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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Focusing on the positives - future job, school, living, exercise

This post is going to be dedicated solely to finding the positives because it feels like its far too easy to get caught up in negativity and thoughts that bring me down.

So first off.... after hours of studying and feeling confident for my test yesterday, when i sat there and went through the questions in the exam half of them were asking for answers i had no idea about. I have so much knowledge and could have done so much better, but it was just the wrong questions... However i wasnt the only one to feel this way, most of the people in my class leaving the exam all felt irritated and low because the exam was not like the previous exams we had gotten to look at, as well as the questions asking for things that we hadnt gone through during lectures. HOWEVER we all decided to just leave the exam behind us and go to a cafe for coffee/food and just move on (ive done my best, i put the hours and work in and hopefully it will give a good results but if not, it isnt the end of the world and failing an exam doesnt mean i am a failure!!!) and try not to dwell. It was nice to meet everyone again and just talk and forget about the exam and also feel like "this is the place i want to be"!

This term there are one or two people who have jumped off the program for various reasons, but one of the people is a friend of mine and she is leaving the program because she got accepted to another program in another city. Its a little sad that she is leaving but also i know that she has been so uncertain about the program we are studying. The program is relatively new and the jobs we can have in the future arent so clear cut, i.e we dont really get a licensed titel like a dietician or physiotherapist does so its a little more uncertain. There are alot of people who quit the course because they feel uncertain and unsure, not knowing if they will have a job in the future and that uncertainty is spreading throughout the class..... and i hate it. Because i personally love the program and know that it is right and i dont fear the future or not being able to have a job, however i feel like i am getting affected by other peoples fears and uncertainity and its making me worry as well. And yesterday was the first time i realised that, sure i want my own business but only now did i think about just how much energy and work it will entail to have my own business as well as ... who knows if i will even be able to make enough money to survive by having my own business - there will have to be work on the side while i build up my own thing. And the fear hit me thinking "what if i study 3 years only to end up with a job i dislike, or struggling to have my own business and not making any money". Its awful to feel that fear. But you know what.... shortly after i realised, i cant let that fear stop me. RIght now i feel that this program is right and i amnt worried about a job in the future... i can either hopefully work through social media or try to get a company to hire me who might need guidance for their workers about nutrition and exercise and health.
     But also, just yesterday i saw roughly 5 people online asking for advice about nutrition and supplements when on a vegan diet. There are so many people tring out a plant based diet, but there are also alot of people who arent so creative in the kitchen or cant cook or dont know anything about nutrition and so after a week of plant based eating they feel tired, low on energy and bored of eating because they cant think of any vegan food ideas and dont eat enough. But also vegans who dont eat properly or get the right nutrition because they dont care about that and so they might end up malnourished or sick, and i realised... there need to be more people in the nutrition branch who focus on veganism and plant based eating. I am going to help everyone and people need different nutrition i.e if someone doesnt want to eat plant based or for example has very low iron levels then i wouldnt make them eat/write a meal plan which is 100% plant based. But i think i can make a great career (If i do alot of research and studying and do extra courses after my bachelors) and then have the knowledge and primary focus of helping people with a plant based diet but also with exercise and right nutrition, as well as focus on overall health of course! And also research and help people with sustainable living (and nutrition is key to that!).

Thinking this way, seeing the positives and all the things i CAN do and all the ways i CAN help and make a difference makes me excited. No, my job career and future wont go as planned, or maybe what i want to do now in 2017 isnt what i want to do in 2020 or or 2025, but i feel excited for the future. I dont feel worried, because i know that i am driven and want to make a change, i dont want a 9-5 job. But also i have my "niche" in a way and i know many vegans who need the right nutrition advice so that they can fuel their body properly!! However i think i feel this way because i already sort of have a social media following and know that if i wanted to dedicate more time to social media such as make a proper and fancy website, start blogging or start offering to make meal plans i know there are people who might already be interested in those services so for me i wouldnt be starting from 0, and if i were to try to sell myself into a company i would have my previous work and social media as a sort of "proof" and reference in a way, hahah. I also think i want to do more things with baking and cooking, in some form anyway!! I also know that some people sort of "move in" with their clients for a week or two and help them cook, workout with them, give them advice etc and that is something i could imagine doing as well, hahaha.

Anyway, a long post, but i look forward to the future and am not going to let other peoples fears affect me!!

And lastly, my living accomodation is great and i am looking forward to moving again at the end of the month to a place i can stay for the rest of the term anyway. And also looking forward to my upcoming courses even if its a whole bunch of work and hours studying involved, but i am learning about something i love and interests me so i dont mind :)

And one more thing... my goal for 2017 was to add more cardio into my life again (its so easy to just focus solely on strength training and forget about everything and anything cardio related, haha). But aiming to do 2 cardio sessions a week and so far i have stuck to that and it feels awesome, i didnt realise how low my cardiovascular health had gotten but also forgetten just how much i love cardio as well!!! Short sessions i.e 20 minutes and then if i want to do more i just keep going. Cardio in moderation is great but also helps with strength training so much i.e being able to breathe better, more warmed up, feeling less stiff etc A balance of the two is what i cant forget, im good at focusing on just one of the two and then weeks later realising that a combination of both is the best!!

Sso..... theres me focusing on the positive things in my life, not letting negativity get to me or bring me down!! I know its a long post, but i needed to write out my thoughts, haha.

Do you have any positives to share?  :)


  1. I really hope you are able to start your own business or a company you can supply your skills to! Any company would be lucky to have you as an employee :)

    I actually had a lot of positives this week!
    -I actually went out with a friend to a University Function (Harry Potter Trivia!) and we had a really great time! It's also his birthday on Sunday, so we're going out to celebrate :) a year ago, I NEVER would have even considered going out, let alone on my own with a friend!
    -I've been able to find a balance between school, working out, and 'me' time.
    -I love all of my uni classes this term, and that just makes studying so much more enjoyable!

  2. Izzy, I am one of your older readers, and I often think what a bright future you have ahead of you, and that makes me happy. You are so, so gifted, in so many different areas. You also have a huge amount to show for that -- what with this blog as well as your qualifications. You are good with people, you are intellectually able and knowledgeable, you care and are full of passion and energy, dedication and creativity in your chosen field. You are experienced in life as well as in study. You will go far, because you always make the most of every opportunity, and you have all the gifts and experience and courage and wisdom and aptitude to do so.
    I am really glad you have the deep inner confidence that your course and your calling are right, despite the disconcerting responses of soem of your classmates.
    And yes, veganism is complicated, and challenging for many people.

  3. I think its really good that you are thinking so positively about things - you are quite right that you could indeed follow a career in health and nutrition yet "specialise" in the vegan diet - and I`m sure there will be many paths open to you to do that be it working for an employer or setting up on your own! When I went to the clinic for my intolerance testing I saw a woman who up until that point worked as a midwife - she had always had an interest in nutrition so retrained and kept her midwifery going until she qualified and secured herself the job at the clinic - so no matter how your future life maps out - it is possible to achieve your goals!
    Good luck with your test results, I`m sure you`ve done better than you think :)