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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

4 years healthy - follow up appointment

Back in August i had my "4 year declared healthy anniversary" though it wasnt really anything i thought about as i dont really keep track of the date. I mean sure, August 2012 when i was declared healthy it was a wonderful day and felt so so amazing and a date i guess i should remember... however as the years pass that date becomes less signifcant or important because i dont think so much about the time that i was sick. It feels like it was another person - and in a way it was. Anyway, then sometime in October i got an email from my "case manager" at Mando saying it was time for my 4 year follow up appointment (at Mando, where i went to treatment for 1,5 years they have a 5 year follow up treatment once you are declared healthy - this is mostly for their statistics but also that after 5 years the chance of relapse isnt as high. I think its great that they have the follow up treatment and appointments, and as i have just gone once a year i cant complain about that 1 appointment haha). As i was in Gothenburg we decided that i would book an appointment when i was home over Christmas... and i had totally forgotten about it until i got an email yesterday reminding me of the appointment.
Mixed feelings about going back, but the appointment is basically "get weighed, say what i have eaten the past 24 hours, fill in a whole bunch of forms, talk about life and how im feeling" and then hopefully leave.
Of course life is very different now compared to before... and i had some thoughts about whether to talk about my depression or not. And i decided i would, and she was very understanding but also concerned that i hadn't seemed helped when I struggled so much. But as I said I felt and am doing better now, it was just to focusing on that and to hopefully not relapse in depression. But also that the depression hadn't triggered any eating dsiroder thoughts or habits.
But also about me being vegan. At Mando you arent allowed to eat vegan or vegetarian - or not while i was there anyway, maybe they have changed. But usually for the follow up appointments you eat lunch there, but i emailed her and told her that i was vegan so would be best if i just ate a snack there. What did she think about my choice to be vegan? Of course she was interested and wondered whether it was due to eating disorder thoughts or due to the "trend" but also how I managed to eat enough while both exercising alot and havibg cf. And I told her that because of my knowledge about  nutrition I don't find it difficult or hard or restrictive either food wise or socially.  I thought she would have negative thoughts or opinions regarding my choice to be vegan but she didn't at all, and I guess that's because I don't go to mando and been declared healthy for the years and well if veganism was due to an eating disorder relapse my family would be the first to notice and react.
The appointment lasted about an hour and there was lots of talking, lots of formulas to fill in and questions to answer and finally I got weighed before I could then leave!!! Felt so good to leave and then to have my mum pick me up!!! It's always a little emotionally and mentally draining to go to the hospital and especially back to Mando but it wasn't as difficult or hard as I thought and I don't feel sad or anxious or any of that this evening.  Instead I'm just happy and feel free and proud of myself! Proud of how I changed my life, proud of what I have overcome and proud over my mental strength and how I keep growing and progressing. Recovery is so so difficult but it is so worth it.... and that's the thing that YOU have to realise.  No one can force you to recover, instead you have to want it for yourself and when you do recover you won't regret it!!!!


  1. I'm a vegetarian and when I was about to begin my treatment, I was worried that my dietitian would say I had to eat meat. I thought "If they say I have to, I won't say no... because I really want to get better". Eventually, of course the dietitian, the psychiatrist, the therapist AND the endocrinologist asked a bunch of questions about it, but I was so happy when they said it was OK! Recently I had the thought of cutting all animal products from my meals, but I told myself I can't be sure that this isn't because of my eating disorder (as I couldn't really replace the food with other options because of where I live, which means I would end up eating less), so I decided to wait another year (my treatment will be over in December or January, since you have a limit of 60 weeks where I'm going) and only then consider it again.

    1. I think this is a great idea!!! It's so important that you listening to your body and doing what is best for you, maybe next year you can go fully vegan and have enough options and replacements and not feel triggered in anyway!! But you are still making a huge different by being vegetarian! Stay strong with recovery and keep making progress :) :)

  2. you are an inspiration, Izzy! in so many ways. x

  3. Brilliant news and you are so right to feel proud of yourself for overcoming everything that you have. I realise you didn't really need Mano to tell you that you have truly recovered but its nice to get that "official" stamp on things!

  4. I think it is really amazing that they do the Five year follow up appointments. So many people would benefit from it, myself included. I was hospitaliced at 17 (11 yrs ago now) and after two months i was released and continued to see a theraphist at the clinic for 6 months. And then, nothing. Released 2 years later, seeked help, waiting list for 2 months.. Back to in pasient, New release, New relaps... If i had had to come back every year for an assessment... Oh my, i cant help but to think that alot of these years would have been way healthier and hippier..

    1. Oh yes the follow up treatment is very great and awesome that they have it. I know I've written about it before how more treatment centres need follow up programs and to not just release people once they reach a healthy weight. However the follow up treatment has its flaws as well, but I still think it's good that it exists. Though treatment for eating disorders and mental illnesses still has a long way to go. I hope you are doing better now?

  5. Yes, I agree there definitely needs to be some sort of follow up care. Surely this is just as important as the actual treatment. There is a distinct lack of it here too - infact even treatment itself is hard to access, the doctors just don`t seem to be clued up or don`t want to know.

    1. I think the follow up treatment is great that it exists even if it has its flaws. Hopefully more treatment centres will begin with it and not just diss miss a patient once they are a healthy weight or finished a "4 week inpatient stay".