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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Eating around new people/moving away from home/dealing with food comments

How do you feel eating and making food around new people and with your new flat mate? I moved out a week ago and live with a girl and I feel so uncomfortable eating around her or making my food. I feel like she judges me because I eat so often and she comments on the food and amount I eat and it makes me not want to eat at all? How do I overcome this anxiety? I feel like I can't eat when she is around and I just wait for her to be gone or until I'm gone until I eat? What do I do? Do you ever feel this way?

  I understand exactly how you feel, however you have to remember that eating is normal and necessary and everyone does it. However everyone also eats differently - different foods, different times, different portions etc and really no one has the right to comment about someone elses food or eating, but people do anyway. And the best thing is to eat tell your flate mate to stop commenting or just ignore the comments. 

I have lived with 3 different flate mates now and the first week i do eat a little differently than normal, i.e i might not stand an hour in the kitchen and make a huge soup and cook my own chickpeas and cook for 10 people like i usually do, haha. Instead i just make simple meals and often just use the microwave and just bake some potatoes, but after a few days when i feel more settled and feel like i can "take up more space", then i just eat like normal and cook like normal, and will eat my last meal at 10pm if thats when im hungry!

Try to not overthink your eating and remember that everyone eats and needs food. The best thing for you to do is to face your fear, and the anxiety, and to eat just like normal. You shouldnt have to wait until your flate mate is gone, or wait until you have left the house until you eat.  Maybe you can suggest that you both eat dinner together someday? Or make a meal together... just to feel more comfortable eating together?

Maybe start off with just eating simple meals and then overtime learn to take more space in the shared accomodation. Remember that you are eating for YOUR sake, because your body needs it and everyone requires different amounts of energy and likes different food. I always seem to get comments about the type of food i buy and also the portions i eat, but i have learnt to just laugh it off and not care. Though its not always easy in the beginning, but when you remember that you arent eating too much or eating too often, but *hopefully* eating what your body needs then there is nothing to feel ashamed or guilty about. But you need to work on feeling confident and not letting comments affect you negatively. 

The only way to get over the fear and anxiety is to fight through it. Make your meals, eat your meals and dont feel ashamed for eating. If you keep letting the fear win it wont get easier and you wont feel relaxed or able to eat like normal, so you have to face that fear, overcome the anxiety!! You can do it, i promise you :) It just makes you stronger and makes it easier for you and so that you can feel relaxed in your living accomodation :)

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  1. I found it difficult to be able to cook what I wanted when I first moved into a shared house. I used to go to the kitchen only when I knew no one else was in or else I would just grab something from the cupboard and take it back to my room to eat it! This didn't go on for too long - just whilst I was settling in and getting to know the people I shared with - up until then I didn't want to be a nuisance to others and take up time in the kitchen when perhaps they wanted to use it. Silly really looking back as I had just as much right to be there as they did - but that's how I felt. When I got to know the other people and didn't feel so "new" I relaxed and was able to cook in the kitchen when I felt like it.
    I`m sure this will be the case for you too. When you settle in and get to know your flat mate things will get easier. Good luck!