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Friday, December 16, 2016

Recovery success of the week

So last week i forgot about this weekly segment which you may or may not have noticed, but i thought i would make the weekly "recovery success of the week" today on Friday, and then on Sunday i want to do a Self love Sunday post where we can all share some things that we love about ourselves!! Get some positive thoughts about ourselves and self love thoughts :) There is nothing wrong with complimenting yourself and seeing all the positives about yourself. But today, its a Recovery success of the week (S) post!!! Its been more than a week since the last post, so hopefully you have made lots of sucess or steps forward which you can share and help inspire others ?:)

I also want you all to remember that recovery isnt easy, but each choice you make towards recovery and health MATTERS and makes a difference. I know you may think that skipping a meal once doesnt matter, or purging just once or going for a workout when you shouldnt doesnt matter, but those things do matter and make a difference. Just like each time you defy your eating disorder and make a recovery choice it makes a difference because its the small steps forward that lead to huge success! :)

But also remember that YOUR progress inspires others. Even if you are anonymous, it inspires others to read about sucess and progress forward and motivates others that they can do the same thing. And of course it doesnt have to be just about recovery progress, maybe its just life progress or you have done some self analysing and come to some thoughts or realisations about yourself and your thoughts or behaviours or maybe it depression recovery or just anything!!

My life progress of the week(s)? Stepping outside of my comfort zone and being the first one to start a conversation, meeting strangers, asking to meet friends (i always feel like i am bothering people if i ask to meet or do something, but i am learning that i am not bothering people). Usually i prefer to not be the first one to start a conversation or first one to suggest meeting, but i am learning to be more social and not be scared of strangers or people or being social, hahah!!! Might sound strange, but i have basically lived my whole life being very introverted and scared of social contact, so finally i am learning to step outside of that zone and those thoughts!!


  1. Since I'm in the midst of university finals, I made the decision to focus on studying, eating enough, sleeping, and taking care of myself. Exercise is not a priority right now because I need all the energy I have to help me focus. This was a really big step for me, and I'll admit the anxiety and guilt were super overwhelming the first couple of days. But it's been a week now, and I haven't died lol or gained any weight. And I'm trying my best to eat 3 meals and 3 snacks each day.
    I told my therapist and nutritionist what I was doing, and they were so proud of me, which that put a huge smile on my face :)

    I love sharing my progress and reading about how others are doing!! I've kept my eating disorder life fairly private (only 3ish people know...), so I don't get to celebrate and share my 'wins' very often.
    I'm so glad you've been able to engage with others with less stress and anxiety! That's really wonderful to hear :)

    1. This is so awesome :) exercise should be part of your life, not your whole life and sometimes you just don't have time or energy to exercise and that's OK, nothing bad will happen!!I have barely exercised at all this week, and nothing negative has happened... if anything just more energy and more rested now! It's a huge step to face that fear and it just gets easier to rest over time!!! And keep sharing your success and progress it makes me so happy to reado and you should be proud of your progress!!!

    2. And good luck with all your finals, rememer that you can only do your best!!!

    3. Awe Izzy, you're too sweet <3 thank you!!! I have 2 tomorrow and one on Tuesday!
      Have a great weekend :)

  2. This week was my last session with my team until January 17th. Usually I have problems when I go a week without therapy, and now I have to face an entire month without it... But I started a blog and my nutritionist is following my progress through it and that makes me relieved. My eating hasn't been good, because of my family's situation (my aunt is dying of cancer and everything is upside down), but I'm trying to eat three meals, even if only small portions. But the real progress is that I'm trying to study again, for the first time in months. Bipolar depression wouldn't let me even try, but since two days ago I made myself go and do it. Right now I'm studying biology. I'm planning to take the university entrance exam next year and I want to become a psychologist, which means that I have concrete goals in my mind for the first time. :)

  3. I have learnt this past week that it is OK to ask for help and not feel that you have to struggle with something on your own, thinking that is your only choice. That it is OK to open up and actually talk about things - and thus finding that people are only too pleased to help out, and they have worthy ideas and advice that makes a whole lot of difference, that they do understand whereby I used to be only too quick to assume that they wouldn't.
    So a learning curve for me and one that I am going to work hard to keep up.
    I`m glad Izzy that you are managing to conquer your socialising anxieties - that is a huge step to take and one that will bring you much happiness!
    So I guess we`ve both found a learning curve :)

  4. Another progress I have for this week is that I finally got to see the hospital doctor and as well as ordering some more tests he has made arrangements for me to see their dietician. So hopefully this one will be more efficient than the previous one I saw. I finally feel as though I am getting somewhere now and am looking forward to the help the dietician can give me.
    So that's my little step forward on my recovery.