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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Saturday change of plans and brunch

Saturday and a whole change of plans for me! My Saturday was initially going to just be spent on my own with my physiology book. But when I got up in the morning I felt that I needed to leave the house... I needed to get fresh air but also I needed to head into town to buy Christmas presents. So that was exactly what I did. While I was in town though I thought I should write to a friend in school and ask if she wanted to meet. The past few days I've felt so antisocial and just feel like I need to get back into socialising again, not spend so much time on my own. So then when she replied and said she was going for brunch with some friends and I should join, I at first felt like I would intruding and shouldn't join. But after some thought I realised that I should face the anxiety of being social and meeting new people and just join. So I agreed to follow with and I'm glad I did! It was fun to meet new people and even if the cafe was called "milk and eggs" I had written to the cafe and asked if there were any vegan options and they were super accomodating and I could change the cream cheese to hummus and got a clementine instead of an egg and the green smoothie was made with oatmilk so I was very satisfied with my breakfast/brunch, even if I must say that it would have been nice with some vegan pancakes hahaha!! As mentioned before, my food and lifestyle choices won't stop me from socialising, so even if it wasn't the optimal place to eat as a vegan I went there to be social!
As I'm an introvert it's so easy to spend far too much time on my own but nobody feels good being alone all the time. So all I can say is to reach out  to people and ask to meet. Others won't realise if you feel lonely or left out,you need to instead reach out many times. Get out there and push past your fears and anxieties.  I mean I still feel anxious sometimes meeting new people or doing new things or being the first one to write, but it's a very silly fear to be honest!
So now I'm feeling reenergezied and it's fun to spend time with people who give you energy and make socialising fun and not something draining of energy! And next week I have a Christmas inspired brunch to look forward to as well as a night out in town with friends!
All I can say is that my university experience this time around is so much better than in spring.  Back then I isolated myself and was far too depressed to enjoy myself but also spent too much time either studying, alone or at the gym.... but this time round it's about socializing, learning,living!
Don't be scared to socialise and don't isolate yourself either. Challenge yourself to be social if you feel that it's a fear of yours,even if it's just meeting someone for 40 minutes!!

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  1. I`m glad you had a good Saturday. Sometimes you just have to be spontaneous and go with your feelings rather than your plans - and you find it works out for the best!
    Well done for conquering your anxieties - now you have made that initial first move (always the hardest) it will get easier each time.
    What will you be having for a Christmas inspired brunch??
    Hope you have a great week ahead. When do you break for Christmas?