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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Having a balanced way of eating is a rariety in today's society

Something which I realised today was that having a balanced way of eating and a balanced mindset regarding food is actually rather rare in today's society.  Not to mention it's a luxury, but it doesn't come easy either. In all honesty I think babies and kids under 1 year have the most balanced way of eating haha.

Eating is influenced by so many things, culture, society, religion, who you spend time with, media, hormones, mindset etc economy and education also affect your way of eating and your relationship with food.

I mean eating and "normal" way of eating is different in different parts of the world not to mention in different parts of every country. As well as how you are raised affects your way of eating.

Food is no longer just eating for energy but it's a social thing, cultural thing. Of course if you just eat for energy prices nutrients it can be rather boring, food is delicious and we eat because it's delicious as well. We eat because of cravings and because we want to try new food or just because the food is there. It's not just a survival thing, food is everywhere. And now a days there aren't many people who have a balanced relationship with food. So many people suffer with different disordered thoughts or eating disorders in different extremes. So many people starve, binge, purge, use laxatives, harm themselves or abuse themselves because of the way they eat or think about food.

I listened to a podcast today and they talked about different weightloss methods such as having a balloon placed in your stomach, or having a tube from your stomach so that the food empties and doesn't digest. It's so so crazy that there are such drastic methods for weightloss. But weight and food are affected by so much, by emotions, stress, hormones/hormone imbalance etc

I just wish that everyone could have a healthy relationship with food... but then again sometimes I question what even is that? We are all affected in different ways. I mean nobody listens 100% to their body, I mean I listen to my body 95% of the time and sometimes I don't... I'm only human and we're all affected in certain extent.
But I would still say I have a very balanced and healthy way of waiting for myself and that is a luxury, but also something I have worked hard for. It hasn't come easy, to learn to listen to my body and not let outside opinions or factors affect what is best for me. Of course facts and opinions are also important to take into consideration but you often know what is best!

I don't really know where I'm going with this post... I just needed to write put my thoughts. Nobody has a fully balanced way of eating, but  I wish that people could realise that food shouldn't have power or control over them.  Food is energy and it's delicious but it shouldn't control you. It's part of life,not your whole life!

Be like a child, eat regular meals, eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full. Eat colourful, eat varied, sleep, go outside and play(move your body!)..... of course, some kids are very picky  (I was anyway.  My diet as a child was awful), but just back to basics with food!!!!


  1. I am grateful for the realism of this post. Thank you.

  2. Hi Izzy, could I ask for an advice? Lately I thought about trying out MM and while I know you don't specialize in this, I wanted to ask how do I create my meal plan to reach my needed amount (15yo and 180cm, so it makes ~3200 kcal a day). There are two thing that make it hard: 1. I'm a resident at student dormitory, so I get food from canteen (I don't choose what I eat and get standardized amounts, which I realize is a little for someone in recovery from ED), and 2. Much less than not knowing how to calculate it, calorie counting became exhaustive and obnoxious. How can I reach and keep at eating the volume I need?

    1. I would suggest supplementing with extra snacks or if there is a possibility of you getting more food from the canteen- if you wouldn't find that uncomfortable. As you are 15 I don't know how much money you have but maybe your parents could help you so that you can buy snacks? Or if there is a school dietician you could talk to who can help you with extra food? Snack ideas such as nuts and dried fruits, flapjack bars, nut butters (if allowed in school and you like them), yoghurts, sandwiches etc and with calorie counting I would suggest not counting calories but instead eating more.. eat more than you think. Because in the end it doesn't matter so much if you eat 3300 one day and 3000 the next day,but trying to keep a generally high calorie intake. And like you said it's exhausting to count calories and that shouldn't take up all of your energy. If you don't gain weight one week then just try eating more the following week. I would however suggest trying to get professional care from a doctor and dietician who can help you to recover and get the right nutrition and maybe help talk to teachers and such?

  3. could you have your three meals a day from the canteen but supplement it with your own snacks?

  4. This is such a great post, even my healthiest friends comment on weight and food guilt and such. I never really noticed before I developed anorexia, but now it just seems sad.