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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Health is more important than appearance

It's easy to get caught up in appearance and think that that is the only thing that matters, but in all honesty... appearance shouldnt be such a big deal, what should matter however is your health. Meaning both physical and mental health as well as other aspects of a healthy life.
The important thing is that your body and mind are healthy. It is easier to love yourself when you know that you are healthy and that your lifestyle is healthy for you. If you're body isnt healthy or there are problems with your health whether it is an infection/cold, stomach or digestion problems, broken bone or tired body or constant headache... you dont feel so vibrant, alive or content... you know there is something wrong and you know that you arent feeling 100%. Of course some issues cant always be solved, for example i cant get rid of my CF but i can make the best of it and live as healthy a life considering my illness.

Start prioritizing your health and know what is best for YOU. If you need to eat more for the sake of your health, do that. If others are all eating gluten free but you know that you like eating foods with gluten and it doesnt effect you negatively, then eat foods with gluten. If others are exercising lots, but you know that you need to rest and recover/recover from an injury etc then rest and dont care what others do. Somedays what is healthiest is a Friday night with films and snacks, other days what is healthiest is to spend a whole evening/night talking with friends or going out dancing or going for a long walk and just talking with someone. Sometimes it is sitting silently and thinking or writing down your thoughts, sometimes it is going to a therapist or someone to talk about your thoughts.

Do what is healthy for you and happiness often goes along with health, but also... a healthy and happy person usually feels better within and about themselves and often looks better to others. But feels better to themselves as well. Who cares about looking a certain way if you feel awful anyway.... i mean is a certain body image or body size really worth it if you feel awful all the time, if you cant even live life and feel insecure anyway? In my opinion, not really.... I choose health and a body that is healthy before choosing just a certain body image/size no matter how i feel, i've been there several times before and it really isnt worth it.

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  1. You are so right. Health is so important and we often take it for granted or neglect how important it is. That is one thing I have learnt from my ED.