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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Monday, January 30, 2017

Getting settled in and positives

The move is done and now hopefully i can live here for a few months and just feel settled and at home!!

Yesterday i fell asleep with a smile on my face because despite feeling exhausted i also felt so happy. Sort of like things were falling into place. The couple i will be sharing accomodation with are so sweet and such kind people. They really are so kind to me and yesterday when they made dinner they even asked if i wanted to join them, that has never actually happened to me while living with someone else. We might also be going for vegan pizza someday as there is a place i have wanted to go but havent gotten the chance yet... or i might just go with friends, whoever deicdes to join me anyway, or ill just go several times - you can never have enough vegan pizza, haha.

It also feels so nice that everything is vegan in the fridge and pantries as well as the different products for house holding cleaning and such. 

Also the apartment building i live in has a gym that is free to use... i dont know whether i will actually use it, but its kind of nice that i can just go down there in the evenings if i have free time or extra energy!!

Also the room is huge... or it atleast feels huge and for once i dont feel "cramped" or calustrophobic i feel like i can breathe. The past few weeks ive been getting this claustrophobic feeling and this feeling of "i need to get away", like the walls have been moving together and the room getting smaller. .Its hard to explain but ive just felt this unsettled and panicked feelings as i havent had a place to just settle, but now i feel like i can hopefully do that. But also that the course i am studying now is nutrition which i love and is the thing i find most fun to study. So it just feels like life is sort of coming together and turning out so great as well as friendships in university and just a general feeling of well being and happiness!

Just feeling thankful and happy and hoping for the best - but also making life great no matter the situation or circumstances. I mean life is only as great as your mindset, so choosing to think positive and feel happy always!!

For now i am going to lay in my super comfortable bed, watch a documentary and hopefully learn my lesson that eating a whole bag of raw carrots is not a good idea, hahah!!

How is YOUR monday going? What are YOUR positives in life at the moment?

This photo is my favourite and had it as my phone background for a while until i realised that having a phone background drained my phones battery far too quickly, haha!!


  1. Hi Izzy! I'm so happy since I could go back to school, and I feel the whole weight gain process is much easier this way! Also having spent so much time at home I could re-evaluate my life and decide that there are better things in life then being bone thin and that I should just stay positive, as that boosts my body image :) I still have difficulties but I think I'm doing much better than how I used to! sorry, I had to share this, becauae feeling happy is such a wonderful thing!!! good day/night to everyone :)

  2. Reading this post puts a big smile onmy face! I'm so incredibly happy for you girl. It sounds like you have perfect roommates and all the other things sound really nice too. Hopefully youcan stay there for a longer time now!
    My week has started on a very positive note as well :) As i decided to finally arrange some meetups with old friends again AS WELL as finally deciding on what degree i want to study! So from basically tomorrow on I'll be studying earth- and environmental studies which is a Bachelor of Science degree. So it'll be tough but very fun i hope. It's something i genuinely looooove to study and as everything geography related has Always been my favorite subject in school as well as in life in general i feel like i can't go wrong with this. Besides it's just something which is so much in line with all my believes and values in life and how i want to view and be part of this world. By making it a better, more sustainable place! Looking forward to it so so much.
    Also by finally allowing myself to build up some friendships again i feel like i'm setting myself a little more free... As i have been isolating myself for many years due to my hip problems mainly. Odd enough during my ED i did have quite a lot of friends still. But when i got in trouble pain wise with my hips and all that shit i isolated myself completely. And i still do. But i feel incredibly lonely at the same time so this is such a huge but very important step for me to take! Curious what it will bring me.
    Have a great week Izzy!

  3. I am so pleased for you Izzy! Your new accommodation sounds great and I hope you will be very happy there. What more can you ask for but nice housemates and a private gym you can use :) I hope you soon feel settled and have some more stability, it couldn't have been easy having to move around so often.
    Things are going quite well for me too at the moment and life has settled down somewhat after the stresses of the Christmas period. I have just learnt that the sickness/disability award I applied for has been reinstated for another period of time which is ahuge weight off my shoulders as the Government recently changed it and there has been a lot of controversy over it ie people that were entitled before the changes suddenly not qualifying for the new format. I had to go for an interview which was pretty nerve racking so I`m glad it all ended well :)
    I had my dieticians appointment this week and although that wasn't exactly as helpful as I hoped she did at least change my supplement drinks to another that suits me better, so that was good!
    So all in all I feel quite happy at the moment and just enjoying life! Spring is around the corner and I am beginning to look forward to all the things I can do when the better weather arrives.
    I hope you are having a great week!