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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wednesday happiness and thoughts

Its 3pm, the rain is pouring down and its grey and cold outside. But i am sitting inside with a cup of tea, wrapped in a blanket and just feeling happy.
Do you ever get those moments in life where you just feel happy, like a rush of happy feelings (for no explained reason) and you just sort of sit with a smile on your face. That is me at the moment.
Usually weather like this makes me feel sad, low on energy and unmotivated but not today!
Today i am feeling happy and despite it still being rather early i have had a productive day. First up a workout at the gym, my first time back in a few days due to spending the weekend with my family and then lots of school work on Monday and Tuesday. And after my gym session it was lectures for 4 hours before finally taking the bus home, making lunch and spending the next while studying... which i will continue to do once i've written this post! And then my plans for the evening are just to have a mini spa session and watch a movie before an early nights sleep hopefully! 
Nothing spectacular about my day, but just doing my favourite things. Going to the gym, going to school and learning new things and topics that interest me, talking with friends and hopefully a christmas inspired breakfast together next week, and then being able to come home and make my favourite food and have an apartment to myself and just feel all grown up!

I am going to miss living on my own so much once i move out. Its a great learning experience and a way to grow and adapt to live with others - as well as it being cheaper when you share the rent, but at the same time i so badly want to live on my own and now that i am i dont want it taken away from me, hahaha. But hopefully it will just be a year or two more of sharing apartments before hopefully i can manage to have my own apartment for a few years before i end up moving in with a partner maybe.... i definitely need to have my own place before i ever move in with a partner, haha.

Today is a day where i just feel content with life. Happy with my life situation, feeling ok with everything going on around me and not worrying about the next few months and how things will go. Instead just living in the present, not feeling stressed over school work or having a test to study for. Instead having more time and finally getting some time to rest and relax and just focus on myself for a little while. Its crazy how easy it is to forget about yourself and your own needs. Such as mini spa sessions, i love them but i tend to neglect them at times of stress and the best thing i can is brush my hair and wash my teeth. But today its time for face masks and hair masks and fancy smelling oils and creams, hahaha!

Anyway, i need to get back to studying now but i just want to say that i hope you are all having a great week so far and if you arent. Remember that you can change your thoughts and change your situation RIGHT NOW. You dont need to wait for next week to make a change, and you dont need to sit in silence or with anxiety, you can make a change and try to find positives or atleast end your day on a positive or better note! :) There are always ups and downs in life, but that also makes you appreciate the good times even more!!!


  1. Your haircut is so cute!!!

    1. Thank you!!it was much needed hahah, taking care of my hair isn't always a priority of mine, but it really should be!!!

  2. I really your new hair! It looks fresh and the cut is nice :)
    Also so glad to hear you are feeling good. Mayve this is also a little proof for you that you in fact can change your situations for the better. In this case by moving to another place. Totally understand it's goingto be rough to move in with others again though, haha. Seems absolutely amazing to have a place to yourself!

  3. Lovely to hear you're feeling so good! It's exam time for me so Im quite stressed at the moment, but took a walk through the park this morning and so nice to see people running and cycling. And of course all the dogs! Puts me in a much better mood despite the cold and grey. Then for a starbucks coffee. Cliche? Yes. But I loved my morning. Best way to start the day before living in the library for the rest of it! Also, can I ask what's in the protein shaker? Just curious if you have a vegan protein powder type thing.

  4. Do you study english in school? Just wondering because I love all your misspellings & improper grammar bc I think they make your blog more personable and not so polished & proper

  5. It's funny that grey weather usually makes you feel unmotivated, it does the exact opposite for me! Glad you're happy though :)

  6. Theres nothing cosier than snuggling up indoors when its pouring down outside :)
    Good to hear you are having a great day and just enjoying life - I love days like that when you are happy for no real reason...just because. Makes everything a pleasure rather than a chore.
    I totally get what you mean about the desire to have your own place, with the freedom and privacy that goes with it. Hopefully though your next flat share will be ok and you won`t miss where you are living now too much.
    Have a great evening and enjoy your mini spa! I recently found some "retro sweets" shower crème in the shops - its foam banana scented (smells just like the sweets I had as a child) so I have been liberally using that - I love it! I have hair colouring on my "to do" list - it is way overdue to be done. I love your new hairdo - a fringe really suits you :)

  7. When do you break for Christmas and go back to Stockholm?

  8. I have received my first Christmas card today - so that has made me feel very happy as it was from someone I haven't seen for a long while :)
    So - add writing Christmas cards to my "to do" list along with the wrapping of presents - which I have already got this year. I was determined not to leave shopping for presents too late this year, and by doing so I have managed to cut down on the stress of it all a lot - so plan your Christmas - highly recommended!
    Hope you`ve had a good week Izzy and have a lovely weekend

  9. Just a quick question Izzy, forgot to mention it in my previous comment - when you eat pasta, ie spaghetti or pasta shapes - what do you have with it? I can`t have the traditional tomato based sauces and I have found serving beans with it too heavy on my stomach, so what do you do or suggest?

  10. What do you plan to serve for a "Christmas inspired breakfast"?
    Just curious :)

  11. You sound so happy! Yay! I understand what you mean about living on your own. I had a few days of being completely alone in my house and I LOVED it. It was so good. However, I'm well aware that I won't be able to live alone for another couple of years (at least) because the city I'll be returning to is expensiveeeeee. My reaction is the same whenever I see a puppy. It is so hard to just leave them sitting on the side of the road haha. I have to give them a pat at least!