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Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday food diary

So it seemed like alot of you wanted me to write up my food diaries over these 4 days, so here you go :) 
Though first off you have to remember that i dont eat super varied because 1) the food i buy lasts me a few days so i just eat the same thing and when i meal prep i basically eat the same thing 2 times a day, haha. And breakfast is usually the same as well! But also remember that how i eat is based off of my hunger levels for the day and what food is available to me, each day is different which you will see during these 4 days! But maybe it will inspire you to try different foods or realise that just an apple for a snack or two potatoes for lunch isnt enough etc

Breakfast: oatmeal with salted peanuts, banana and oat milk

Lunch: bean pasta with avocado, sweet corn, oat cream and ketchup

Snacl: bagel with avocado and hummus, banana and handful of salted peanuts, roughly a glass of oatmilk (which i had between two cups of coffee)

Dinner: lentil soup with carrots, potatoes, chickpeas & oatcream.  2 slices of bread with vegan spread & hummus. 2 dates.

Snack: soy yoghurt with granola and a banana & a handful of "candied" nuts

^^this is a picture from yesterdays dinner but i ate the same thing for dinner today as well


  1. Yum!! What kind of bean pasta did you have? I cooked one black bean spaghetti last night and it was super good! But I love chickpea pasta the most.
    Have you ever heard of textured vegetable protein? Sometimes it's just referred to as TVP...but it's a soy product that's been dried and it's all crumbled up like hamburger. It's great to add to spaghetti sauce, soups, or to use in tacos!
    One of my favourite breakfasts right now is tofu scramble....I cook onion, firm tofu, pepper, celery, zucchini, and corn and then add salt, pepper, cumin, turmeric, and paprika! It's so yummy! And I usually eat it in a tortilla of some sort.
    Have a great weekend :)

  2. I love the look of your days food diary - so bright and colourful :)
    Can I ask you how do you do what you do with avocados? I really haven't a clue how to prepare them or how to eat them although it is something I have always wanted to try as they are so good for you. How do you make the glucamole that you have?
    Your bean pasta looks really nice. I`m not sucha fan of pasta either - find it too stodgy and heavy but I`ve noticed the shops are selling different varieties now - they have black spaggetti and pea bean pasta so I may give that a try. And seeing your pasta dish has given me ideas of what to have with it. I`m always stuck as to what to serve alongside pasta that "goes" but yours looks great!
    look forward to seeing the rest of your diary over the coming days!
    Hope you are well and having a good weekend :)

  3. Thanks for sharing food. this looks amazing well.