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Saturday, December 17, 2016

What is normal eating?

I often get asked "what is normal eating?"... or "how do i eat to be normal?" And the fact is that it is very hard to answer that question because normal is different for everyone. Normal eating is based on culture, lifestyle, how you grew up, what country you grew up in, what food is available to you. For example normal eating in the country in Ireland is not the same as normal eating in Stockholm, Sweden. Normal eating for someone in Japan or Russia isnt the same as normal eating for someone in Sweden or Englad (i am guessing!). Just like normal eating for a vegan isnt the same as normal eating for an omnivore, or normal eating for an elite athlete isnt the same as normal eating for an inactive mother with 2 children (an example!).

At times when i have made food diaries or when i write about what food i eat i can get comments telling me that i eat strange or weird foods, when in reality the foods i eat and buy are normal for me and my lifestyle and where i live. For example grew up eating lots of lentil soup and vegetables and brown bread with little junk food, so for me that is normal to still eat that way... whereas if someone grew up eating lots of junk food all the time, that would be normal for them.

Then there is also the question about what is healthy eating.... And it is not a super straight forward answer. Of course there are general rules such as 1) eat enough energy for your body and maintain a healthy weight, 2) eat protein, cabohydrates, healthy fats, fiber and get enough vitamins and minerals, 3) Drnk enough water, 4) get enough omega 3 and 6, 4) try to limit consumption of white processed sugar, too much processed food, alcohol

Those are just some overall basic health tips to give people and that they should follow, but if an individual asks "how do i eat to be heatlhy/what is healthy eating", its not as simple as just those rules.... because how many calories a person needs to eat depends on their height, weight, lifestyle/activity, their goal and even what climte they live can affect energy needed.. Just like how much % or g of protein, carbs, fat a person needs varies, some people do feel best eating more carbs and others feel best eating more fat... and that is just something a person needs to fgure out themselves. A balance of the macronutrients is best, but there is no set amount which fits everyone.

Healthy eating is very indidivdual and even if their are guidelines about how to eat to STAY healthy (the guidlines above) there are other factors that affect how a person needs to eat to be healthy. For example illnesses - some people need extra vitamins, others need to make sure they dont consume too much as their body has a mutation and they absorb too much of the vitamin, some people need to avoid different foods due to allergies or intolerances, some people need to eat extra of certain food .

Being healthy doesnt have to be complicated though, even if it is very individual. This is why i often tell people to go to a proffessional for advice when making a meal plan because a certified dietician should be able to give you individual advice based on all the different factors that affect your macro and micronutrient requirements!  Someone who is proffessional in both exercise and nutrition areas should help you individually... dont go get a plan from someone who gives the same plan to 20 other people... instead find someone who will help you individually!

But most of all, remmeber that normal and healthy eating is different for everyone, so dont compare your eating to anyone elses. Some people eat 4 times a day, others 7 times a day and both can be healthy and eat normally! Focus on what is best for you, what form of diet suits your lifestyle best and what form of eating makes you feel most healthy. Some people can eat intuitevly, others always need some form of food plan to follow, just like some people meal prep and others cook/buy food each time they eat... its all different and one way isnt necessarily better than the other!!

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  1. So how is being vegan normal then lol

    1. In the key-phrases above you could easily replace "Normal" by "Vegan", so don't worry (:

    2. I don't really understand your comment? Veganism can be normal and healthy for some, maybe not for everyone. But "normal" and "heslthy" is individual!

    3. How you eat is "normal" for YOU - it maybe not normal for others, but they have their own way of eating too!
      Its very individual, what suits one doesn't suit all.

    4. This is what I've written in both the post and my answer? Haha. Basically that normal and healthy is individual and different... hence why when people comment and say how I eat is weird, it might be weird for them but for me it's normal.... because normal eating is different for everyone...