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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Vegan questions and answers

Since becoming a vegan has your views about society changed? Do you see things that you weren't aware of before? 
Yes i feel like since turning vegan i am more aware of things and not so much "closing my eyes" to different problems. But also realising how animal products are in so many different items which you wouldnt even think about... all the animal suffering and killing of animals for all these different products. But most of all when i see some food items and they have like whey powder or milk powder in them and you think "is that really necessary"... the product ccould have most likely been made without the milk product. But also realising just how much meat and dairy people buy and consume, its almost a little frightening. I mean some people literally eat meat and dairy 6 times a day and barely any vegetables or beans and the most vegan thing they eat is rice or pasta or ketchup XD

One thing which i find though is that sometimes i feel panicked or get anxiety over the fact that there is so little i can do make a difference... i wish i could do so much more, or i wish that i could get everyone to want to eat more plant based, make everyone want to make a difference. But so many people think "one person cant make a difference so why change", but the problem is that everyone thinks like that and no change is made then. Whereas if everyone just cut down on dairy and meat or made some small difference it would havea  huge impact if everyone did that!! Its good that I am aware and making a difference but sometimes it feels like it adds more anxiety into my life when i begin to think about all the millions of people who arent aware and how few people are actually willing to change or make a difference.

Does it frustrate you that so many people are not climate/animal cruelty aware?
Didnt actually read this question before answering the first one, but yes it makes me really frustrated and sometimes i just want to scream. But hopefully in time more people will be willing to make a change and become more aware. I feel like the younger generation is more willing to adapt and make changes and not "blind to the cruelty" compared to older people.

Have you thought about joining any "against animal cruelty" groups?

I have :) There are a few groups in Gothenburg i might join, there is one that weekly has protests/demonstrations against fur but also whenever their are circuses in town. So i might get around to joining them :)

If you could list three things that are the best about being vegan, what would they be? 

And three worst things (if there are any)?

1) All the delicious vegan food and being more creative with food and eating
2) Knowing i am making a difference even if its a small difference. As well as being able to inspire others to want to eat more plant based or to turn vegan!
3) When you click with people just because you are both vegan, hahahah!

Worst things:
1) When you go to a restaurant and there is no vegan option so you get sallad, or at times i feel like an "Inconvenience" because either i bring my own food or because the restaurant/cafe had no vegan options so we dont go there.
2) When people try to tell me that veganism is unhealthy and that it wont make a difference anyway.
3) The fact that being aware of the animal cruelty and abuse and not being able to do anything against it apart from actively not contribute to it, but so badly wanting to do more.

What is your favourite food now you are eating plant based all the time?

So many, hahahah!! I love my lentil and vegetable soup, i love potates, i love vegan tacos, i love roast vegetables!! I love all the food i eat and dont feel restricted at all. If there is any food i crave i know i can eat it and make it or veganize a dish i might crave!!

What are your favourite vegan instagram accounts?? I'm always looking for new food/lifestyle ideas :)

I follow so many accounts i cant even name them all, hahaha. You would have to look at who i am following but i thought i would share some of my favourites :) I dont personally like accounts which are "too perfect" as it just feels too fake and nothingi can relate to. But also i dont find accounts which post alot of body images inspiring either, so i like following accounts which are relatable and personal and there is a person behind them. I love reading peoples captions and texts and leaving answers to their questions or just feeling like its a human i am connecting with... i mean pretty food photos are great and can inspire me to eat differently or be creative but in the end it really doesnt give me much as its just a pretty food picture which is unreachable or unattainable for me. Just like some vegans who just eat a bunch of fruit, that isnt so inspiring for me because that isnt something i can do or want to do, hahaha.

Some of the vegan accounts i follow:


Please comment if you have anymore suggestions, i follow so many but these were the accounts i could think of which i love!! :) But there are SO MANY more!

A post about what are your favourite vegan foods would be nice along with some more simple recipes? Also have you discovered any "new foods" since becoming vegan?
New foods i have discovered..... oat cream and oat sauces and vegan cheese. I rarely used cream or made cream sauces because it caused too much stomach pain and also i didnt like normal cheese, but now i love the vegan options!! Many people ask me whether vegan cheese or oat cream are like normal cheese and cream and the answer is no... they dont taste like the real thing, but considering that i didnt like the "original" versions and rarely ate them i cant really say which is better (the vegan ones are though ;)!)
  I also find that i am eating more varied mostly because i have to so that i get all the nutrients and vitamins i need but also because it is more fun. Things like vegan pasta dishes, vegan lasagna, vegan garlic bread and baguettes filled with jackfruit mix and sweet potatoe/lentil tacos, spring rolls, wraps, sushi etc

I have also tried seitan (which is basically wheat gluten) and i love it!! Its a great vegan alternative!

If you have any more comments its just to leave them below, or if you want to share your opinion or anything :)


  1. Hey! I would love to get an opinion on this. I have come really far in my edrecovery and are mostly living life. I'm not totally recovered but yeah it's not my life and not what the days are around. Ive had the same weight with some moderation around my periods but been pretty stabile now for a year almost. Lately I've noticed that I do look smaller then before without this being something I strived for. To be honest there is a double thinking here. My sick side get happy of this insight, since it calms me down of strange reasons but my normal side don't like it. I actually don't think it's attractive on me to be this skinny and I feel ashamed of it in sexual situations since I don't look feminine at all. It should not be such a diffrence, according to my scale there is only like 700 grams difference. But the effect on my body actually is shown. And since I'm just to underweight I do think it's a warning for me, even if it's just numbers I don't think it's good for me to be underweight again since that might would be a triggering factor for me to continue even if I don't see why I would wanna do that right now.

    The problem here is that I don't know if I really should strive for gaining it back o just focus on not loosing more. Because gaining weight will make me focus on it all again and i'm so tired of that shit. And the problem is that I get this "it-will-never-end" feelings which always make me compensate and in the long run usally also what makes me loose weight. It's such a stupid trap. So what should I do? And how do I focus on not loosing more but still not gain? So confusing. Should I eat more? I'm not walking around hungry so I don't know how much more I should eat in that case. The last two days I jumped up my calories +500 since that is what we did in treatment when we were loosing weight but I was litterary stuffed and it did not feel healthy either... I thought I had a balance but it seems like I don't.... Thank you.

  2. I loved reading your answers to the above questions :)
    Can I just say though that what comes across from your writing is the sense of pleasure, happiness and satisfaction you are feeling since becoming vegan. It is obviously a lifestyle that suits you and it shows!