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Friday, December 23, 2016

Posts about veganism

You might have noticed - or most likely not! There hasnt been so many vegan posts recently, or not according to me, and that is  because i have recently felt a bit held back.... thinking, "i post too much about it, people dont want to read" (after i got one or two comments saying i post too much about it). But after thinking about it for a while i've realised that i want to post about veganism and changes people can make or inform people about differences they can make in their life. I am passionate about it and it made me feel a little sad when i felt so heldback with what i could write or couldnt write. Most often i try to write content which my readers (i.e YOU) will appreciate and want to read. But i also know that different people want to read different things, i.e no one reads all my posts... thats just how it is. I dont even read 100% of other peoples blogs. For example if i follow someones blog for their lifestyle blog and personal updates, then i dont read the posts when its "fish recipes" or "nutella cake" recipe or when its a post about new furniture because those posts dont interest me. And i its the same for everyone... we choose what we want to read and not want to read, and the blogger can just do their best to enjoy blogging but also provide good content.

I dont want to just get stuck in one thing though, i want to keep posting advice, life updates, recipes, recovery motivation but also some veganism posts as that is something i love and want to share. And i guess the people who arent interested in those types of posts can just skip them, no one is forcing you to read them and there is most often "vegan" or "veganism" in the title so you know what the post is about!

I am not trying to convert anyone, more inspire and inform.... and i mostly do that through delicious plant based food and recipes, but also with some informational posts which might be of benefit or help! But i know that when you are in recovery the last thing you need is someone telling you what you "shouldnt eat" or telling you that a food is "Bad", so i will never do that. Because i dont think animal products are "bad" in a health sense - its all about moderation, but i dont like the "truth behind the meat/dairy", thats what i dont like. So if you are worried about meat or dairy because you dont think its healthy, well all i say is that everything in moderation is ok.... but of course i am not going to promote meat or dairy eating either - hence why recipes i post are only vegan or i suggest ways to make them vegan!

However i will also admit that at times i feel a bit like an "uneducated vegan" because if someone asks me for statistics or what is so bad with X or Y, i can never give a sper detailed answer. This is because well i have watched some documentaries such as forks over knives and cowspiracy and such but i dont want to watch documentaries because i already know. It makes me sad to see the videos and i amnt oblivious, so seeing videos or pictures just makes me more sad. But also i havent really done so much research about numbers or effects or any of that, which i should do and plan to do. But mostly i feel like, i know i am making a difference... how big that difference is, i dont know because i havent done my research. The only real thing i can answer with facts and scientific evidence and such is nutrition and health wise from meat eating and plant based eating, but the rest such as climate change and effect of a plant based diet vs a mixed diet, i dont really know. But also that the numbers and effect and "what goes on in the meat and dairy industry" is different in different countries, so it is also hard to answer that.  But i guess i just wanted to let you know and admit that in a sense i am a bit of an uneducated vegan because i know the truth, but dont want to know anymore than that.... which of course might have its issues/problems as well, its always good to be educated and do research.

Anyway, to end a long post.... i guess ive realised that i should just post what i want to and if people choose to read or not doesnt matter, because i post what i want to and what i think is important. So if you dont like posts about veganism just skip them :) And if you do have any questions regarding this topic just comment below!!

Comparing Carbon Foodprints
Even if you really dont want to be vegan:


  1. Never worry, a lot of your readers love your vegan posts :) they are really interesting and inspiring :) happy christmas

  2. You should definitely post what you want, when you want and don`t feel as though you have to hold back! I love your vegan posts and always look forward to reading them, as well as about what vegan dishes you have cooked/created and recipes.
    So don`t squash what you are so passionate about - carry on sharing :)

  3. what breads do you eat as i struggle to find vegan foods

    1. Most bread is vegan in Sweden anyway apart from a few types. Just check in the ingredients of the bread incase but pretty much 85% of bread apart from brioche and certain hamburger bread is vegan!

  4. I thought most breads were vegan? except of course brioche which contains butter - but your standard loaf should be fine