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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Happiness and feeling energetic

Hello :)

Recently ive felt so strange, and not in a bad way but in a good way.... ive felt happy and so energetic. Ive had so much energy lately and been walking places and wanting to do stuff. I am the type of person who when it comes to afternoons and evenings all i want is to lie in bed on my own and watch series, but now i feel like i want to meet people and do things and not just either be at the gym, school or lie in bed. Be more social and do more things.  I think its because its getting brighter and the temperature is getting warmer so now its the perfect weather for walking places and also the days are beginning to feel a little longer.

Yesterday was a really great day with lots of energy, and a short day in school and ended my day with eating dinner at a friends house spontaneously. We had planned to meet and get coffee but then we realised that i lived 5 minutes from her so i could just walk to her place and as she is eating more plant based she offered to make dinner for the two of us. It was actually very lovely to eat dinner with someone else and just have some company in the evening, and i would like to have more friend dinners. It might be hard when i move as i will be living with two others and its not always so fun for room mates when someone brings home a bunch of friends, but maybe once in a while it will be ok!

Today has and is another very good day. Today i started a new course and finally back to studying nutrition again, though its mostly repetition so hopefully the course wont be too tough or demanding but it feels good to back to studying nutrition now! It makes me more excited and motivated towards school when its something fun - and i think this is part of why i feel more energetic because now it will be a fun course and the lectures and seminars and the work i have to do will be fun!

Which brings me to... tomorrow i am going to start doing a 4 day diet registration where i write down everything i eat and then later i will analyze it using a computer program and see how my nutritional status is! I love doing these and always find it fun to look at the results, not so much the whole weighing and measuring food which is just time consuming. But it always gives me a good idea about whether i am eating enough/balanced while eating intuitively. But i thought, do you want me to share how i eat during these 4 days? I dont write food diaries on here because i forget about everything i eat during the day, but now when i have to write it down i might as well write it on here if you would be interested in knowing. I wont write out gram or measurements, but just how/what i eat. Let me know, if you arent interested, i wont do it as i dont see the point otherwise haha.

Moving on.... this evening im going to a vernissage/exhibition with some friends, not so sure how long ill stay but the event seemed interesting anyway so hopefully it will be fun!

For now i am going to enjoy my energy and happiness levels and not worry so much about how long they will last or why i feel this way, instead just embrace these feelings :)

How are you all doing? How has your day been? :)


  1. Trying to eat mostly plat based, I would LOVe to read your food diary plus analysis!!

  2. I'd definitely love to read your food diaries! I need some easy meal ideas haha

  3. Yeees Izzy make some food dairies :D I am really looking forward to read them- I'm still not eating enough and I have to make a move and increase my meals..

  4. Please do post your diaries - it would be so helpful :)

  5. yes please izzy id find that really helpful as i am lost with what one should be eating nutritionally

  6. Yes, please post your food logs - it would be really interesting and then I can check that I`m getting enough variety of the food groups ie getting it right?
    Also, did you experience bloating/water retention when you first started eating plant based? I ask because my lower tummy is so bloated all the time and I`m wondering if this is normal because I have obviously increased my fibre intake. Will it pass, and how long? It just makes me feel bloated and miserably uncomfortable. What can I do to help it?

  7. Yes - I`m beginning to notice the days are staying lighter for longer too, a sure sign Spring is around the corner! I am heartily fed up with the cold,dark days of Winter so it can`t come quick enough for me. This past week it has been so cold it has taken all my courage to go out in it so it will be nice to see the sun again :)
    Good to read that you are well and happy - theres nothing like a shift towards better weather to improve the mood. I`m glad things are going well for you at uni and that you are now studying something you enjoy more - makes the work load easier to bear.
    Yes, if you could post your food findings about your intake that would be interesting (but I`m sure you`ve got it right already)
    Take care and use all that extra energy doing fun things!

  8. Glad that you're feeling this way! Anyways, I agree with the rest and say yes to the food diaries. Also, if you don't mind, maybe you can vlog it? I miss your vlogs hahahaha

  9. Hi Izzy,
    I love what you say about energetic and wanting to do things with people and go out and so on. You say it is because of the longer days and light and warmth; how much of it do you think is just to do with change of habits too -- you have practised being more social recently? Anyway, long may this happy spell remain for you. You are such a lovely person!
    Have a great weekend!
    I don't really need the food diaries but since so many others do, it sounds a good idea. I have, however, been thinking a lot about something one of your readers commented last week, and it has helped me hugely. I think you create a great space for interaction between so many different people, in so many different ways.
    Take care, and have a great weekend.