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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Body love, fat shaming, skinny shaming?

This post is just one of my thoughts and rambles post, but i hope that i can get my thought process across, however it would be easier to vlog this but at the moment i cant do that so ill stick to writing. But of course feel free to comment below your thoughts or opinions on this topic.

So... body love and body positivity is for everyone, for all shapes and sizes. Both men and women, tall or short, skinny or fat, any skin colour, any ethnicity.. everyone. And that of course includes people who are extremely skinny or extremely overweight, or does it?
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I am all for body positivity and body love and my personal view is that YES body love is for all shapes and sizes, even if that person's weight/size is at an extreme. Many dont agree with this. But i personally think that there is a difference between saying, love your body and accept your body, and promoting a certain body shape or size. But i dont promote being underweight/very underweight or being very overweight, because biologically that isnt healthy. Health also has a whole different range of definitions and it depends how you want to look at health, just based on biological function or take into consideration how a person feels. Because someone can have an illness and still be happy, or they might be by biological standards sick, but still feel happy and content and can live life to the best of their capability... and you cant really deny/refuse to take into consideration that a person feels happy and content despite what the biological standard (?).

My personal opinion is that body love and positivity should be for everyone but i also think promotion should be on HEALTH and balance. And that is of course different for everyone. There should be no standard body or weight or size, but just health. So even if i say "love your body" to someone who is very underweight, at the same time i will say love your body now, while working towards a healthier weight, because self love should be all stages of your life and how your body looks at different times. I dont think you should wait with self love until you are a healthy weight or your goal weight or goal size, but instead love your body as it is now.... but also realise that you can love your body but also need to change it. For example if you are very overweight or underweight, you might feel happy or love your body as it is which is GREAT, but if it is necessary you might also need to gain/lose weight for optimal health.

I also think that skinny shaming and fat shaming is wrong. There are people who are healthy despite having a lower or higher weight than standard or recommended, and it is so awful to see when those people get lots of negatives and mean comments despite them being healthy. People have different shapes and sizes and people have different healthy set points and weights, and you shouldnt shame a person for that. Telling a skinny person to "eat a burger" is just as bad as telling an obese person to "eat a salad".... its just mean and wrong and does nothing but verbally harm the person.

Society should be more accepting of all different body shapes and sizes and promote body love instead of telling everyone to change. But also to be able to say that "you are beautiful" without having to bash another body shape or size. I often find that people comment "you look so much better with curves compared to when you were skinny" or even comments such as "i wish i was as pretty as you"... its great that you are complimenting someone else, but you dont need to bring yourself down a the same time. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, instead say "You are beautiful and so am I"... or just dont comment about comeones appearance and instead compliment them about other things such as their strength(mental or physical), their intelligence, their life coping skills etc

There is so much about this topic/area which i want to talk about but it is hard through just words on a screen and much easier to talk about. I might try to sit down and make a video or write another post about this topic, but for now i just needed to write out these thoughts.

Body love is for everyone but that doesnt mean that you are promoting unhealthy body weights either. Someone shouldnt have to wait with self love just because their weight isnt healthy, thats just counterproductive... instead self love and body love always, but also not denying when there is an actual health problem that needs to be solved.

What are your thoughts or opinions on this? I would love to know your thoughts about this area!

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  1. Hi Izzy, could you please do a post on how to deal with self harm? How to cope without it? How to cope with urges? Etc... Thanks so much xx

  2. The thing which iritates me is when person who is OBVIOUSLY overweight doesn't want to lose some weight because she 'loves her body the way it is'. And it is great that the person loves her body, no doubt, i totally agree that we should all love our bodies, but loving her body (and NOT wanting to change it, even though losing weight would definetly long term benefit her!) won't prevent cardiovascular and other illnesses/complications that go along with obesity!!! Especially abdominal obesity. It's a medical fact that abdominal obesity can lead to metabolic syndrome. Even though the person's health is now just fine (except too high bmi. Not high because od muscles but because of fat), it doesnt mean that in 1, 5, 10 years she won't have problems like diabetes and such..(if the person stays at that too high weight ofc). Sooo this was just a thought which I had on my mind for a while and it would pop up each time I saw those xxxxL models with obviously TOO much fat on their tummy! So now when you asked our opinions, it seamed like a good time to share it haha. Hope that nobody is offended..Have a nice day Izzy, your blog is one of the best things on Internet <3 :)

    1. It's like saying that only healthy people have the right to feel good in their body and deserve respect as a human being. As long as someone doesn't ask for advice, their health is noone's business.

  3. Hi Izzy, How do you cope with the latest 'weight loss and fitness' craze. I just about called myself recovered, as in I was eating well, a healthy weight and healthy amount of exercise. But now all my friends have jumped on the latest healthy eating and fitness craze and all saying how they need to lose weight and writing food diaries. This has made my head go crazy, just when i thought I was getting rid of the impulses and voices, any advice on how to deal with this? Ive come so far and really really don't want to go backwards xxx

  4. Yes I agree with you that emphasis should be on balance and health. far too many people are putting themselves through harsh routines in the effort to obtain that "perfect body" which in my opinion doesn't exist in real life. The perfect body should be your own and to love and cherish it as it is. Yes, make changes if needs be, if that's optimal to overall better health ie gaining weight if underweight or losing weight if markedly overweight. Sadly though, not enough of us have this attitude which I think is a shame. A lot can be blamed on the media for thrusting air brushed pictures of the "perfect body" at us so much and all those celebraties that make those silly fitness dvds. We are almost living in a society where we are not allowed to just be ourselves, we must strive to fit the ideal norm and many of us fall right into that trap and constantly hanker after it.
    I would like to see more on this topic and am interested in what others think about it too!

  5. Hi Izzy - as its the 1st of February are you going to a positives/ progress post or goals for the month? Love these, especially reading of all the successes!
    Hope you`re having a happy Wednesday!