional value i.e 100g raw potatoe doesnt have the same nutrition value as 100g cooked potatoes (because water is absorbed into the potatoes i.e so the weight is different after cooked). So there were a few guesses with that... for example i have no idea whether the avocado was 50g or 80g and had to just put in "half a small avocado" or "half a large avocado", but of course it could be a huge difference. And then of course the data system i use isnt the most updated and didnt have all the vegan foods i eat so i just had to make the best of it. But all of this means that the numbers arent accurate and in all honesty there could be a 500kcal+/- difference in what kcal i ate, and the same with the different macronutrients.

But also need to mention (this will all be written in my analysis that i need to do with my diet registration and activity tracking i have done) that i havent eaten "like normal" either. I.e i was craving pasta one day so bought a box of bean pasta and ate that because i bought it, but i wouldnt eat pasta normally because i dont like pasta, but also that Sunday definitely wasnt a normal day of eating for me so that of course had an impact on the results, and then there is today where i have alot of stomach pain and so my calorie intake will most likely be less than normal which once again has an impact.  Of course this registration is just done for my sake so that i can learn to analyze an intake, analyze how i eat myself and learn to use the tracking program as well as different calculations and references and such, and then of course the essay involved with all the tracking. But as someone who will work with nutrition its important to take all these factors into consideration, not everyday is the same and calorie intake varies just like food type varies!

Sooo.... what have i learnt from my analyzes so far.

I eat less than i think i do.... of course i think that has alot to do with the miscalculations, and that i maintain my weight (i think... i dont weigh myself though, but im sure i would notice if i lost weight) so i amnt eating too much or too little.

2) I get enough protein roughly 1,3g per kg body weight. And i am going to do an analysis of the protein quality and the combining of protein sources as well. Thats the next step.

3) I get a whole lot of iron into me from all the dark leafy greens, raisins and fortified soy milk/oat milk i consume, which is a great thing.

4) I get a whole lot of omega 6 into me and not alot of omega 3... but i do take  a vegan omega 3 capsule to balance that out.

5) I get alot of fiber, basically 200% of the recommendation! haha This isnt so strange though.

6) I dont get alot of calcium i.e 50% of what i should be getting, and i should consume even more than the recommendation because of the vegan diet and the calcium not being as easily absorbed. So im going to double check my multivitamin and make sure that i get enough calcium into me through that but also think more about eating foods with a high calcium intake!

So yeah... that was basically my analysis over my 4 days. Though of course these numbers could be very wrong but i guess its something to use as a base for self reflection anyway. I think its a great thing for everybody to go to a dietician or nutritionist every year or so just to check up how you are eating and get blood tests done as well. Its always good to get different tips and advice about what can be done differently for optimal nutrition! Sometimes you might not notice that you are lacking something until symptoms begin to show and then its gone "too far", for example im planning on getting blood tests done sometime soon just to check up and also make sure that my calcium levels are ok because i definitely dont want to end up with low calcium levels as i was in the risk for developing osteoperosis in the past due to my anorexia and low bone density (but then with the help od strength training and the right nutrition i was no longer in the risk zone.)

So.... if you want me to write more about nutrition or have any questions just let me know and i will try my best to answer!!!

Todays lunch

Yesterdays meal prep


Yesterdays lunch

The huge avocado i ate!


  1. Hi Izzy. I am vegan and I don't know where I can find vitamin B12. Can you help me, please?

    1. You need to take a supplement to get adequate b12. Such as a multi vitamin or omnivegan or certain nutritional yeast has added b12 :)

  2. Just to check i'm getting the right nutrients and enough all in all i put my food in cronometer from time to time. Which is super hard imo haha! I mean i don't have a bloody clue of how manygrams i eat from each product. So then it comes down to guessing indeed. But yeah i do notice ilack some nutrients on some days but then on other days idon't and there's a bit to little from another nutriƫnt and often there's way 'too much' which isn't a bad thing of course. As for my carolic intake cronometer thinks i eat way too much but that's just bullshit of course as like you say yourself: as long as you don't loose or gain it's fine. Although i don't really understand that some people i know IRL eat extremely little food. Not just sometimes but literally ALL THE TIME. I'm talking about people really close to me so it's not that i don't really know it's really true. But yeah i find that pretty sad actually as i personally think they might suppress their own metabolism by doing so and also they probably can't really live up to their potential if you know what i mean. I mean if you were to deprive yourself from energy even though you might not loose weight it's still an energy deficit you know. Well just some thoughts i wanted to share with you haha ;)
    Oh and i get that it might not be super accurate what you ate those days because o stomach aches and movingbut then again that's just how life works imo. No single day is the same in terms of food, rest, activity, repair from the body, hormones, etc.

  3. Could you please make a post about benefits you´ve experienced by quitting dairy-products? :)

  4. could you please write about what to do if you cant stop eating - like I'm always hungry and now I've got really fat having been a restrictive anorexic. i tell myself everyday I'm going on a diet but i get super hungry on 1200 cals and then just eat loads. i don't know what to do I'm so unhappy i don't want to live no more.

    1. Eating 1200kcal is most likely too little calories for you so that will lead to your body sending signals for more food, wanting more energy if you've been eating too little. Your hormones might be put of balance as well if you've been eating little and then eating alot.... your whole body goes out of balance. My best advice is to aim for at least 1800 kcal a day, maybe more depending on height and weight and activity. And try to eat 4-6 times a day and maybe follow a meal plan for a few weeks. It makes it easier when you have it written down and just focus on eating enough and regularly so your body can feel more balanced again and you get your real hunger and fullness back. Now you are doing a restrict-binge (?) Cycle and that will continue until your body gets the right energy everyday. Stop focusing on diets or weightloss, your body needs energy and right now your focus should be balance.... balancing out your body and getting it back to a normal and healthy state. You aren't fat even if you have fat.... everyone has fat on their body, and fat isn't a bad thing anyway. I would also suggest that if you can, you should go to a dietician to help you make a meal plan! But I can promise you,by eating more it will help you. If you search my blog for binging or extreme eating there will be amnt hopefully useful posts :)

    2. bless u izzy thk you xx

  5. What aren't the best ways for you to get omega-3s on a vegan diet? I know chia/flax seed are good sources, but I've read that they're "incomplete" or not the right type or what not.

  6. Did you feel and look very bloated when you first changed to a vegan diet Izzy? I ask because that is what has happened to me. I have recently increased the quantity and varieties of vegetables that I eat and this has left me feeling incredibly bloated. Is this normal and will it settle down anytime soon? I am enjoying eating these foods and don`t want to change it but I must admit feeling so uncomfortable is beginning to get me down. Is there anything I can do to help myself?

  7. Is there a rough guide of how much protein and how much carbohydrates you should be eating? Whats the best way to incorporate carbohydrates into a plant based diet?
    I`m not too keen on pasta.

  8. And just to add - that avocado was huge! When you mash an avocado, do you mash it with anything or just on its own? want to try avocado but don`t really know how/what to do with them them.

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