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Monday, January 2, 2017

Answers - vegan questions, craving dairy, judgmental vegans, enough protein while eating plant based

What would a vegan eat if craving dairy products? What does it likely mean the body needs? calcium? fats?
I havent studied so much about cravings or what they mean, but i do think that craving milk or dairy products can be due to needing more calcium. Calcium is so so important for the body and even though you can get calcium via tofu, tempeh, kale and other foods, they also contain anti nutrients which mean that not all of the energy or nutrients are absorbed in the body meaning that even if it says tofu has Xmg calcium you might just absorbed 60% of it.  The thing about vegan eating is that you often need to eat huge amounts to get enough energy and nutrients, for example you could eat lots of tofu and kale but the portions might be very large, but it could (i.e i DONT want to give you an official recommendation, but it could be helpful) recommend that you eat calcium rich and calium fortified foods and see  if that helps, otherwise maybe take a supplement (you just want to make sure that you arent getting too much of other nutrients/micronutrients by taking a supplement.). .If the cravings dont pass, get a blood test!!

Hello, Izzy
I love hearing/seeing your workouts and vegan journey. I have a question for you as I am going to be going vegan in college. What is your opinion on vegans who make ugly criticism on someone who's eating something that's not vegan? I don't support people eating animal foods, but I would never point it out in a negative way. What do you think about it?
Thank you, and its great to hear that you are making the choice to go vegan!!
 I dont think its right to  be judgemental of what others are eating... i mean sure i dont support eating meat or dairy or fish, and now when i am at home i at times want to make comments or i have made sarcastic comments. But in general i keep my thoughts to myself, mostly because i think it is rude... i wouldnt want someone to comment about my food so i dont do that to others. Even if i dont see meat or fish or eggs as "food", but either way it is rude. Of course not everyone thinks this way and there are plenty of judgemental vegans and rude vegans who will take any chance they get to make comments about food that isnt vegan. But i personally believe that inspiration is best... making rude comments about someones burger isnt going to make them want to go vegan/plant based, but if i can make a bean burger or chickpea burger and get them to taste that burger and find it delicious, then maybe they will be more willing to eat more plant based rather than if i were to start critiszing them or their food choice. I believe that inspiration is key.... but also i believe that every choice someone makes to eat more plant based makes a huge difference. I think that many people are scared to eat plant based or vegan because they cant do it 100% so they think, "if i cant be 100% vegan/plant based why bother at all", just because some vegans critisize others for not being 100%. But if we can inspire others to make small changes in their life which will benefit the environment, animals, their health then that is awesome.... they dont need to be black or white or 100% even if that would be awesome, but realistically that wont happen so instead inspire the small changes!!

Izzy, I'm scared that when I go vegan, what my parents will do. My mom and dad say my aunt, who is a vegetarian isn't getting the right nutrition and never will. In 2-3 I will be going to college, to there study nutrition and health to become a holistic nutritionist. I hope that will help me explain but I'm still nervous.
When you are vegan you do need to be more aware of what you eat and whether you get the right nutrients or not. But if you are studying nutrition then i am sure you will already know - or learn plenty - which will help you. If you move away then there isnt so much your parents can do, which can be a good thing or a bad thing i.e you need to make sure to fuel yourself properly and give yourself the right nutrition. 
Eating fully vegan doesnt work for everyone, for example different illnesses can make it hard to get the right nutrition or if someone has allergies so there is too much food the person has to avoid making it hard to eat enough ,or maybe just lack of appetite, not eating enough or the body isnt absorping the nutrients will enough and just not enough knowledge about nutrition can lead to deficienes. For example a vegan can live off of pasta, potatoes and oreos but that wont lead to optimal health and will sooner or later lead to deficines... jsut like eating only fruit will lead to deficiences or not eating enough protein or enough fat will lead to problems in the body.
 I would say, "actions speak louder than words". 1) Tell them that you will get blood tests 1-2 times a year to prove that you are healthy, though this should be for your own sake as well just so that you know whether your nutrition is right or not. 2) cook some vegan meals with your family, show them that it isnt restrictive or deficient. 3) Show them articles or studies about plant based eating or people who are plant based and are healthy for example there are different elite who eat plant based and are very healthy!
Do your research and show that to your parents, but also talk about WHY you want to go vegan..... start making changes now and maybe inspire your parents to do the same?

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How do you get sufficient protein from a vegan diet? :)

Getting enough protein while on a vegan diet isnt hard. However its important to remember that the protein from vegan food isnt as easily absorbed as from animal products, so its good to keep that in mind! But also that you need to food combine and eat varied thoughout the day and for your meals to best combine protein to make the meal a "complete protein source" :)

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  1. Hi izzy, i am just wondering why would you choose vegan? is that not very good for people who have eating disorder? i dont know, i just think it would be like an excuse by choosing vegan so that they dont have to eat fat from animal and they can stay skinny forever (just a thought, not accusing you or anything)...If you are saying that animals have the right to live, then i think the plants also have the right to live too. what makes the different between two of them?

    (i am sorry if this question can be offensive, i just want to know your opinion)

    have a nice day

    1. Hi, it's great to see that you have been thinking about this kind of ethical subjects. As nobody has replied to you, I decided to wright down some of my taughts.
      Everybody has different reasons for becoming vegan but I guess the most common one is the ethical aspect. Ethical vegans don't want to cause harm and death to animals, and due to that, they don't consume any products derived from animals. Avoiding suffering is as easy as picking up vegan product instead of the non-vegan ones, so why would we choose to kill animals when we don't have to? Animals are sentient beings so they do feel pain, fear and exhaustion. Plants, on the other hand, don't have that kind of feelings (as they don't have a nerveus system for that) so cutting a carrot in half is not the same thing as cutting a pig.
      I recommend watching documentaries like ForksOverKnives, Earthlings, Cowspiracy and PlanEat for more information. :)